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Republic City, United Republic


Air Nomad; Water Tribe

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Tom, Aang, Katara, Seiji, Sugimura, Shizuku, Marian


Azula, the Dai Li, dark spirits, General Valo, Haku, X3, Kim

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  • Daughter of the Avatar
  • Refugee

Republic City, non-bending dimension

First appearance

Universe of Dimensions, Prologue

Yuko is the daughter of Avatar Aang and Katara. She has always been a symbol of hope and happiness for the citizens of Republic City -- the very reason evil forces hunt her down in the other dimension. Her very existence is enough to rally insurgence against her people's oppressor and for that she must be destroyed. Yuko is determined to make the best of her new life and discovers all she can about her adopted home. She is not very popular in high school, though.


Early life

Yuko is the only child of Avatar Aang and Katara. Yuko grew up in a happy environment, which resulted in her happy and bubbly personality.

Kouichi's funeral

She was present at Kouichi's funeral, Seiji's father and one of her father's childhood friends, and it was here she first saw Seiji. Though she wasn't aware of the dramatic role he would play later on in her life, she was incredibly worried for the boy who had nowhere to go.

Escape through the rift gate

At one point, Azula led an attack on Republic City with her Dai Li agents and her darks spirits, and Yuko's father entrusted Seiji, Sugimura, and Shizuku to take her away to safety. She was unaware of who the attacker was, but she knew that her planet's forces were losing against him. She desperately tried to convince her father to journey with her, but it was futile.


Despite that she is not a bender, Yuko has some sense of fighting skills, especially fencing. Other than some fighting skills, she appears to have a great skill in athletics, being able to do flips and tumbles throughout the air. This also has some connection to her cheerleading tryouts, being an amazing gymnast.


Yuko's personality is outspoken and earnest, and it made her a hero to her people. Above all, her personality gives her people hope. She believes in following the rules in order to show her potential in leadership.

However, these attributes have placed her on the low rung of the social ladder of the non-bending dimension high school, as her ambitious mindset is considered abnormal to her classmates. Additionally, her manner of speech is very high class and somewhat naive, which confuses many around her. Because she is used to being beloved and "getting whatever she wants", she shows jealousy toward people more popular than her, like Seiji.

Yuko has a very caring nature as she feels content whenever she sees other people happy.

While on the battlefield, Yuko is described as righteous and tenacious and won't give up until a wrong is made right. However, this often clashes with Seiji, as she is not a bender and not used to battle like he is. Her ideas, which usually involve defense over offense, often contrast with Seiji's tactical offensive plans, thus causing friction between the two. These usually are the root of the duo's arguments.

Yuko also loves sports.




Aang is Yuko's father. She loves her father very much and misses him greatly. Before fleeing from Republic City, Yuko refused to leave if it meant that her father couldn't come with her, but Yuko eventually decided to go after her father told her she had to in order for Republic City to have hope.



Yuko was forced from her hometown of Republic City against her will, and Seiji was chosen as one of her bodyguards. Seiji is extremely overprotective of Yuko. The two often bicker with one another, partially due to their contrasting personalities (comparing Yuko's bubbly, honest nature against Seiji's rebellious, trouble-making attitude). Sugimura and Shizuku are often forced to break the two of them up when the situation demands so. She also seems to be a bit jealous of Seiji due to his popularity in high school. But as time goes on, they become more understanding of each other, and they care for each to the point that they see each other as family.

Sugimura and Shizuku

Without parents, Sugimura and Shizuku are probably the closest thing to parental figures Seiji has, and the same could possibly be said for Yuko. Although Yuko's parents have only been captured and held hostage, the only parental figure she currently has are Sugimura and Shizuku.


Universe of Dimensions

Universe of Dimensions 2

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