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Aang in Escape from the Spirit World
Biographical information

Water Tribe


Died 100 AG (aged 16 - as a human); 20 (as a spirit)

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water; Energy

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending; Energybending(posthumously, as Moon Spirit)


Tui, Aang, Team Avatar, Northern Water Tribe, La


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information

Moon Spirit


Tribal Princess (formerly)


Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Yue is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. She is also canon. A former Princess of the Northern Water Tribe – when she was alive – she is currently the Moon Spirit. Her life force resides in the Moon Spirit's body – which is in the form of a Koi Fish, in the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole. Avatar Aang spoke with her when he sought to learn Energybending.


Pre-Energy Saga

Early Life

Yue was born in 84 AG to Chief Arnook of the Northern Water Tribe and his wife. As such, she was the Princess of her country. However, she was gravely ill when she was born. After her parents did everything in their power to get her cured – including consulting with their top healers – but matters seemed hopeless and it seemed as if she was about to die. In a last ditch effort, her parents took her to the Spirit Oasis and prayed to the Moon Spirit for help. The Moon Spirit gave her new life. Her hair turned white and she began to cry. Her overjoyed parents knew she would live.

Yue had a typical upbringing for a princess. She was educated well and kept prim, proper and respectful. As the daughter of Chief Arnook, she was privileged and even spoiled at times, but her personality was not stuck up. As was customary in her tribe, she was betrothed to be married to one of the young men of her tribe once she reached the marrying age of sixteen.

Siege of the North

Shortly before the Siege of the North, Aang, Sokka and Katara visited the Northern Water Tribe on Appa. At this time, Sokka began to court Yue, who fell in love with Sokka but was unable to begin a serious relationship with him due to her engagement to Hahn, one of the warriors in her tribe. When the Fire Nation invaded, her tribe had the Avatar to fight by their side. Indeed he took out a handful of enemy ships all on his own. However, the Fire Navy fleet was vast and powerful. The Northern Water Tribe suffered great losses during the day when Firebenders are stronger. At night time, the full moon emerged and the Water Tribe forces drove back the Fire Nation's soldiers with their strengthened Waterbending.

But Admiral Zhao had a plan for this. He led a small elite group of firebenders to the Spirit Oasis, where they captured and killed the Moon Spirit. With their waterbenders powerless, her nation was on the verge of destruction. Yue bravely sacrificed herself to save her people by giving the life the Moon Spirit had given her back to the Moon Spirit. In doing this, she became the new Moon Spirit.

Book One: Beginnings

Moon Spirit

As the Moon Spirit, Yue joined La - the Ocean Spirit - in providing balancing harmony. She also gained the ability to waterbend – a trait she did not have in life. She appeared in a vision to Avatar Aang again when he was starting to learn Energybending in order to bring back the Air Nomads and offered to help him on his journey. She told him to come to the Spirit Oasis where they could communicate clearly and continuously.

Teaching Energybending

When Aang came to see Yue, he had Sokka accompanying him. The few words Sokka and Yue shared with each other were awkward, as Sokka was now in a committed relationship with Suki. Yue asked Sokka to leave her and Aang alone so that she could teach him about the secrets of energybending. Sokka seemed relieved.

She explained to him that she had the ability to energybend, as all spirits did and that she was told about this art that existed in the era before the Avatar by La, the Ocean Spirit, whom she shared her spirit life with. On Aang's first day in the Northern Water Tribe she told him about the history of energybending and how it was a "gift" given to humanity by the spirits before the existence of the Avatar and the four elements. She also explained the significance of the Spirit Oasis and how spirits formed it out of spiritual energy at the dawn of energybending. It was on the following day that actual training began.

The first move that Yue taught Aang was Recquiesence, which made Aang feel really healthy and energized. He was eager to learn more. The next move was Energy Shove, which Aang had extreme difficulty with. Since Aang was not used to energybending, he felt exhausted every time he tried Energy Shove and Yue was very firm with him about practicing repeatedly. When Aang passed out and had his dreams of the past Avatar memories, Yue had no answer as to where that came from, as active energybenders did not tend to be Avatars.

When Aang was more used to energybending and learned several more moves from Yue. However, Yue told Aang that she did not know how to grant airbending, if it was even possible. Eventually Aang told Yue that he was leaving to see if he could figure out how to do it on his own. Yue accepted his decision, but taught him one final move before he left: Shuten Shogai, the most powerful move in energybending. She cautioned that it was not to be taken lightly and not to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Book Two: Rise

More lessons

Aang eventually learned how to use energybending to give airbending to people on his own. Nevertheless, he continued to visit Yue regularly over the years and she continued to teach him energybending techniques. Aang faithfully kept his promise to her about Shuten Shogai.

In 120 AG - more than fifteen years after Aang visited Yue initially, he came to see her with Katara and Migo to ask her about the Cave of the Ancients. Yue was already in a busy state on that day and was not able to answer Aang's inquiries.

Book Three: Atonement

A visit from an older spirit

Yue was young for a spirit, having lived sixteen years as a human and an additional twenty so far as a spirit. Therefore - unlike other powerful spirits - she knew nothing of the history of the world and all she had heard of energybending was what had been described by La, who was far more ancient than Yue. Yue did not see any risk or drawback to reintroducing energybending into the world. An older spirit contacted her one day and scolded her for teaching energybending to Aang. He then forbade her to tell him any more than she already had.

Confronted by Aang

Aang had used Shuten Shogai with Katara at the Battle of the Fire Nation Capital in the Fire Nation Civil War to defeat the final assault of the Phoenix Army only to find that by using it with Katara he sucked the energy out of her body to power the attack and rendered his wife and forever girl an empty shell. Aang traveled back to the Spirit Oasis and confronted Yue for not being clear about what Shuten Shogai did and how it worked. Yue remorsefully told Aang that she had been barred from discussing energybending with him and sent him away.

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