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Yuzuki Aishi
Biographical information

Yuki (By Team Avatar)


Water Tribe




256 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Black (Blue ombre)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water, Bow and arrow

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (Traditional (Northern and Southern styles) and Modern day style)


Team Avatar, Northern Water Tribe and Southern Water Tribe

Chronological and political information
  • Waterbending Instructor
  • Princess of the Northern Water Tribe
  • Guardian of the Gem of Water
  • Waterbending Master of Avatar Shin
  • Reincarnation of Katara

Team Avatar

First appearance

Coming of Age

Yuzuki Aishi is a character in the Avatar: The Gems of Life. She is the Guardian of the Gem of Water, and the Waterbending Master of Avatar Shin. She is different from the other waterbenders of her time as she prefers traditional waterbending than modern day waterbending. Later, it is revealed that she is the reincarnation of the great waterbender Katara, Avatar Aang's Waterbending Master and wife.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Yuzuki was born to Iluq, the Chief of the Northern Tribe and Shila, a healer who became Iluq's wife during winter of 256 AG. Without knowing it, she was destined to become the Guardian of the Gem of Water.

During her early years, she was a very sickly child; after a few minutes of running and playing, her mother and father would notice her getting tired as if she'd played for hours. This resulted in her first death, however, her father brought her to the Spirit Oasis, much like Yue. Later, something came from the skies, almost like a spirit that inhibited Yuzuki's body. Afterwards, her life was restored and she became healthy and more active than ever. Her parents believed that her life continued because she was a reincarnation of someone who had died, so they kept it as a secret from her. This also made her parents way too overprotective of her, imposing rules like she has to have a guard whenever she goes outside the palace, and she can't go any further than 100 yards away from the palace.

Of course, over time, her parents have stopped becoming too paranoid about her safety, but they still really did not allow her to do anything too dangerous.

Spring 273 AG Edit

Years later, Yuzuki was sent by the Northern Water Tribe to the Earth Kingdom to talk to Jinora about the Northern Water Tribe's problems with the Earth Kingdom. Yuzuki also met Shin, the Avatar before Jinora and Yuzuki talked. While talking to her, Jinora found something mysterious about her, something that had probably reminded her of someone dear to her.

Summer 273 AG Edit

Autumn 273 AG Edit

Winter 278 AG Edit

Personality Edit

"It feels like whatever I do, even if it is good, people keep judging me. And I really can't escape it, nor can I do anything about it."
―Yuzuki to Iluq Aishi

Yuzuki has been judged by many different people, thinking that she had the perfect childhood. That wasn't true, as when she was young, her parents were too overprotective of her; if she goes out, she needs a guard, she can't go any farther than 100 yards away from the palace and many more overprotective ways. This has shaped her into becoming a lonely, attention-seeker princess. She didn't want people to leave her behind. This led her to thinking that she has to be the perfect friend so that they wouldn't leave her, but this made people around her become awkward with her as well.

However, Yuzuki is not just a try-hard, most of her true personality comes out naturally. Being compassionate towards her brothers and sisters in the North, it had earned her a reputation of being the "kind princess", showing that even someone with a royal status can always go down for the sake of her people. She mostly cared about the safety of others rather than her own safety, willing to sacrifice her life for her tribe and the people she loves. Like Katara, she does not like turning her back for people who need help; she will try to do her best to help anyone in need, even if it results in her own suffering. She has been called too generous by her family and Team Avatar, but she didn't mind it.

She upholds her duties as Tribal Princess very greatly, the safety of her nation, for her, is more important than her own life.

She was also open minded; open to resolving conflicts in a much better way than doing it the violent way. Despite this, she was one of the least willing to let go of a grudge, especially against those who she felt had betrayed her trust, or those who have left her behind.

It has been noted that she has low self-esteem; this was evident when most people would compliment her, especially her bending. She doesn't truly believe that she deserved the title of a master, even after years of hard work.

Abilities Edit

Waterbending Edit

"I'm not good at waterbending Master Jinora, I swear!"
―Yuzuki to Jinora

Yuzuki's most notable ability was her waterbending. Being raised as a princess, she acquired all of the training necessary in order to turn her into a master; and when she was 13, she had already been declared as a full-fledged waterbending master. She still, however, claims that she is not very strong using waterbending, which proves that she has a low self-esteem.

