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Yuriko is a citizen of the Fire Nation who immigrated to the United Republic to pursue her acting career once the mover industry began to blossom.


Early life

Yuriko was born to a successful scientist and a firebending teacher, who lived in a small town in the Fire Nation. Her parents were strict when it came to education, as they hoped she would follow in either one of their footsteps. However, Yuriko was not as passionate about their work. Nevertheless, her upbringing was humble and good.

172 AG

In her school years, Yuriko quickly became popular and showed great charisma, though she was a late bloomer when it came to her academic side, except performance arts, which she showed a particular interest in. She practiced dancing and acting during her free time, even using her newly discovered firebending to her advantage. At the age of 10, Yuriko's interest in her firebending began to grow as a result of her taking the art more seriously.

178 AG

At the age of 16, Yuriko had become a very skilled firebender and a good performer. As well as focusing on her dream of becoming an actress. By then, she had gotten minor roles in plays but she desired to become a more known actress. A year later, after seeing the latest mover from Republic City, Yuriko was amazed and became even more anxious. That which got the best of her, when she contacted several theatres and studios and auditioned for various roles. Unfortunately, she was denied those roles due to her limited experience. Refusing to give up, Yuriko applied for an art university. To her relief, she was granted entry into that university.

182 AG

After Kuvira's defeat at the hands of the Avatar and when Republic City had risen from its ruins, Yuriko felt safe to travel to the United Republic after graduation and having been given a chance to audition for a role. Once there, she managed to impress the producers for an upcoming mover and her acting career finally began.


Yuriko is a sweet, independent, and charismatic young woman. She is also quite curious and has no problem with trying new things and is also not afraid of challenges. She has a soft spot for animals and nature, due to her fascination with them. She is also quite determined to succeed and will not easily give up on her goals, such as her acting career.

However, Yuriko is quite short-tempered and does not tolerate any acts of unfairness and can even get physical if she is challenged or provoked.


Yuriko is a firebending master. Even powerful enough to develop special techniques such as blue fire and breath of fire.

She is also quite athletic and enduring due to her long-term performance training.

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