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Yugoda with Katara
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Northern Water Tribe

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Gray (Originally Brown)

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Kanna, Hakuri, Kuwabara Northern Water Tribe


Fire Nation

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Healing instructor


Master Healer

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Act 1: Pakku

Yugoda is a female Waterbender of the Northern Water Tribe. She instructs young women of her city how to use their Waterbending skills for healing purposes.


At age sixteen, Yugoda was excited to marry her current husband Hakuri. Her mother Kuwabara and her best friend Kanna did not agree with the society rules, and they both thought girls should be free to choose their husband, as opposed to it being chosen for them.

After the two were married, Kuwabara left the Northern Water Tribe for Taku, because she could not stand to see her daughter marry against her will (though if she had the choice, she would marry Hakuri anyway). Kanna soon followed suit, leaving for the Southern Water Tribe before she had to marry Pakku.

In "The Waterbending Master", when Katara was denied Waterbending lessons, she was told to go to Yugoda's healing lessons.

After the healing class, Katara thanked Yugoda, who notices her betrothal necklace and asks her who she is getting married to. Katara explains that she is not ready for marriage, and that the necklace was her grandmother's, passed down to her mother, and then her. Yugoda recognizes the carving and reveals to Katara that she is an old friend of Kanna's. Yugoda also said that Katara's grandmother was born in the Northern Tribe and was engaged to a young Waterbender, but left mysteriously without saying goodbye.

Younger Yugoda and Arnook

Yugoda, after attempting to heal Yue

Yugoda is seen attempting to heal Princess Yue soon after she was born. This is before Chief Arnook made his bargain with the moon spirit.

Non-canon Appearances

Yugoda appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds 3}}.

Preceded by
Healing Instructor
34 BG-current
Succeeded by

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