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Siro, Zorin, Lee Wang, Fire Nation

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Pottery sculptor


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As the Sun Rises

Zala is Siro's mother and specializes in the fine sculpting of pottery. She is a caring, warm-hearted woman who always seeks the best for her family. She is an important character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Zala was born to her mother, Men, and her father, Maku, both of whom were Firebenders. She was their eldest daughter and their second child. Although disappointed that their daughter was not a Firebender like her older brother, Ralin, her parents decided to seek her talent elsewhere. The talent they were seeking was eventually discovered when Zala sculpted a surprisingly detailed model of the Fire Nation archipelago out of mud and dirt at six years-old. Zala was sent to the local school where she took up art as an extra-curricular activity. People praised her for her handiwork and it was apparent that she was destined to become an expert pottery maker.

Pai Sho

Zala is an expert Pai Sho player.

Another secret talent of Zala's is her skill for playing Pai Sho. Her expert Pai Sho playing skills were discovered at a minor Pai Sho playing tournament when Zala's strategic ways of thinking won her first place. Her technique remains a secret; however, she does admit that deep concentration is a key factor.

At the age of twenty-one, Zala married her husband, Lee Wang, and together, they had two children, Zorin and Siro who were both Firebenders. She was a very devoted, nurturing mother, a good housewife and an excellent cook. While her husband would sometimes become strict with the children, Zala was always patient and gentle to them.

To make a living for herself, she currently sells her pottery at the local market in Sen Go three times a week. She has her own workroom in their house which she describes as both a working place and a safe haven.


Zala is compassionate, courteous and devout. She is gentle, supportive and loving towards her children and opens herself up to all who need help. She also possesses business savvy which aids her in selling her pottery.


As mentioned before, Zala is a gifted sculptor and spends hours making fine pottery. Her handiwork is famous throughout Sen Go and has earned her a living. She is also an expert Pai Sho player and is more than happy to engage someone in a friendly game, whether it be a family member or a resident of Sen Go.

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