By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estates continuity.
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Phoenix Estates



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Sword, Spear


Savas, Azula, Mainyu, Bharato


Hari, Wei, Lo Gan, Ila, Aknur, Pallav, Kun

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Chapter V:Ba Sing Se

Biographic Information

Yudo was born in Aggni, along with his brother Savas. Because his brother was a firebender and he wasn't, he worked hard to master combat with weapons. He chose to carry a sword and throwing spear, but he could easily defeat his foes with any other weapon. He and his brother gained a dangerous reputation when Aggni was part of the Fire Nation. When the Phoenix Estates formed, this reputation got him and Savas jobs as elite guards. When he got the job, his ordinary weapons of steel were replaced with avatarium, a metal that could withstand an attack from any element. Later, he was sent with his brother to escort Mainyu so he could get the fire ruby from the sun warrior ruins. When there, he fought and defeated four guards, and saved his brother from a stalemate. He later returned to the Phoenix Estates, and when ther, found an old partner from when he and Savas had been criminals who had mastered combustion. After a demonstration, it was decided that this man would be the one who used the Fire Ruby against the world. He later travelled with his brother to the Northern Watrer Tribe in order to obtain the Water Sapphire. When there, he helped capture Kumaro. As he travelled home, he and his twin were taken hostage to force the release of Lo Gan, Wei, and Hari. He got out of the situation unharmed, and continued home. When back in the Phoenix Estates, he and Savas escorted Mainyu to the capital building of Jai Zha. Once there, he fought a swordsman and a firebender, easily defeating both, before getting to the governess. Later, he took part in the attack on Obas, though the attack was a failre. He and his twin later fought Aang, after being driven back by the Fire Nation army. Later, during the Battle of Aggni, he was killed by several warriors and benders lead by Aknur, Pallav, Ila, and Kun.


Yudo, like his brother, uses his force and weapons to solve his problems most of the time.

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