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Azula performing an enhanced fire kick
Biographical information

United Republic

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City




153 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Firebending, lighting


Mako, Bolin, June, Korra, Yukoda


The green Spirit,Amon

Chronological and political information
  • Council Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Council
  • Republic City


First appearance

Book 1 Seasons

Yumi's history

Yumi is Mako and Bolin's childhood friend. Her parents were killed during a raid by the Triple Threat Triad. She is a firebender that has a secret crush on Ryu.

Yumi's crush

Yumi is Mako's childhood friend. She has a big crush on June's cousin, Ryu, but is afraid of telling him. In an effort to keep close to him, she joined to army to assist him in what ever way she can.

Yumi's abilities

Yumi is firebender, so naturally, she wants to become a master. With only 5 more moves to learn for the basics, her firebending teacher, Master Hohai, died of old age. Now with Shizo residing in the South Pole, she learns the way of lighting. She is currently working lighting redirection. Yumi is also an avid reader, so she is constantly up to date with the knowledge of the world. She is a walking book, some say.

Yumi orphaned

At the age of six, Yumi's parents were killed by a group of firebenders. She watched helplessly as her mother, father, and brother were killed. Yumi lived with her to focus on her firebending, but felt bad about the decision to leave her friends.

Yumi in the Fire Nation

Yumi spend three years of her life in the Fire Nation living with Shizo, but moved back to Republic City to be closer to her friends Mako and Bolin, to support them in their dream of becoming pro-benders. She was the original supporter along with Pabu.

Yumi and Mako's relationship

From the time before the parents were killed, Yumi and Mako have had somewhat of a love-hate relationship. They would always fight, but always made up. They are what most people think of as brother and sister, but when Korra came around, she started to become worried about how Mako started to change. She didn't know if it was for the better or for the worse.

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