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Yue Bay
Yue City
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Unified Independent Territories





Form of Government

Confederacy, later Republic




Fire Lady Azula(Fire Nation Occupation), United Republic Council



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Yue City

"My brother says its namesake was the bravest and most beautiful woman he had ever known. Something tells me that this place is destined for greatness"
— Kento regarding the city

Yue City, better known as its latter name Republic City was the capital of The Unified Independent Territories. It was a major ship building hub as well as a trading hub for world. Due to its growing status, it was among the first locations to be attacked during The Independent Campaign. It would suffer massive damage as a result of the Invasion and remained in disrepair for the entirety of the Fire Nation's occupation.


Formed in 102 AG as the Capital for the struggling confederacy known as the Unified Independent Territories, what was to become Yue City was built on the shores of a bay with three rivers flowing into it. At first, it served as a ship building center due to the lack of The Independents having anything to offer. Shipbuilders from the Northern Water Tribe arrived shortly after the city's establishment. They named it Yue City, after the late Princess Yue from their tribe.

The Mastery of the city's ship building quickly became famous around the world, and it grew as a result. Trade boomed and within a few years the city had grown to rival Ba Sing Se. However, it's newfound status also made it a target.

In Late 107 AG, The Fire Nation launched a massive invasion in order to restart the Hundred Year War. Yue City was among the first targets to be attacked. The new and experimental biplanes were used to drop bombs on the city's shipyard and docks. Landings of Fire Nation troops resulted in a clash within the city as well.

The city's militia, although armed with new weapons from the Earth Kingdom and having the drive to defend their homes, was overrun by the sheer amount of Fire Nation troops. As punishment for their stubborn defense, the city was left in ruins by occupying forces.

What was once nicknamed the Ba Sing Se of the West would remain little more than a slum for the rest of the war. When the war finally ended, the city began reconstruction in an effort to reclaim its once held status. It was renamed Republic City, and reclaimed its status as the capital.

The United Republic of Nations was a far cry from its predecessor, and it would take fifteen years for the city to recover from the effects of the war. By then, the landscape was recovering from the effects of Fire Lord Ozai's master plan. With this came a flood of wealth, catapulting the city into becoming a modern metropolis where any architect could build whatever they can.

By 170 AG, the city had become what many viewed as the greatest on Earth, far outdoing Ba Sing Se.

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