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Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom Citizen

  • 19 in Book One: Stability
  • 20 in Book Two: Nightmares & Book Three: Revenge
  • 22 in Book Four: Sacrifices
  • 23 in Book Five: Freedom

348 AG


Korra (as the Avatar)

Physical description



6"01 or 1.85m

Hair color

Charcoal Black

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Iron Knuckles, The Elements

Fighting style(s)

Hand-to-Hand Combat, Close Combat, Earthbending, Metalbending, Lavabending, Sandbending, Firebending, Lightning Redirection, CombustionBending, Plasmabending, Airbending, Stormbending, Waterbending, Healing, Bloodbending, Energybending




The Storm Elites, Qixuan, The Wild Spirits, Zuzhou, Raava (temporarily), Vaatu (temporarily), The Creature, The Red Lotus, Zhanzeng, Pinqiong, Bing, Siwang, Fubai

Chronological and political information
  • Avatar
  • Earth Kingdom Scout (formerly)
  • Head Scout of Ba Sing Se
  • Royal Guard of the Earth Kingdom Government (formerly)
  • Fully Realized Avatar
  • Earth Kingdom Scouters
  • Earthen Government Royal Guard
  • Team Avatar
First appearance

"Dawn of a new age"

Last appearance

"Against all odds"

 Yuansu is the succeeding incarnation of the Avatar and immediate successor of Avatar Korra , however did not become aware of his abilities for several episodes.


Book One: Stability

Born and raised in the heavily remodelled Ba Sing Se, Yuansu trained as an Earthbender and as he got older found he was quite the light foot despite being an Earthbender and became a Scout to track down Bandit Camps. During his training he became equipped with Metalbending techniques he was taught by the Military Protection Service, he also learnt how to Sandbend during his travels as he had spent many of his assignments focusing on elusive Bandits who attacked the Oasis Towns of the Desert. At one point he was believed to be the Avatar after apparently Firebending which his brother denied claiming it to be Lavabending, something Yuansu had learnt under Bolin's Lavabending Academy. At the age of 19 Yuansu and his brother, Chundu got involved in a dangerous group of bandits, going undercover within the Bandit ranks to find the HQ of the group and capture the leader, however the plan went sour as they were found out and brought to the leader who used Earthbending to hold their legs in place preventing them from escaping, however it was during this time that Yuansu unwittingly activated his ability to Firebend, searing the Bandit Leaders face freeing them from their restraints and capturing the Bandit Leader.

After receiving news of the promise of Yuansu as the new Avatar he began training to learn the three elements and was insisted by the United Republic of Nations to travel to the Fire Nation and learn the elegance of Firebending as he had already begun to harness its power. During his travels around the Fire Nation he came to realise the various forms of Firebending from the ritualistic styles of the Sun Warriors to the harsh energy of the Pro-Bending Tournaments being held at the time. He quickly became engrossed in the Spiritual aspects of the Bending Arts and was able to connect with the Spirit World, however during this time a group of Air Nomads had diverged off from the main Air Nomads claiming that only the strong will survive the storm they would bring. They made claims of the Avatar's weakness and incapability of harnessing the elements faster and hunted Yuansu down, at one point, during meditation one of the Storm Elites attempted to use Storm Bending to electrocute the Avatar having analysed the technique of Lightning generation, it was at this time however that Yuansu regained consciousness and was able to redirect the Lightning back at its producer, since the Storm Elite was not a Fire Bender they where electrocuted to death. Eventually Yuansu, determined to stop the Storm Elites taught himself how to use Combustionbending, making him the first character to Combustionbend that was not an antagonist. His brother, Chundu during this time had been perfecting his Lightning Generation and Redirection and around the same time as Yuansu learnt to Combustionbend, Chundu became the first person to Plasmabend able to manipulate the energy of atoms in any object and even the air to accelerate movement, super-heating it and making it explode usually although during later episodes, Chundu is able to create energy weapons and first shots of Plasma. Yuansu is later able to achieve the ability to Plasmabend through combining Lightning Redirection and Combustionbending.

