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Kaoru, Sanjo, Maika, Haysumi, Lee (Avatar:New Generation)

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|enemies = |weapon = Firebending |fightingstyle = Firebending |profession = |position = student |affiliation = |appearance = }}Yuki is a 14 year old Firebender and the younger sister of Kaoru. She is a character in the fanon Avatar: War of Nations.


Yuki is a 14 year old younger sister of Kaoru and the daughter of Sanjo. Yuki and Kaoru's mother died when they were younger, resulting in the three of them relying on each other more. Having been trained by Sanjo, Kaoru and Yuki became talented Firebenders regularly sparring with their father. Yuki being the only the girl in the family saw it as her job to discipline her brother, taking delight in beating up her older brother. Alongside Kaoru, Yuki attended the training academy in Sinae to become a stronger Firebender. Here she quickly made friends and got to know Kaoru's friends as well.


Yuki can be described as a fiery young girl and a bit of a mischievous devil by from her brothers view. On the other hand, she can be a kind person to everyone but her brother who she views as an idiot. Yet she cares for him deeply and would defend him from harm only to do him harm her self.


Yuki is a talented but novice Firebender able to create large fireballs but with low level power. She can however create fire blasts that she is able to split apart in mid blast and turn them into fire whips to surprise her enemy. Her skills steadily increase the more she practices as she trains at Sinae academy and with her brother and father.

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