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Kind Yue
Princess Yue
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Northern Water Tribe

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Water Tribe, Team Avatar, Aurora


Fire Nation

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"(A:TR) Ep.17: North Pole"

Princess Yue is the current princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Once stillborn, she was brought back to life thanks to the spirits and had a unique spiritual connection to them since then.


Princess Yue is a kind-hearted girl. She has a good heart towards others and doesn't picture herself any better or any higher in rank than others, despite the fact she is the princess. She is also mainly shy and calming, not saying too much unless she feels like she can trust whoever she is with. Although a princess, she is surprisingly compassionate and a bit more free than anyone would expect her to be.



When Yue was born, she was trapped in the grip of death because she was a stillborn. Despite the help of every single healer in the tribe, no one could do anything. However, on the night of her supposed "death", the spirit Aurora had found her and had given her its blessing, giving her life again. Since this, she had grown a huge respect for any spirit.

Book 1: Water

Yue first appeared alongside Chief Arnook as he was welcoming Team Avatar to the North Pole. Yue was silent the whole time, a bit unaware of Sokka's reactions upon seeing her. Later on during the banquet, Yue decided to sit next to Sokka and became impressed with his talk of their adventures before arriving to the North Pole. During this though, she didn't exactly introduce herself, not getting the chance to.

When the next day came around, she and Sokka had decided to meet again in the town to get to know each other better. When Sokka did arrive, it was here when they introduced themselves, mainly because Sokka called her "Princess" instead of her true name. She and Sokka walked around for a bit until they came across one of Aurora's statues. When Sokka became interested, Yue told him about her respect to Aurora and how it saved her life when she was born. They continued talking for a bit until they noticed the duel going on between Katara and Pakku.

The next day, Yue and Sokka went out of the tribe to get a good view of the ocean. During this, she confessed her feelings for Sokka, saying he was very cute, funny, and a good warrior. During this though, she and Sokka saw hints of the Fire Nation and quickly went back to warn the Northern Water Tribe what was going on.

After explaining a bit about the Spirit Oasis, Yue guided Team Avatar over there, believing it was the perfect place for Aang to connect with the Spirit World. Yue didn't really do too much in terms of involvement during the battle, mainly because she couldn't exactly fight much like the others.


In this version, Princess Yue stays alive, unlike in canon in which she ended up killing herself to save Tui.

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