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The Saga of Kento


Book 1: Peace



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March 14th, 2013

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A War Hero

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Shifting Sands

Kento, Spree, and Dutch finally arrive at Yue City. Kento suffers from nightmares about his childhood.


The laughter of children filled the air. Kento blinked his eyes as a light snow fell on him. He lay on his back, staring up into the gray clouds above. After a few moments, a girl appeared over him. She wore a blue fur coat with her hood up. Her blue eyes shined brightly as she smiled down at him.

"Watch were your going during a snowball fight," she said as she reached out a gloved hand to help him to his feet. As he stretched out a hand to take hers, a snowball made contact with the back of her head. Instantly, Kento scooped up another snowball and threw it at a boy not to far away.

"Look out big sis," he said. His older sister, Katara, grinned at him before helping him throw snowballs at their brother, Sokka. They continued to laugh and throw snowballs at each other until they noticed something different about the snow.

Rather than the pure white that had been falling earlier, a black snow was falling now. Instantly, Katara grabbed his arm and dragged him through the camp before tossing him in a small dugout of snow and ice.

"Stay here. I'm going to get mom," she said before disappearing.

Kento jerked awake and blinked a few times, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the light of the campfire. It was dawn. An orange glow was forming on the horizon as the sun began to rise. On the other side of the smoldering campfire lay Spree's sleeping form.

With a yawn, he pulled himself out from under a few blankets and pulled on his boots. Hoping to his feet, Kento made his way over and gently shook Spree in order to wake her. As she let out a groan, he crossed the camp again and gently kicked Dutch, waking him with a jolt.

"I've gotta get use to waking up at dawn don't I?" the nonbender asked as he sat up, stretching lightly.

"At least until we get into the city, then we can sleep in on actual beds," said Spree as she finished rolling up her sleeping bag. Kento snorted as he set to saddling his ostrich horse.

"I slept on fur and ice for the first ten years of my life, trust me you guys have it easy," he said. For a moment, he thought back to his dream, remembering what life had been like at the South Pole. It had been seven years since he had seen home. Shaking his head, he turned his thoughts away from his childhood and focused on riding to Yue City.

Dutch hoisted his sleeping bag up over his shoulder before he kicked out the remains of the fire and made his way to his ostrich horse. Together, the trio swung up into their individual saddles before turning and riding out of the camp.

"So why are we goin' to Yue again?" asked Dutch as he maneuvered his horse next to Kento. The road that the trio followed was little more than a hardened depression in the sandy soil of the foothills that they currently rode through, but the large talon like feet of the ostrich horses easily dug into it. Below them, they could see the waves crashing upon the shoreline.

"He owes me a decent meal, something a little more then that trail chili we've been eating," Spree said, a grin on her face. It had been three days since their departure from Pat To, and they were now a short distance from Yue City. Dutch made a face, sticking his tongue out slightly at the mention of the previous nights meal.

"I gotta say, Kenny, that tar stuff you call chili has a way of lining your innards," he said, placing his hand on his stomach. Kento shot him a look of annoyance.

"I don't seem to recall you volunteering to cook," he said. Dutch grinned slightly at this.

"That's because I know that I can't cook," he replied. Kento glared at him for a few more moments before returning his attention to the road. The closer they got to the mountains, the more plant life began to appear alongside the road. It was obvious that the effects of Ozai's master plan weren't as abundant here.

Gradually the ground began to loose its sand like substance. Grass began to appear, changing the color from a tan color to a green. Slowly, a cobblestone road that had once connected Pat To to Yue City began to appear out of the ground, a majority of it having sunk into the sandy soil of the foothills.

Finally, the sun reached its highest point in the sky, signifying that noon had arrived. Kento brought his mount to a halt as they breasted a ridge, causing the other two to halt as well.

Below them, sprawled out in a valley along the coast of a bay sat Yue City. The wooden buildings were huddled together along the coast of the bay and along the rivers that flowed into the bay from the mountains. Smoke from various chimneys rose up into the sky. Various ships, both steam powered and sail powered lined the bay.

"Wow," Spree said, taking in the view. Kento grinned slightly.

"My brother says its namesake was the bravest and most beautiful woman he had ever known. Something tells me that this place is destined for greatness," he said. Dutch snorted slightly before nudging his mount forward again.

"Lets just hope that the Ba Sing Se of the West has some decent food and a comfy place to sleep," he said. Kento shot a glance at Spree, who returned it.

"Why did we let him come along?" he asked. The young earthbender shrugged before nudging her own mount forward.

"You had some sort of use for him," she said. Kento grinned and shook his head before following.

Authors Notes/Trivia

This is the first glimpse we get of Kento's life at the South Pole with his siblings.

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