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The Zaibatsu are an allied and enemy faction in the fanon The Black Shadow by SSJ-Trunks

General information


Notable members
  • Akuma
  • Sergeant Feng (Deceased)

Fire Lord Ozai


Northern Fire Nation


Fire Nation


Defence of the Homeland


When the Avatar returned he had a massive effect not seen in the series to the Fire Lord and his Nation so Ozai created the Zaibatsu in the event of the worse case scenario they would continue The War and will not rest until victory was achieved. They are currently headed by Waku.

The Zaibatsu so far have mounted two attacks on the new peace the first was an attack on the Southern Water Tribe led by General Akuma and the second was an attack on the Fire Nation Royal Palace which resulted in the supposed death of Fire Lord Zuko and Waku's transformation into 'Devil. They aided Waku again in the second Invasion of The Fire Nation. They captured most of the surrounding islands but surrendered after Fire Lord Shinzo was defeated. They spilt into two groups: one who supported the rule of Fire Lord Zuko and served him loyally. The second is allied with enemy factions such as a mysterious cult.

Neo Zaibatsu

The Neo Zaibatsu are Shinzo's main fighting force. They are the soldiers who refused to become allied with Zuko and instead travelled to the North Pole to aid their new master. He bleesed them with physical perfection and stronger armor similar to Zuko's Mark II Design. He also gave them lightning blasters after he saw a copy of the plans at the North Pole (Zuko having to give a copy of all new weapons to each nation). They are elite and rutheless having shown no mercy when gunning down the tribesmen of the North. They also have unyielding loyalty to Shinzo, this is most shown when a trooper kills his former leader Zhao after his usefulness ended. They later aided their master once again by helping him conquer the Fire Nation despite the heroic defense by General Iroh.

Notable Members

Waku-Overall Leader- He seems to have a vendetta against Aang and Zuko

Akuma-General- A valiant commander with a troubled past and an old friend of Master Pakku

Sergeant Feng He co-leaded the attack on the palace and fought evenly with Zuko before being killed by Waku

Appearance/Notable Members

Zaibatsu Soldiers usually wear light battle armor with slight varitions depending on location/unit/rank and carry explosives similar to those used by the Rough Rhinos as well as cooling blasters. Cooling blaster can be fired at a firebender weaking their firebending they were used when they attacked the palace. They now wear a new set designed by Fire Lord Zuko himself.

Armor Classes

Armor classes for the Zaibatsu varie depending on class, and envioroment type. The original armor referred to as the Mark I was in use until late 100AG it has now been replaced by the Mark II. The Mark II has a few differences as its more defined and made of a harder material, it's appearance was designed by Fire Lord Zuko to aid with comparison to other troops.

Sergeant Feng

Sergeant Feng is a member of the unit run by Waku himself and takes his job very seriously. During a brief confrontation with Zuko, Feng showed master level fighting techniques even managing to surpass the Fire Lord in certain aspects.


Feng was born to family where his father and older brother were soldiers in the Royal Procession and was heavily bullied by them due to 'amateurish firebending' however Feng got the last laugh as his father was killed when Sokka opened the cargo bay doors when he took control of the airship and his brother he took care of himself when he took part in the mission to the Fire Nation. He brother found himself just like the way he eats his meat--Extra Crispy. Feng is shown to have a relaxed attitude to the new war as he admires Zuko's crown as a trophy. In Chapter 6 he is killed by Waku after being beaten by the mysterious man.

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