Her waterbending style mostly follows the traditional style, being much more destructive instead of being fast and precise like the modern day waterbending. It has been shown that she despises modern day waterbending as even though it may be fast, it is not exactly precise. Modern day waterbending, for her, doesn't live up to the name of the bending art, let alone its definition: Water is the element of change. Water, for her, is the most versatile element, as it can become offense and defense on its own by using your opponent's strength against them. This, for her, is what the modern day waterbending has been breaking all along, as she never sees someone who uses modern day bending use ice walls, massive water waves and the like. She can, sometimes be seen using modern day waterbending, albeit rarely, and still despises it despite her usage.

Yuzuki is also quite resourceful in using waterbending as she also knew where water exists, pulling large amounts of water from thin air, taking water from plants and wherever they may exist. Her resourcefulness has proved to be efficient when she is in cities where there is limited water access.

Whenever she is near large bodies of water, her true power is released, creating multiple water whips, freezing her opponents, making them slip, create giant water blasts, ice walls and many more that can really show how reliable her bending prowess is.

Healing Edit

Being raised from the Northern Water Tribe meant that she also had to, at some point in her childhood, learn how to heal. She learned from masters as well, helping her learn about the human body. Her healing abilities have proven to be useful in dire situations, and have helped Team Avatar numerous times.

Sea Insight Edit

"I don't know how I created this technique, but I did. And it'll help us in tracking him down."
―Yuzuki to Team Avatar

A technique she developed thanks to the Gem of Water, Sea Insight works like clairvoyance, however, it can only be done while she is near the sea. Using this technique, Yuzuki can track down anybody, wherever they may be, near or far from the sea. This is because humans have water inside their bodies that are one with nature, which allows Yuzuki to track them. This technique proved to be successful at times, but it has many drawbacks, like only the people she's met are the only ones she could track down, and that she needs a lot of silence in order to concentrate.

Bloodbending Edit

Even though Yuzuki never really practiced the art, somehow, she got hold of its power. Jinora believes that it might be because Katara also knew about the art that somehow, and when she was reincarnated, her knowledge in the art was passed on to Yuzuki as well. Like Katara, she was reluctant in using the art, and was rarely shown using it in the series. Her only reasons for using bloodbending were to force important information from enemies, or when she is driven by strong emotions like anger or sorrow.

Thanks to her healing knowledge, this amplified her bloodbending power as well, being able to pinpoint the body parts that would hurt the most when they are forced to be moved, proving to be an important asset, yet dangerous as well.

Other Skills Edit

Yuzuki was also quite agile and flexible. Being trained by the best masters, it helped her expand her already vast knowledge, being able to hold her own against chi blockers and hand-to-hand combat experts. She also has remarkable talents in using a bow, being able to hit targets that are normally too far away for someone to hit.

Relationships Edit

Iluq Aishi Edit

"I don't care if you're a Guardian. You're still my daughter, my child."
―Iluq to Yuzuki.

Shila Aishi Edit

"We are always proud of you. And we will be proud of you for all of your future achievements."
―Shila to Yuzuki.

Kurah Aishi Edit

"All my life, all I wanted was for my parents to love me and notice me as their child, not as some sort of toy they could ignore once they're done with it!"
"Don't say that! Mom and dad love us both!
―Kurah and Yuzuki.
Kurah and Yuzuki are siblings that have a relationship that has been strained ever since they were kids. Due to their parents paying more attention to Yuzuki, Kurah had always felt like he never existed in the family. This led to him taunting her every single time during training and doing all sorts of evil things to her. Iluq and Shila would spend hours scolding him for what he has been doing to his sister, not realizing that all he wanted was their attention. Yuzuki never truly held a grudge against him as she would understand where he was coming from.

Relatives Edit

Iluq Aishi
Shila Aishi
Kurah Aishi
Yuzuki Aishi

Trivia Edit

  • Yuzuki hates papaya, much like Katara. This is probably because she is the reincarnation of the latter.
  • Yuzuki is the first person in the series to have a confirmed last name.
  • She was supposed to be proficient in using a katana instead of a bow and arrow, but the latter idea was used instead.
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