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Yue waterbends
Biographical information

Water Tribe


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe

  • Northern Water Tribe (formerly)
  • Spirit world

16 (she was sixteen when she became the moon however now she is 261)


84 AG


100 AG (reincarnated as the moon spirit)

Physical description





125 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)



Waterbending, bloodbending


Koda, Magunoria, Rokki, Hana, Orora, Sokka, Katara, Aang


Zhao, Most Kyoshi Warriors (formerly), Chancellor Lin

Chronological and political information

Moon Spirit, Princess of the Northern Water Tribe(formerly) , Waterbending teacher to Avatar


Moon Spirit


Spirits, Four Avatars, Water Tribes



First appearance

"Waterbending Master" -in show A Drop in a Vast Ocean - in fanon

Yue was born as princess of the Northern Water Tribe before becoming the moon. When Admiral Zhao killed the moon she took his place as the Moon Spirit. She taught Avatar Koda waterbending and she is now back in the physical world.

Before Becoming a Spirit

Early Life

When Yue was born she had an illness that made her sleep and the healers said she would die. In order to save her life her parents dipped her into the spirit oasis which has mystical properties. Once dipped in the pond the Moon Spirit touched her and gave her life. She was healed and her hair turned white. She would live because of the Moon Spirit.

As a child Yue lived a privileged life as princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Though she had her share of suffering. Her mother had died and she was arranged to marry a man she did not love.

Siege of the North

Days before the North was attacked by the Fire Nation, Aang, Katara, and Sokka all arrived at the North Pole. Sokka instantly fell for Yue and she fell for him as well. However, Yue knew this wouldn't be able to work because of her engagement, but she just couldn't seem to stay away from Sokka.

Just before the siege Yue cut things off with Sokka causing him to volunteer for a dangerous mission, much to Yue's disappointment. Sokka later was pulled from the mission and tasked to guard Yue and the two grew closer still.

Yue travelled with Katara and Sokka to get Aang back from Zuko who had captured him. After finding Aang, Zhao removed the Moon Spirit causing Yue to feel faint. Aang pleaded with Zhao to spare the Moon Spirit and Iroh did as well, but it was no use, Zhao murdered the Moon Spirit.

Iroh noticed how white Yue's hair was and Yue told him of her birth. Iroh determined that she could save the Moon Spirit but giving her life back. Yue decided she had to do this and gave Sokka a goodbye kiss before becoming the Moon Spirit.

Time as the Moon Spirit

Yue's time as a spirit was both exciting and boring for her because she wished to contact humans again. Occasionally she did for example she helped Avatar Aang.

Helping Koda

Yue was tasked to take care of the waterbending Avatar, Koda. She watched over him his whole life. She taught him waterbending as he got older she couldn't help but fall for him. The two became best friends but both wanted to be more.

While Koda was imprisoned she asked the spirits if she could enter the physical world to help the Avatars and they agreed. She helped them escape the prison and confessed her feelings to Koda with a kiss. The two began a passionate, yet short lived relationship.

She journeyed with Koda to a neighboring town where they sparked a rebellion. When Koda and Yue marched into the city they were able to get the citizens of Amon City to join their fight.

Soon after the battle was won Yue helped set up a the new government. Koda called her aside and, with a heavy heart, broke up with her because she was a spirit and he was a human. After the breakup Yue hasn't said much.


As a human Yue never had the ability to waterbend, but as a spirit she is as powerful as a waterbender could be. Rivaled by no one, she could waterbend and bloodbend.


Yue was good friends with Katara and Aang. She also developed a love for Sokka which she never truly let go even as a moon spirit.

She then found love again with Koda, but he broke up with her days later. She never really interacts with the other members of the group.

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