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Colossi of Ole

Yveltal is a very unique member of the Spirit Council, being the only one able to use true flight through wings. He, like Xerneas and Marage, is able to create a new universe. His new universe and life's work is the "Shadow Of The Colossus" universe, or SOTC for short. Is also has a strong Scottish accent, unique of other members since they only speak the average male/female voice with no religious accents.

Avatar: New Universe

Colossi Arc

He first appears in the SOTC world when Xerneas came into the world to ask if the teams can use the Colossi's power. He keeps acting stubborn and tells him that he's not letting him destroy his life's work. Even when he tells him about Raviente he refuses, saying that the team can live in his world since Raviente's not dumb enough to attack in his world. But it wasn't until Marage finally tells him Raviente got a hold of an Azarath gem that he agrees, but only if they at least ask first instead of trying to kill them on sight.

Avatar: New Universe III

Yveltal makes an appearance when Zygarde returns to the core. He was very glad and even felt honored that Zygarde had returned to them.

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