After chasing the Storm Elites to find their base of operations, they realised that Qixuan (the Storm Elites' Leader) planned to use the Western Air Temple's refurbished aerodynamics as a cyclone core capable of tearing land and water off the planet. During their travels around the Air Temples the brothers also met up with Weifeng an Airbender who had escaped one of the Storm Elite's prisons and was being hunted down by them. She agreed to help teach Yuansu how to Airbend in exchange for him helping free her family. During a climactic battle atop the recently destroyed Western Air Temple, Qixuan unleashed a powerful storm that made it hard for Yuansu to focus, it was at this time that Yuansu learnt to Airbend as his Firebending was lessened by the humidity in the air and the lack of earth around them made it nearly impossible to deal sizeable damage to Qixuan, however Yuansu used Airbending to unleash a powerful gust of wind that dispersed the storm allowing him to Firebend Qixuan into submission before realising the danger of Qixuan's power, Yuansu made the tough decision to meditate with Qixuan and accessed his past lives, he spoke to Kyoshi who recommended that he let Qixuan slide off the cliffside still stuck to the earth he was bound to, Roku suggested that he let Qixuan go and let Qixuan think about his actions. Dissatisfied by both of these Avatars, Yuansu asked Aang who became puzzled by the situation having difficulty recalling any similar situation he had, it was at this point that Aang was reminded by Korra of the battle with the Fire Lord Ozai and how he removed Ozai's ability to bend, Korra explained that Yuansu must unlock the potential to Energybend as it was the only humane method of stopping Qixuan. During three episodes in the Spirit World, Yuansu explored looking for ways to acquire Energybending overpowering whenever he believed he had found the solution a shadowy figure in the shape of Qixuan would tear him away from the solution as he was unable to bend in the Spirit World.

Yuansu disappointment in his inability to find any answers began to wonder and eventually came to the Tree of Time finding it discoloured, he meditated within the Tree finding both Raava & Vaatu flying around the Tree of Time, he asked them if they could help him however Vaatu clearly containing no interest in helping an Avatar simply ignored him, Raava explained that there was a reason behind Yaunsu's inability to Energybend was that Avatar's were no longer connected with Raava anymore explaining that the opening of the third Spirit Portal had created a new spirit, Pingheng.


Pingcheng's Appearance on Yuansu's Torso & Upper Arms

Pingheng was, according to Raava & Vaatu their polar equal and possessed both traits of good and evil and supposedly was the first Spirit in existence however Pingheng's spirit was separated into Raava & Vaatu allowing for Pingheng to rest while Pingheng's creations would control the fate of the universe. Yuansu, now equipped with this knowledge began to spiritually search for Pingheng and realised that Pingheng existed within all the spirits of the Spirit World, understanding this he asked that Raava and Vaatu both embody him as they were complete opposites and would be the perfect method of Pingheng's resurrection. Though it was difficult for Yuansu to convince Raava and Vaatu they both agreed believing that sometimes the world doesn't need Peace or Chaos but just a little Balance, upon connecting the three beings together, Pingheng sprung forth from Yuansu's body and the three spirits and Yuansu exited the Spirit World where Yuansu awoke and quickly held his hands against Qixuan's head absorbing all the Chaos and Peace within him until only Balance remained, Raava & Vaatu watched on and by the time that Qixuan had been cleansed Yuansu shot a blast of energy into both Raava and Vaatu giving them the Peace & Chaos, Yuansu had absorbed from Qixuan as he was incapable of holding it within his own body.

After a reunion with his brother and Weifeng the trio were celebrated by the Fire Nation who's current Fire Lord, Gadala (son of Iroh (UF General)) honoured them with one the Fire Nation's highest medals, the Light Phoenix Medallion. After the celebrations Yuansu, Chundu & Weifeng decided it best to head to the three remaining Air Temples to help Yuansu gain a deeper understanding of Air Nomadic culture and to master Airbending as by this time Yuansu had nearly learnt all that Weifeng had to teach.

