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Zaheer levitating
Zaheer's Legacy
A detailed biography of Zaheer's Timeline
General information

Adventure, biography, drama


Appropriate audience readers that contains slightly mild violence




None, this page is the whole fanon

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LoK, Zaheer

Notice - Before Reading

  • Please take note that unlike most fanons, this fanon does not contain exact words that the characters have said, in other words, there is no direct speech below.
  • Please take note that there are no chapters and the whole fanon is on this webpage. Please refer that this is also stated and/or mentioned in the "Chapters" section in the infobox, exactly to the right.


This is the story of an important person in the history of the Avatar world. Born in the year, 127 AG and dies at age 87 in the year, 214 AG.

The Legacy of Zaheer

This story takes place in the year, 127 AG in Omashu about a man, Bukah, from the Northern Water Tribe and his wife, Shuni, from the Upper Ring in Ba Sing Se. Kihu gives birth to a baby boy, Yorru. Months later, Bukah, Shuni and their newborn soon settled in Republic City in 128 AG.

At the age of six, in the year 133 AG, Yorru discovered that he was a waterbender. In Republic City, five years at age eleven, Yorru was walking home from Republic City Primary with his friend, Rataku, a waterbender. On the way home, Yorru tripped over some electrical equipment, fell down and scraped his elbow. Rataku immediately asked him if he was alright. Fortunately, Rataku was a healer, but in fact the youngest healer in the world at the time. The latter then swiftly opened his school bag and grabbed his water bottle, unscrewed the lid and used the water to heal his close ally. Yorru thanked Rataku and they walked home together.
Ghazan's prison

Incarcerated for 13 years, Ghazan was kept prisoner in this cell that restricted him from earthbending and/or lavabending.

Yorru saw another one of those Future Industries Employee flyers. They almost saw one almost everyday as the company had just opened a week ago. Eventually, Yorru had reached home, he plunked his school bag in his bedroom. With no hesitation at all, Yorru put on his swimsuit and dove into the cooling water of the swimming pool. He created a whirlpool by utilizing the movements of waterbending he saw on the television the other night. Soon, he froze himself in ice. Next, he created a water spout and rose into midair and saw Republic City Primary from a far distance. Soon dusk fell through the skies and Yorru emerged from the swimming pool and went inside the house. He saw that his parents were back from a long day work and bought dinner from the new restaurant that opened the three days before, Kwong's Cuisine. Intrigued, he opened the packaging to see what they had bought. He saw that there were fried prawns, crab puffs, grilled lobster crab, sticky dumplings, stewed squid, rice and a favourite dish of Yorru's, roast duck. Soon, the family were on the dinner table eating the mouthwatering delicacies. Bukah asked his son, Yorru what had happened that day and he replied with good news that his waterbending was improving every day.
Red Lotus insignia

This is the Red Lotus Emblem. It was painted in a cave near the Northern Air Temple.

Seven years later, Yorru had changed his identity to Zaheer and fled from his parents as his father was killed after the Agni Kai Triad. He had soon learnt about the spirits and the Spirit World. He also learnt that there is one way of entering the Spirit World, by meditating. He entered the Spirit World for the first time and was amazed of what he saw that day. He wondered deep into the Spirit World and came across a where there were spirits and several people, benders, being addressed by their leader, Xai Bau.

Zaheer knew Xai Bau from an organisation called the Red Lotus. He asked Xai Bau if he could join the association and Xai Bau offered him a deal. Some of the spirits were dark spirits and the others were light spirits. Zaheer found a girl named P'Li and soon developed a relationship with her. Zaheer also made close friends with a lavabender and a limbless waterbender.

