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Biographical information



Earth Kingdom


Half Earth Kingdom, Half Fire Nation

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Harbor Valley




Summer of 172 AG

Physical description







100 lb

Hair color


Skin color

Light brown

Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Hung Gar

Bending style(s)



Lava and Metalbending




Little Brother, Kazuo, and Little Sister, Mio

Chronological and political information

Jewelry Sale Woman




A man in Ba Sing Se and A man on the road

First appearance

Yuri is a small earthbending character. She is 4'10" and only weighs about 100 lb. She has brown skin with black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is only slightly longer then shoulder length. And she almost always has a smile on her face. Yet she does not show over emotions. (There is no purpose).

Yuri has brown skin with black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is only slightly longer than shoulder length. And she almost always has a smile on her face.

Yuri was born and raised in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. Her mom worked in the castle as a Spinster during the day and went home at night. Her dad was an earthbender who worked as a part of the Dai Li, so she did not see him that often. Her parents realized that she was an earth bender when she was only a baby; when she would cry the house would shake. So at the age of 2 her parents got her a personal trainer who taught her how to master her gift; he also taught her how to metal bend. As the time passed her parents had their second child, a boy named Kazuo (一夫), Yuri was only 6 years old. Then they had another daughter when she was 11, her name was Mio (美桜). Five years have passed and life was going well for this beautiful family. Now all of the kids are older: Yuri is now 16, Kazuo is 10, and Mio is 5. It all started on the morning of their parents wedding anniversary. Yuri had bought her parents a passport for the Full Moon Bay to take a trip to Omashu, the place where they met. She promised that she would take care of everything around the house until they returned. Reluctantly they went. All of the kids went to the bay to farewell their parents. The boat left and Mio began to cry Yuri comforted her in saying that they will be back soon. After she finally stopped crying they went home and everything was great. But all that changed that night when a member of the Dai Li came by. He came and told them that the ship that their parents were on was attacked by the serpent of the Serpent's Pass. He said that a group of kids on the boat saw the serpent and began to throw things at it. Irritated he hopped out of the water and destroyed the entire ship. Everyone who was on board DIED. Yuri began to cry thinking of how she is going tell her, already sleep, siblings.

That next morning Mio asked if they could send their messenger bird to say hello to their parents. Yuri looked at her and began to cry again, trying to comfort her Mio says, "It will be okay, Mommy and Daddy will be back soon."

Yuri looked up at her and said, "No... I'm sorry Mio they won't be back."

Confused, Mio asks, "WHAT!?!" Yuri told her what had happened and she began to cry.

A few minutes later Kazuo comes into the room and wonders why his sisters are crying. Not wanting to get involved he immediately goes out the back door to a friend's house. Later that day he came back home. Yuri was furious, "Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you! You had me worried!"

He looked at her confused and said, "I was just a friend's house. CHILL... Why are you freaking out?" She then tells him about the death of their parents and he shows no emotion.

Confused, Yuri repeated what she said, and then asked, "Aren't you sad?"

"Yeah, but what's done is done, right."

That phrase changed her life. "WHAT'S DONE IS DONE." The next day after the funeral of all who died, a lady came to the house and told 16 year old Yuri that if she does not find a job good enough to pay the bills for their house, she is sorry to say but they would be evicted. She panicked, and then went out on the hunt to find a good enough job, with no effect. The family was kicked out and was sent to live in the Lower Ring. There they found a really nice family that took them in and there they lived for about a year. They were forced to leave because Kazuo had gotten arrested for letting out all of the turtle seals at the Ba Sing Se Zoo. The family said that they could not have a criminal living in their house. So Yuri had to get her brother out of prison. The officer made a deal with her; if he lets him go they would have to leave Ba Sing Se entirely. Well, that's what she did she would prefer to leave then to have him in prison and the family separated.

