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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
Yue waterbends
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


16 when she died as a mortal
Has been the Moon Spirit for over 10 years

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Light blue

Personal information
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Sokka, Liang, Arnook


Zhao, Shaoshang

Chronological and political information

Moon Spirit

First appearance

The First Airbender

Yue is a secondary character in MightyBrit's fanon, Child of Destiny. She acts as a somewhat omnipresent character and it is her who starts both Liang and Sokka on their journeys to save the world.

Before the story

Yue is a former princess of the Northern Water Tribe, who was reincarnated as the spirit of moon after the original spirit, Tui, died during the Siege of the North. In the past ten years, Yue has done little to stray from the traditional role of the moon and from her lofty role she has kept an eye on her friends to make sure they all stay safe. However, she has been keeping herself informed on the breach in the worlds and is the only spirit who takes action to stop the worlds from colliding. It should be noted that due to time running differently in the Spirit World, she may have experienced way more than ten years in her reign as the Moon Spirit.

During the story

Yue contacted Liang in Ba Sing Se to ask him to deliver a message to Sokka on Kyoshi Island for her. She states she is only capable of contacting two people in the physical world: Liang, due to his spiritual connection to the moon, and Avatar Aang, though she says he would not listen to her. The leader of the Cult of Sozin is desperate on capturing her and sends his second-in-command, Shaoshang, to fetch her. At the Northern Water Tribe, she comes through a breach between the physical and Spirit World to warn Sokka and Liang about Zhao's actions which are destroying the world. She insisted on returning home quickly however because her presence in the physical world was widening the breach, but she was knocked out and kidnapped by Shaoshang before she could return to the Spirit World.

She was taken to the deck of Zhao's skyship and made a captive in his cabin. Her friends quickly came to rescue her however and Sokka engaged Zhao in a fierce duel in an attempt to rescue her. Sokka, using his wits and ingenuity to stifle Zhao's firebending, was able to win the duel, but Zhao took advantage when Sokka was distracted for a moment and shot a powerful fire blast at Yue. She died in Sokka's arms.


Yue's defining trait is her compassion for every other living thing. In her mortal life, she was willing to sacrifice herself to save her people, but as a spirit, that love and compassion has spread to every person in the world. She is willing to risk everything to get Sokka, a man she knows will do everything he can to save the world and she cares deeply for on a personal level, the information and knowledge he needs.


As the Moon Spirit, Yue possesses remarkable waterbending abilities, probably the strongest in the entire world. However, she rarely uses them and she has never received any training with them, so her abilities in combat aren't as impressive as some waterbenders with less power than her. As a spirit, she doesn't age or get tired, hungry or sick. She also has seemingly limitless spiritual energy, as all waterbenders draw their power from her. She also has a special connection with Liang because he has fragments of the former moon spirit within him.

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