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Yuki Mare
Biographical information

The Frozen Girl


Republic City
United Republic of Nations


Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


House in Republic City




152 AG

Physical description



163 cm


50kg (103 lbs)

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (Southern and Northern style)
Weatherbending(Rain, Snow, Frost, fog, hail)


Hikari Mare Firebender
Mother and Father deceased


Southern Water Tribe
Asami Sato
PagamaWaterbending Master


rival pro-bending teams

Chronological and political information



Scorpiowolves waterbender and captain
Master healer


Republic City


Pagama Waterbender and Bloodbender

Yuki is a Waterbender and is born and raised in Republic City, where she mastered waterbending. She and her twin sister, Hikari, lost their parents years ago. They were killed by a bloodbender, namely Yuki's waterbending master. He trained her in bloodbending, but after some time, Yuki realized the danger of bloodbending and revealed her master, Pagama, to the police in Republic City. But before Pagama could be arrested, he tried to kill the whole family. Yuki and Hikari escaped in time, but they lost their parents.


Yuki was born to a multicultural family in Republic City; her father being from the Water Tribe and her mother from the Fire Nation, with her twin, Hikari. When she was nine, Yuki witnessed her parents being killed by her master, leaving Hikari as her only family. An uncle and aunt of them take them. In this time, Yuki and Hikari train much to become a pro-bender.

After some time, they met Ishi and founded the Scorpiowolves Team. Together, the three get better and better.


Yuki is a kind but strict person. She is good in making friends and has no problem to speak to other people. Since her encounter with Yakone, she vowed not to become a cold-hearted bender who fights only for his mission, but she will stand up for her friends. Yuki's big goal is to become a waterbending master. She gives everything over again when she comes to her goal a little bit closer.

Yuki has a special gift. All people who meet her have a short time to be fully trusted by her. One reason for this could be that Yuki could understand the pain of others very well, because of her own childhood. So Yuki has managed to make friends for life. For Yuki, friendships are very important. In addition to her great desire to become a waterbending master, there are another driving forces for her efforts.

Yuki stands up for what she promises and is even willing to risk her life to fight for her beliefs. She is a clever and kind person. Aside from her interest in waterbending and make friends, she also likes swimming, drawing, and drinking. Her favorite colors are blue, white, and black. Yuki shows talent to sing.

According to others, Yuki is "cool, strong, and beautiful". She can be really girly and likes sweet things and cute clothes.

Yuki is also very determined to protect her friends. She has no problem standing up to fight, taking damage and running straight into danger for the sake of her friends. She is also very intelligent and in a very good strategist. She has a special connection to the water. She also loves to create ice and she is the only waterbender in the world who can create the aggregate state crystal, which brings her the name "The Frozen-Girl".



Chibie Waterbend

Yuki's waterbending abilities manifested at a young age. Subsequently trained formally in the art for over a decade by Pagama, a great waterbending master, Yuki has demonstrated a high level of skill in this art in addition to its various techniques. She is capable of creating large walls of ice and crystal and powerful water whips. She can also launch herself high into the air and maintain the height on a gigantic waterspout easily, fight off several aerial attacks with various water attacks, and propel herself plus another person through the water at high-speeds to avoid attacks. She used her waterbending abilities to procure herself a spot on the Scorpiowolves pro-bending team. Since she was taught Northern and Southern style waterbending, which both employ fluid motions, Yuki has quickly adapted to Republic City's more aggressive, straightforward waterbending style. Yuki also has sufficient knowledge of bloodbending to fully understand the nature of its application, despite having never used the outlawed skill.


During her waterbending training, Yuki was also taught the advanced skill of healing. As Katara was well-regarded as the best healer in the world, Yuki herself became highly skilled in the art, something she takes pride in. By using a small supply of water as a catalyst on the targeted area, Yuki is able to drastically increase the healing rate of injuries.

Despite her short time studying under her father, a spiritual expert, Yuki had learned his form of spiritual healing, which changes negative energy into positive energy in spirits to calm them. While originally only understanding the theoretical mechanics behind this technique and could only momentarily calm the targets, she eventually successfully performed the technique, being able to calm countless small spirits at once.


Yuki is also skilled in Weatherbending. This Technique is invented by her. She can let it snow, hail or rain but also create fog and frost. Yuki became highly skilled in the art, something she takes pride in.

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