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By AirMasterParker Part of the Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles continuity.
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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles.

"Freedom for everybody, the same laws for all, same training for all, same life for all. To first think about the entire nation, before himself. Unite the whole world in a single nation, the whole world being a United Republic."
— Yurei talking to Hikar about his ideal free world.
Biographical information

The Cold Master


Northern Water Tribe, United Republic of Nations, Air Nation


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe (childhood)
Air temples (around 224 AG until 257 AG)
Incarcerated (since 257 AG)


41 in New Cycle
53-54 in Book One: Metal


203 AG


227 - 257 AG (as leader of the Red Lotus)


Tenzin (as the airbending teacher of the Avatar)
Jinora (as first representative of the Air Nation)
Unknown, eventually Zaheer (as leader of the Red Lotus)


Gemini (as first representative of the Air Nation)

Physical description





1,90 m


85 kg

Hair color

Black (bald)

Skin color


Eye color

Dark Blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air (formerly), Airbender staff

Bending style(s)

Airbending (formerly), Cold Airbending (formerly), Spiritual projection (formerly)


Combat Predition (only on Hikar Firestone and Aria Sato)

Love interest(s)

Amala Sato (wife, divorced)


Red Lotus, Zhasha, Aria Sato (formerly), Zeick & Deyek Sato (formerly)


Hikar Firestone, Kensi, Bultina Silverfox, Shaila, Tao Tenba, Kosen Silverfox, Iruka Sato, Amala Sato, Sterkur Firestone, Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Airbending Master (formerly)
New Air Nation Representative (formerly)


Airbending Instructor of the Avatar (formerly)
Leader of the Red Lotus (formerly)
First Representative of the Air Nation (formerly)


Order of the White Lotus (formerly, disbanded)
Red Lotus (disbanded)


Kai and Jinora (airbending teachers)


Hikar Firestone (airbending student)
Aria Sato (daughter and disciple)

First appearance

"New Cycle, Part 1"

Last appearance

"Cold Air"

Voiced by

Jim Ward

Yurei was an airbending master, friends with the Avatar in the beginning and his former airbending instructor. He's the main antagonist of Book One: Metal. He is originally from the Northern Water Tribe and the twin brother of Zhasha. He attempted to, through the methods of the Red Lotus, bring the world to a unified common way of thinking. For the results of his crimes, he was later incarcerated and taken away his bending.


Early life

He was raised as an orphan with his twin sister, Zhasha. And he later found inner peace in the Air Nation, when he discovered his airbending abilities at a young age.

Confederacy 50th Anniversary incident

In summer 224 AG, during the 50th anniversary celebration of the Earth Confederacy, he managed to protect civils of the attack of the Red Lotus protesters, and managed to freeze the inextinguishable black fire with his cold airbending.

Joining the Red Lotus

His ideology and plans were inspired in the original plans of the Red Lotus, to teach the Avatar their knowledge and pursue a world of anarchy. However, Yurei managed to change plans from his perspective as Air Nomad.


He's a very wise man and always does what he thinks is best for the people and trains his soldiers and apprentices, including his children. He tries to convince his followers that what he thinks is right, and by that he made the Red Lotus soldiers capable of everything just to make people be free.



  • Amala Sato: She was his wife for a long time, since they met in Air Temple Island when they were 29 and 32 years, respectively, in 276. A year later, they got married. Another year later, Aria was born; Another two years later, Zeick was born, and two more, Deyek. After realizing Aria was an airbender, Yurei decided to give her a proper training alone, and from that moment onwards, their relationship started to collapse, taking all the kids to private training. After giving Aria her tattoos and seeing they were red instead of the traditional blue, Amala already started to ask what was happening and later in 293 AG, after realizing what was really happening, Amala and Yurei got divorced, with Yurei getting the custody of the children, so they never saw their mother again.


  • Aria Sato: Given she's an airbender, she has always been his favourite, and she considers she has even a bigger potential than he has. Until his defeat, she was his most loyal soldier.
  • Zeick & Deyek Sato: As his sons, he always appreciated their great abilitis to combustionbend, and bloodbend, reasons why he immediately sent them to train in the Eastern Air Temple* Zhasha: His waterbending twin sister, they were the only family they ever had. They always cared for each other and protected each other with their bending abilities.


  • Hikar Firestone: As apprentice, he always said he was fierce and capable, but since he knew Yurei was from the Red Lotus, everything changed. He knows all his abilities due to being his master.



Until Avatr Hikar took away his bending, he was a master airbender, and by that he knew a lot of techniques and advanced skills; even though he always wished he could fly like Zaheer and Guru Laghima, he could never unlock it, but he managed to enter the Spirit World without the portals. He could create a huge tornado from his position to expand it in all directions and take down his rivals around him.

Cold Airbending

Unusual to any airbender, given his Water Tribe inheritance, he managed to airbend abnormally cold air. With that he had incredible advantage towards firebenders and waterbenders. With cold airbending, he used to make his attacks more painful when in contact with the skin, as well as more solid.


He can enter the Spirit World by just meditating, and there he can get to anywhere by just thinking about it. He has the ability to get his spirit to the dreams of people and insert an idea in their mind, that way he convinced all his soldiers and more people, including his family, to believe in his ideals, but in cases like his ex-wife, Amala, or some soldiers of the Fire Nation, it didn't work really well.


Yurei is a very intelligent and wise person, and possesses a large amount of combat knowledge. he's in fact recognized between the most intelligent persons living in the world. With, he takes advantage over his opponents to predict their future movements, attacks and defenses, taking the upper hand in combat to people who are more powerful than him, like the Avatar himself.




  • His name Yurei means "oil cooling" in Japanese (油冷), given his ability to airbend cold air.
  • He's the second airbending villain, the first one was Zaheer.
    • The author states he based Yurei's ideology on Zaheer's, but with a fix and influence from Kuvira's ideology.
    • The villains from Legend of Korra followed a political ideology each one: like Amon the communism, Unalaq theocracy, Zaheer anarchism, and Kuvira fascism. Yurei, in this case, represents ideocracy.
    • He's the third known villain to lose his bending by an Avatar, the others being Ozai and Yakone.
  • Like Amon, he came with a dark story from the Northern Water Tribe.
  • He's the first airbender to lose his bending. And the first bender to do so in the Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles series.
    • Though it was not shown in the series, the author himself confirmed through the Wiki that it happened between Books One and Two, as Hikar used him to test his abilities to grant or take away bending.
  • The ability to enter the dreams was inspired by Inception.
  • His IQ is over 150.
  • The author has recognised that, even though he wasn't conceived as a serious villain, it turned out very difficult to write him, and his ideologies are based in thoughts of the author himself taken to the extreme.
  • The author has stated Yurei is so far the most difficult character to write, given his ideologies and his way of thinking surpass the author's, as he turned out to be very intelligent.
Preceded by
Avatar's airbending master
June 255 AG - May 256 AG
Succeeded by

Preceded by
First Representative of the Air Nation
224 AG - June 257 AG
Succeeded by

Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Zaheer
Leader of the Red Lotus
247 AG - August 257 AG
Succeeded by
Position abolished

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