By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Birth place

Distortion world





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Same as Slenderman

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Spirit Council, Team Avatar, Teen Titans

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Slenderman, Raviente

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Off to Adventure

Zalgo is the ultimate form of death, destruction, and doom. Or as he prefers it "the three D's". Purely demonic, he cares for no life, and in fact was whom turned the sky space black in the first place. He is completely uncaring, and will send those to the Distortion world, where he was born, if they fail to finish a job for him or screw up. The horrifying serpent Raviente and the entity Slenderman are the few of what followers go under his ruling. Ever since Arceus began his change for power, Zalgo had been trying to stop him from his work, but wasn't able to. He managed to get a vision of Team Avatar and Teen Titans and decided to wait until the time came when he would finally remove them once and for all. One of Zalgo's evil deeds was when he released Raviente from his prison, and the second was giving Slenderman the power of Anti-bending to kill Xerneas.

Avatar: New Universe III

Zalgo first appears soon after Team Avatar and Teen Titans both went off to Kyouga after the Triforce was stolen. He was watching the whole event from a magic orb and after seeing them go, summons Slenderman. He was very disappointed in Slenderman for failing to finish them off and nearly threw him to the Distortion World when he was interrupted by Umbreon, whom he sent to remove the Triforce anyway. He sends her out again to make sure both teams don't come back alive.

He watches the team get the first piece of the Triforce and summons back Umbreon. He gives out the order to evilize Starfire, but gets very aggressive when he figures she's defying him. He looks through the orb to see Slenderman, saying he should have saw it coming.

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