Fours years later, 153 AG, Zaheer informed the members of the Red Lotus that Avatar Aang's death had been confirmed. An important member of the Red Lotus, Unalaq, a powerful waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe had then informed his allies that the next Avatar would be born in the Water Tribe and that he would personally search for he or she. Another four years later in 158 AG, Unalaq returned to Xai Bau's Grove and informed the members that the new Avatar had been confirmed in the Southern Water Tribe. It was someone he had related to, his brother's daughter. A platinum bender, Fila, the mother of Aiwei, had developed a poison that could trigger the Avatar State. Zaheer had asked Xai Bau if he, P'Li, Ghazan and Ming-Hua could capture the Avatar themselves. Xai Bau allowed them to. Unalaq was furious with Zaheer's plan and wanted to do it himself. From that day on, Unalaq felt nothing for Zaheer.
Zaheer's cell

For 13 years, Zaheer was incarcerated in this cell.

Three months later, Zaheer's plan was in action. In the Southern Water Tribe, Ghazan drove an ice truck and Zaheer and P'Li both got off at the Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace, whilst P'Li and Zaheer quickly captured a young girl named Korra and run to the ice truck. Unfortunately, P'Li passed Korra to Zaheer and held off four men: Tonraq, Lord Zuko, Chief Sokka and Master Tenzin stopped them. P'Li gave two blasts at Chief Sokka but it was too much for Zaheer. He yelled at Ghazan to take the young Avatar. Zaheer waterbended a fissure in the ground and blocked Lord Zuko's blasts.

P'Li had handled and attacked Tonraq and Tenzin. She gave two combustion blasts at Tonraq, whilst Tenzin flew in midair going in front of the ice truck at generated a huge air shield around Zaheer, Tonraq, P'Li, Ghazan, Korra, the ice truck and Ming-Hua. Tonraq ran to his daughter and went underground via waterbending. Chief Sokka trapped the four criminals. The next day, Tenzin and Lord Zuko were planning on the type of prison's they should serve their lives in.

Tenzin interrupted by contributing that P'Li must be kept prison in the Southern Water Tribe, Ghazan in the middle of the ocean. Tonraq was added that Ming-Hua was to be kept in the Fire Nation and Zaheer in the Earth Kingdom. Lord Zuko agreed and told Tonraq and Chief Sokka. Meanwhile, Zaheer told the others that when they get to prison, they should meditate to go to Xai Bau's Grove. And should report back on what had happened to Xai Bau. So, the four bandits were then put in their special prison cell and followed Zaheer's instruction.
Ming-Hua's cell

Incarcerated for 13 years, the limbless Ming-Hua was kept prisoner in this cell in the Fire Nation, that restricted her ability to waterbend.

The four had meditated in the Spirit World. Zaheer had kneeled down at Xai Bau, as a matter of respect and had addressed him about everything that had exactly happened at the Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace and that it was a shame to be captured. Ghazan interrupted and said that they had been incarcerated and had mediated into the Spirit World inside their cells. Xai Bau was infuriated and banished Zaheer and his gang to never come back until they had successfully captured the Avatar. Just as Zaheer and the others escaped the Spirit World, there was a huge stomp on the ground.

All members of the Red Lotus, including Xau Bai himself, looked up into the misty sky above them, an important spirit was in their presence. It was none other than, The Face Imitator, the cousin to Koh. He informed Zaheer that he should now imitate his face. With that said, Zaheer was terrified. And the skies darkened around the grove. A bright, red beam of light shot out from The Imitator. Seconds later, Zaheer's face appeared on The Imitator. Zaheer was shocked! The Imitator had also informed the latter that his waterbending had been removed! The four criminals immediately exited the Spirit World, P'Li had shed a tear through her face.

P'Li's prison

Incarcerated for 13 years, P'Li was kept prisoner in this cell that restricted her ability to combustionbend and/or firebend.

Years went by, Zaheer still failed at waterbending. At 171 AG, he felt a sudden shift in the planet's energy. He bang the door to see what had happened. The next day, when the White Lotus Sentries came to check on Zaheer. He asked them what had happened and they replied that Harmonic Convergence had occurred. After the three sentries had left, he tried waterbending. Like before, nothing occurred. Although, the latter felt a rapid flow in his chi. He tried some earthbending, firebending and waterbending, but like before, all had failed.