Book Two: Nightmares

Celebrating his 20th Birthday, about 2 months after the downfall of Qixuan, Yuansu celebrated by beginning his training with the children of Tenzin; Jinora, Ikki & Meelo who were now Elders of the Air Nomads and resided in the Northern Air Temple which had since been rebuilt after its near destruction by the Red Lotus. Jinora explained how Korra had learnt a lot from Tenzin when she was the Avatar and hoped that the same could be applied to Yuansu, through meditation and intensive training, Yuansu was able to conquer various Air Bender Training obstacles such as the Airbending Gates, quickly overcoming these obstacles Yuansu was able to master Airbending in a few episodes while also visiting the Eastern and Southern Air Temples to gain a deeper connection with Yangchen & Aang. However unbeknownst to Yuansu, within the Spirit World distortions had begun to form wreaking havoc across the Spirit World converting its beings into vicious monsters. This was soon picked up by Jinora who had been able to maintain contact with Iroh to keep information about the Spirit World, up to date. Jinora explained to Yuansu that he must complete his Elemental Bending Training by heading to the Southern Water Tribe and learn Waterbending, however Yuansu seemed unsure as he later admitted to Chundu & Weifeng that he didn't want to learn Waterbending as he had seen the power of Bloodbending. Weifeng however explained that Bloodbending was normally only possible under a Full Moon and that the next Full Moon wouldn't be for a while as the last one had only recently occurred.

The group began to head southwards from the Southern Air Temple and during their travels the group landed on Kyoshi Island where Yuansu hoped to gain a bit of a connection to Kyoshi due to his rather lack-luster Lavabending abilities and that he hoped to learn about the Past Avatars that visited Kyoshi Island. Surprisingly the group found that remnants of the Storm Elites who had evaded capture were holding the Island under siege as they planned to destroy the Kyoshi built there, however they were thwarted by Yuansu, Chundu & Weifeng, in the midst of the last stand of the Storm Elites at the main hall Weifeng deflected a Stormbenders hail storm proving she was capable of Stormbending, Yuansu surprised by this new ability of hers hoped she would teach him, Weifeng however wondered how she was able to Stormbend as after the Storm Elites were captured she seemed unable to Stormbend, it was not until they encountered a storm that Weifeng was able to Stormbend again and was able to properly perform the techniques agreeing to help Yuansu learn Stormbending.

Eventually the group arrived in the Southern Water Tribe, overjoyed to see an Avatar in their lands again the tribe promised to teach Yuansu to Waterbend. However, despite Yuansu's best abilities and guidance from Ye-Di the eldest son of Korra, Yuansu remained incapable of Waterbending believing that he would be incapable of Waterbending and that it explained why he was incapable of Stormbending as well. However it was at this same time that the Spirits that had turned corrupt and vicious escaped from the Southern Spirit Portal, these spirits attacked the tribe. Yuansu along with his friends and many Waterbenders fended off the spirits driving them back into the portal encasing it in ice to at least slow the spirits from escaping. Yuansu realizing that something was terribly wrong with the Spirit World explained that he must return to the Spirit World and find the source of the Wild Spirits, however Ye-Di explained that it would be extremely dangerous for Yuansu to return as without Waterbending he would be incapable of Energybending within the Spirit World. Despite this Yuansu along with Chundu & Weifeng entered the Spirit Portal and found the Spirit World distorted and heavily destroyed with much of the land now floating islands and the three spirit portals hovering over the Tree of Life.

The group began their search for the cause of the distortions, with the assistance of Pingcheng, Raava & Vaatu they were able to traverse the maze-like structures of the Spirit World eventually finding Koh deep within an ancient swamp asking him of the knowledge of the distortions, capable of holding back emotion Yuansu succeeded in gathering the information from Koh who revealed that the distortions were being caused by the Avatar's disconnection with Raava and having not stabilized the Spirit World with Pingcheng. Yuansu confused by Koh's definition asked Raava what Koh meant. Raava explained how during her time bound to Wan they had created a blade that was able to hold down a mysterious creature from an alternate dimension, the creature was causing havoc for the Spirit World to the point in which Vaatu had sought them out, however Wan's only solution was to create a blade from his and Raava's blood that binded the creature to a Spirit Stone, however with Wan's blood now meaningless the creature was freed and able to cause mayhem again.

