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Fire Nation Palace

'The Main Building'

The Zaibatsu Headquarters is part of the fanon series The Black Shadow by SSJ Trunks it will be featured in Chapter 5-Aftermath


The main stronghold of the Zaibatsu is such sensitive information its location is the most hidden secret in the world as new initiates are blindfolded on the journey there and even the Fire Lord is denied access to its true location. It serves at the main source of intel for the entire division and is staffed with the most dangerous men and women ever born in the Fire Nation. Its main areas include a warehouse full of weapons a fully stocked barracks a port hidden by a rock moving mechanism and a shrine to the Black Shadow.


The headquarters also doubles up as an Academy for training new initiates as the leaders believe it to be more effective. The academy allows initiates to follow one of 3 paths:

Strategist-Tactical Courses/Mid-Battlefield Management/Live Simulations

Soldier-High Level Firebending/Harsh Environment Booster and Simulations/Weapons training

Operative-High Level Tactical Stealth/Diplomatic Persuasion/High Profile Assassinations(some are carried out for practice which usually just a minister who can't keep his mouth shut)

Teaching Staff--



Akuma- Advanced Tactics

Sergeant Feng- Weapons Training

Jon Fu-'Waste' Disposal

Fire Nation soldier

'Jon Fu'

The Academy has a strict policy which a new initiate must sign in order to enter one line states:

'In the event of insubordination a commanding officer has the right to execute you'

Another states:

'If I am captured I will take every opportunity to end my life I get'

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