When they left, all that she was thinking of was that she did not have the money to buy passports to get on a boat so they would have to go over the Serpent's Pass. As they approached it they saw that some Fire Nation solders were guarding it. They continued to walk as if they did not see them. The solder told them that they could not pass and to go to the bay and take a boat. Yuri informed them that they did not have the money and had to leave Ba Sing Se. Feeling sorry for them the solders collected their monies and gave it for the children to buy passports. They finally got across and began to unknowingly walk towards the Great Divide. Seeing what direction the children were going a small family offered to give them a ride and company. The father of the family was an Earthbender like Yuri and taught her how to Lavabend.

Eventually the family separated from the kids and went their way leaving food and water to help. So now the kids were all alone: 17 year old Yuri, 11 year old Kazuo, and 6 year old Mio. Nighttime fell and they were in the forest right next to the Great Divide. Yuri bent a tiny pool of lava for heat and tents to sleep in. One night Yuri could not sleep she sat there watching her siblings sleep feeling both guilty and brave. She felt that it was her fault that her parents were dead and now she has to be a mother to her siblings and protect them. Suddenly out of the darkness she heard leaves rustling in the distance. She nervously investigated and came across a trapped Canyon Crawler. Terrified she began to run to wake up her siblings so that they could get to safety. But the beast was not chasing her. She stopped running and looked back and saw the sad and scared crawler. Not knowing what to do, she courageously went closer to it, fed it some bread she had in her pouch, and set it free. It tried to run away but the trap had broken its leg. Feeling sorry for it she walks over to it and wraps its leg. The wrap enabled it to walk again. Grateful it licks her. She then proudly walks back to her sleeping siblings, not knowing that the Crawler was following her. She goes to lie down; the crawler lies down right behind her and they both fall asleep. Kazuo wakes up terrified at the sight that he saw and screams waking up Mio who also starts to scream, waking up Yuri. Yuri sees the crawler just lying there and tires to calm her siblings down before they woke it up. They finally stop screaming and continue on their journey to find a new home. Eventually the crawler wakes up and did not see Yuri, he searches and smells until finally he finds her and runs up to her. Joyful to see her he starts to lick her again but Kazuo and Mio freak out scaring the crawler. Yuri has to now calm everyone down. After a small amount of convincing Mio walks over to the crawler, pets it, and says, "Let's call her Yuuki (優希)." Yuri agrees, but Kazuo thinks it is a bad idea to make a pet out of such a terrifying looking beast. The three of them grabbed all of their courage and hopped on the back of Yuuki and she gives them a ride in and out of the Great Divide. When they got to the other side they hopped off of Yuuki and fed her. This sad little family now has a new pet to bring them joy.

Well now they were on their way to who knows where, just following a path they came up to a river. The river was too wide to walk across and they were not sure if Yuuki could swim, by the looks of her face she had never seen water a day in her life. Not knowing what to do Yuri made a bridge for them to cross, and they continued on their journey. They passed the flooded city of Gaipan, and the abandoned treetop hideout of the Freedom Fighters.

Continuing on their very long and tiresome journey down a path they had finally made it to Harbor Village. When they got into the village the people were terrified at the sight of Yuuki. They wanted to have the beast killed until they saw that it had three kids on its back. Then Yuri went on a hunt. They knew that they needed food, water, and a place to sleep, "Technically, anywhere they and their pet could sleep." She said to the people she asked. But to no avail. She then found an abandoned little hobble on the outskirts of the village on the angle on the mountain which was perfect. They looked inside and saw that no one lived there. They asked around and was told that the last person that lived there died trying to get down from the mountain at his old age. And no one has lived there since. So they moved in immediately. And it was perfect; Yuuki even had a great place to sleep in the mountain (just like the caves in the Great Divide). Yuri found a job in the market place selling jewelry and Kazuo found one as a fisherman's apprentice, free food. And that is where they live now. Yuri is now able to keep her promise she made to her parents, "to take care of everything..."

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