Understanding what he must do, Yuansu told Raava & Vaatu to send Chundu & Weifeng back to the Southern Spirit Portal as he did not want to risk their lives in case his plan went wrong. Despite protesting, Chundu & Weifeng returned to the Southern Spirit Portal, Raava & Vaatu explained to the two that they would bind the Spirit Portals to the Spirit World for the time being to prevent wild spirits from exiting although at the cost of no one being able to enter. As the two left and Raava & Vaatu bound the Spirit Portals a horde of wild spirits attacked them, overpowering the two and corrupting them.

Returned to the world, Chundu & Weifeng quickly alerted Ye-Di about the oncoming dangers from the spirits. They got the word spread and people from both Water Tribes as well as the Earth Nation began forming watches around the Spirit Portals to ensure that no corrupt spirits escaped. During this time Chundu met Taiyin a young Waterbender who was a descendant of the Northern Water Tribe royal family who had left to travel and learn the different types of Waterbending. Taiyin explained how she hoped that she could join "Team Avatar" (the name Chundu conjured up during one of these episodes), while Weifeng protested against her joining as she didn't seem to have any restraints with how far her determination to learn Waterbending would go. However, after Taiyin saved Weifeng's life from a giant sea serpent that attacked the Southern Water Tribe, enraged by Wild Spirits attached to it. Chundu & Weifeng asked Taiyin if she would be able to help Yuansu learn Waterbending as she had more spirit in Waterbending than Ye-Di did.

Meanwhile Pingcheng & Yuansu found the creature, a giant cephalopod who slept atop the very spirit stone that had bound it down. Yuansu & Pingcheng, ready to bind it to the Spirit Stone where stopped by the corrupted Raava & Vaatu who attacked the pair separating them physically. Raava & Vaatu then proceeded to pin Pingcheng against the stone planning to prevent him or Yuansu to bind the creature. However Yuansu, determined to save Pingcheng continuously charged for the spirit stone only to be lashed by Vaatu & Raava, it was in this time that Raava lashed at him however he grabbed her and held on making a connection with the Avatar, Korra. She explained how the change in the spirit that embodied the Avatar made it difficult for Yuansu to Waterbend as it was the last element that clinged to Raava. Korra unlocked Yuansu's potential to Waterbend allowing him to Energybend in the Spirit World, freeing Pingcheng and completing the ritual by rejoining with Pingcheng and using a piece of cloth he had to coat in their blood which he wrapped around the creature's tentacle and the rock, once again binding it to the Spirit Stone and causing the distortions to fade away freeing the Spirit World of the corruption.

Raava & Vaatu soon regained consciousness and thanked Yuansu & Pingcheng for saving them both, knowing that Yuansu must soon return to the Mortal World, Pingcheng explains how through his embodiment of everything he would watch over the Spirit World more carefully and alert Yuansu of any other disturbances. Yuansu returned, quickly being hugged by Chundu & Weifeng and celebrated him stopping the mayhem caused by the distortions. Chundu & Weifeng then introduced Yuansu to Taiyin hoping that he would let her teach him how to Waterbend, to their surprise however Yuansu proved his ability to Waterbend however Taiyin simply laughed, commenting on how his technique was sloppy and it was surprising he could move more than a small droplet, slightly annoyed by her self-confidence he asked her to prove how good she was at Waterbending, to the group's surprise Taiyin lifted an entire Iceberg out of the water and turned it into a ball of Ice hurtling it back out into the Ocean. Impressed by the display of talent, Ye-Di asked Taiyin if she would travel with Yuansu, Chundu & Weifeng as his Waterbending Master as Ye-Di knew he was beginning to get too old for long distance travelling. Taiyin looked at Yuansu who asked her to teach him how to Waterbend properly, it was at this time that Weifeng asked Yuansu if he was able to Stormbend as well, challenging him to an Airbending competition, in one of the training grounds of the Southern Water Tribe, the two battled it out with Airbending and while Weifeng initially had the upper hand by Stormbending, Yuansu remaining incapable of performing, he was able to in a time of danger diverge a bolt of lightning from the storm without Lightning Redirection, he then conjure a hail storm which Weifeng quickly surrendered to.

