By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Desert queen (by sandbender tribes)


Earth Kingdom


Laobao, Si Wong Desert, Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Laobao, Si Wong Desert




49 (when she became leader of Laobao)


178 AG


Tum Guon (as the leader of Laobao)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Sand, Glass

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Sandbending, Glassbending


Hingan, Tum Guon, Ikyina Dyonu, citizens of Laobao


Hingan (formerly)

Chronological and political information
  • Guard (formerly)
  • Earthbending teacher
  • Earthbending master
  • Sandbending master
  • Glassbending master
  • Leader of Laobao
Yungyen is an earthbending and glassbending master and the current leader of the city of Laobao. She strengthened the defence and security of the city, starting boarders around Laobao to keep the city more safe from outside threats.


Yungyen's grandparents were members of one of the many sandbender tribes who decided to leave their nomadic lifestyles and live in the Laobao, a small town at the time. Growing up in the city, she learned and eventually mastered Earthbending, then sandbending and finally Glassbending from Tum Guon himself. She was very concerned with the amount of attacks they had from roaming sandbender tribes and worked up the ranks of the city's defence, becoming the captain of the guard.

When a sandbender army led by Anjanun attempted by take the city, Yungyen led the defence, along with Tum Guon and the other guards and benders. It is unknown what Yungyen did that day, but it known that Anjanun and a third of his army were defeated, and the rest happily decided to become citizens of the city. She made Ayugu the new commander of the city, having the outposts strengthened and created a new line of homes for the new citizens between the city and the outposts.

Some years later she became romantically involved with the captain of the army she defeated, Hingan, and had one daughter with him named

Yungyen carried on as a captain of the guard until Tum Guon died in 228 AG, naming Yungyen his successor. In 229 she became the leader of Laobao, continuing to strengthen the boarders of the city. She brokered an agreement with the Misty Palms Oasis to help them out with supplies.


At a young age, Yungyen was stubborn but competitive. She didn't seem especially interested in learning earthbending as the city was mostly surrounded by desert.

A sudden change happened in Yungyen after seeing an attack on the city led by a sandbender tribe. She became devoted to the protection of the city. Her competitiveness and her experience by Tum Guon's side led to her being an expert in verbally taunting her opponents, showing she was a quick learner.


Through rigorous training, Yungyen mastered earthbending at a young age. She later mastered her affinity over sand and glass, being instructed by Tum Guon himself.


Earthbending came very easily to Yungyen, mastering it at a young age. She is able to use a very grounded stance whenever she fights, allowing her to create a perfect offense and defense at the same time.


Learning sandbending was harder for Yungyen to learn than earthbending, but she eventually learned to overcome it and master the art. During the battle between Laobao's forces and Tumyok's army, she was able to defeat several sandbenders at once.


Yungyen mastered glassbending soon after she mastered sandbending, learning to make glass from the sand around her and to use it as a weapon at the same time. By 26 AG she had mastered how to fight with glass tendrils, which she used to defeat Anjanun and many of his soldiers.

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