As always, he tried waterbending but then he moved his right hand in a circular motion. A miniature tornado whizzed above his palm! He was airbending and wanted to find out how he could have become an airbender as he was a waterbender years before. He concealed his new ability for two weeks from the sentries. One cool and crisp evening, he overheard the nearby sentries talking of how certain individuals all over the world were miraculously became airbenders as a result of Harmonic Convergence. During that time, he devised his plan on kidnapping the now teenaged Avatar.
Zaheer fighting his guards

Utilizing his new abilities, Zaheer attacked his prison wardens.

After two weeks, as they gave him his lunch, a bowl of rice, the latter then recited an extract of a wise, airbending poet, Guru Laghima. As sentries left his cell, he airbended an air swipe and held one of the sentries' neck against the bars of his prison cell as a hostage and threatened the other sentries. He battled them utilising his new ability and locked them up. He informed them that nature is constantly changing and left his cell. He descended down the high mountains using his new ability. He gathered three rocks and wore the uniform of a White Lotus sentry. Using a speedboat, he accompanied himself towards the middle of the ocean to bust his close lavabending friend out of his prison cell.

He arrived undercover as White Lotus sentry, as soon as he parked the speedboat aside the huge wooden prison, two of the other White Lotus sentries identified that it was in fact not their next shift, but as their prisoner, Zaheer. He airbended himself in the air and went over them and air swiped them in the ocean. But the other sentries also battled him. Eagerly, Ghazan swiftly checked and observed what had happened in front of him. He headed towards the cell and then carefully threw the three rocks, that he gathered the day before, through one of the openings on one of the walls of his prison. In the blink of an eye, a small smile wiped over Ghazan's face.

After a long time, Ghazan used his lavabending to create a lava projectile, used it to slice the prison cell he was kept in for thirteen years and finally utilized it to attack two of the guards. After all the sentries had been defeated, the two reunited by shaking their hands. After a short chat, they went to the speedboat and headed to the Fire Nation. Observant, he saw a radio of the sentries. He carefully switched on the radio and heard that a search for two dangerous fugitives was on the go.

At the arrival at the Great Gates of Azulon, Ghazan spotted a barrel of water and quickly took it. In need of information, they asked the local citizens of the Fire Nation for all the nearby prisons. A man replied that in one region, all the waterbender prisoners were kept. The two thanked him and stole a Satomobile and headed to a remote prison, in which the Sun was focused the most. A White Lotus sentry yelled to the rest of the sentries that they were under attack. Ming-Hua heard the cry for help, and immediately knew that something was up. Ghazan suddenly lifted the barrel that they stole earlier on, in midair. Zaheer then sliced the barrel, in midair, with an air swipe. All of the water quickly fell to the ground but swiftly Ming-Hua drew the water and created water arms as a replacement for her limbs. She threw the one arm to the door of the prison and exited her cell.

She climbed the prison, with her new arms of which she had not had for a decade or so now, as if she were mountain climbing. She met with her friends, yet two sentries came at her and attacked. With immense strength, she attacked them back with only one of her new hydro arms.


  • Zaheer - Centre of the story, an individual who admired airbending, previously named, Yorru.
  • Bukah - The waterbending father of Zaheer and husband to Shuni.
  • Shuni - The non-bending mother of Zaheer and wife to the waterbender.
  • Rataku - A healer and one of Zaheer's childhood friends. At 135 AG, he was the youngest healer in the world.
  • The Face Imitator - A spirit with the ability to imitate the face of someone else.
  • Xai Bau - A firebender and leader of the Red Lotus.
  • Unalaq - The Chief of the Northern Water Tribe and master waterbender.
  • P'Li - A combustionbender and a girlfriend to Zaheer.
  • Ghazan - A powerful earthbender and a lavabender also a close friend to Zaheer.
  • Ming-Hua - A limbless waterbender and a close friend to P'Li and Zaheer.
  • Korra - The next and current Avatar and predecessor of Avatar Aang.
  • Tonraq - The current chief of the Southern Water Tribe, father to Korra and brother to Unalaq.
  • Lord Zuko - The retired Fire Lord and predecessor of Ozai and successor to Izumi.
  • Tenzin - The next generation of airbenders and successor of his father and predecessor to Jinora.

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