The group spent the last days preparing to leave and wished everyone in the Southern Water Tribe safety and prosperity and then proceeded to head north towards Republic City.

Book Three: Revenge



Yuansu seems to follow a trait many Avatars possess, in which he seems to have a cheerful embodiment about him, however when a crisis or threat to Yuansu or anyone else's lives presents itself to him he can become very serious and forward focused. He is a somewhat brash character who overreacts to people's opinions of him such as his Brother taunting him for being beaten at Firebending. He does think his attacks through as he is noticeably less aggressive in combat than either Aang or Korra were (except in the Avatar State) and sometimes will pause partway through a battle to observe the opponent's movements instead of attacking. Between himself and his friends he is very devoted to their Team Avatar to the point in which the mere suggestion of an alternative name makes him furious. His dedication to Balance is quickly realised in the second book onwards as his spirit, unlike Aang's and Korra's is not represented by a Light-Blue colouration but instead by a Strong Green.



The first bending technique that Yuansu learned is also his most powerful, he is one of the most powerful in Ba Sing Se capable of lifting immense boulders and shifting whole buildings on the ground they are built on. In the Avatar State two feats of Earthbending power were achieved by Yuansu, the movement of a Mountain & the creation of a Valley. The first was achieved many Bandits had threatened one of Yuansu's friend's life and Yuansu used the Mountain as a threat. The second was created at will for a town that needed a source of Water and knew of an underground lake however did not have the power to reach it soon enough.


Unlike most Avatars, Yuansu has the abnormal ability to possess many sub-bending abilities outside of the standard five. One of the Earth related bending abilities Yuansu possesses is Lavabending similar to Kyoshi & Roku, and although it was his second form of Earthbending after Earthbending itself, it is arguably his weakest, unlike Bolin or Ghazan, Yuansu's Lavabending is very limited to only moving small projectiles of Lava in comparison to the waves Bolin or Ghazan could produce.


Sandbending was another of the Earthbending abilities Yuansu picked up before realising his Avatar abilities. Like many Sandbenders, Yuansu is capable of bending the tiny particles of sand within the earth and is able to trap enemies in hidden traps he can make. Something not properly shown was that Sandbending also works with Glass, being able to manipulate sand, Yuansu came to the revelation in the Third Book that he was able to turn Sand into Glass and vice versa. When in a tight situation, Yuansu has even been able to turn jewels into sand.


Metalbending is the third Earthbending ability that Yuansu picked up during his time as a Scout, his abilities with Metalbending were similar to Korra's, he was capable but did not excel in the field. However unlike Korra his ability to Metalbend was much more refined, as by the start of the first book he is capable of bending nearly pure Metal. It was by the fourth book however that Yuansu gained the most powerful form of Metalbending, complete Metal Conversion. The ability to bend pure metals like Platinum allowed Yuansu to become immensely more powerful in the field and allowed him to conquer almost every other Metalbender.


Yuansu's ability to Firebend came accidentally although was theorized to have existed since he first started Lavabending. Like all Avatars, Yuansu's ability to Firebend is one of the four elements he must learn to bend. Initially he is inexperienced and relies heavily on his brother to guide him through the basic motions, as they travel the Fire Nation however they both learn many new techniques including the infamous Dancing Dragon technique. The brothers are not equals in the field as, despite being the Avatar, Yuansu is not as good at performing the more advanced techniques as Chundu.

Lightning Redirection

Through an incident with a Stormbender, Yuansu learns to re-direct lightning after nearly being struck down. During this time he had been conversing with Iroh's spirit about the Stormbenders and was taught the basic technique for Lightning Redirection. This is Yuansu's main defence against Stormbenders until he gains Airbending.


Combustionbending (previously, simply known as Combustion) was and still is one of Yuansu's most feared bending abilities. Gaining it through the meditation of an ancient Fire Temple, Yuansu came to see the particles in air that began his path towards Airbending, his brother also saw these particles although instead of Combustionbending his brother created Plasmabending. Yuansu is afraid to Combustionbend at times as he fears he will not be able to control the trajectory of the explosion and is afraid of miscalculating the explosive power causing him to accidentally hurt his friends, there was only one instance of him hurting one of his allies that occurred during the third book and was because he was hit with a rock, temporarily blinding him. He is so far the only known Combustionbender not to include the trademark third eye tattoo.


One of the new Bending techniques introduced in Yuansu's time, Plasmabending was introduced and created by his brother, Chundu who discovered it while attempting to Combustionbend like his brother. Yuansu later learned to Plasmabend as he used the energy of Lightning Redirection but accidentally focused on the particles of the air where he was aiming causing him to super charge the particles causing them to explode. Yuansu is also afraid of Plasmabending, possibly even more so than Combustionbending due to it only requiring him to concentrate hard enough on the particles around him. Plasmabending becomes one of his most powerful abilities in the Avatar State as he is able to use a Plasma Blade from the particles around his arm to cut open a Platinum Armour during the second book.


The third main element Yuansu learnt, Airbending was something that Yuansu required a deeper spiritual connection with, as he began to connect to the Spirit World he began to be able to create small gusts, during the climactic battle with Qixuan, Yuansu was able to use Airbending to disperse Qixuan's Storm.


Yuansu quickly learned to Stormbend in the final episodes of Book Two, he proved his ability after recently gaining access to Waterbending, Weifeng challenged him to an Airbending Duel, he was able to deflect a lightning bolt without using lightning redirection, unlocking his potential to Stormbend. Yuansu is able to create the standard Stormbending attacks; clouds, hail & lightning, in addition he is able to, when determined enough, to summon a cyclone as well as small tsunamis.


The last element that Yuansu learned to bend as well as what he argued to be the most difficult, he initially was incapable of bending it despite gaining teachings from multiple Waterbending Masters. Waterbending was unlocked for Yuansu when he traveled to the Spirit World where he encountered Korra's spirit within Raava who unlocked Waterbending for him allowing him to Energybend in the Spirit World. The issue was not entirely from Yuansu but the fact that Waterbending was the most connected element to Raava and when Yuansu changed the Avatar's Spirit to Pingcheng, Waterbending remained attached to Raava until Korra let it leave Raava.


  • Unlike other Avatars, Yuansu has been capable of bending not just the main four elements but also many of the sub-elements with the only significant exceptions being Seismic Sense, Lightning Generation, Flight & Spiritual Projection.
    • This makes Waterbending the only element that Yuansu has a complete grasp of. Ironically this was both the last Element he learns and is also considered his weakest of the four main elements.
  • The number of Books that detail Yuansu increases from Korra's up to 5 Books
  • Yuansu is the first Avatar to be revealed to be able to perform the following Sub-Bending Skills
    • Sandbending
    • Bloodbending
    • Combustionbending
    • Plasmabending (Introduced in Yuansu's time)
    • Stormbending (Introduced in Yuansu's time)
  • Yuansu may be the oldest an Avatar has been during the time their Books take place as by the end the fifth book, Yuansu is 23 years old
  • Many characters from Aang's & Korra's time re-appear either as Elders, Spirits or Adults; the only living character from Aang's time is Toph who against all odds has survived in the Swamp and is last seen at the end of the fifth book with the rest of the main living protagonists. By this time she is 180 years old
  • Yuansu makes the most connections with previous Avatars through meditation meeting Korra, Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, Diyu (the previously unnamed Fire Avatar before Yangchen), Wan & Liang (Wan's successor)

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