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Old Earth Kingdom general
Yuan Chong
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51st Earth King

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Avatar: Aftermath and Burning Earth

Yuan Chong is the 51st Earth King and the main antagonist of Avatar: Aftermath and Burning Earth. His goal and plan from the earliest years of his reign was the complete crippling of the Fire Nation for their part in the War. He gathered an army that consisted of rogue Earth Kingdom soldiers, recruits, and commandeered war machines that nearly accomplished his goal. Only the intervention of Team Avatar stopped him.


Yuan Chong hated the Fire Nation for their war against the Earth Kingdom, and he hated the fact that his father let it happen. When told by the spirit, Koh, that he would be victorious, Yuan Chong had the ambitious Long Feng help him fake his death and build an army to take on the Fire Nation. He built Home Base on the island between Whale Tail Island and the Southern Air Temple, where he built up his forces through subterfuge, theft, and recruitment for twenty-one years.


Assassination Attempt

His first act of hostility came when he attempted to use Long Feng's Dai Li agents as assassins to kill Fire Lord Zuko and his generals, although he revealed that it had only been done to stir things up and that he knew it would fail. He then forced Long Feng to profess loyalty to him.

Opening Salvo

Yuan Chong began his subjugation of the Earth Kingdom by landing the majority of his force west of Chin Village. He then made his way to Omashu with great haste and was in two parts pleased and annoyed. Omashu had been taken by Ri Wu, as planned, but General Fung Chu fell to King Bumi and was replaced by Long Feng, something Yuan Chong was not happy about. He informed Long Feng of the change but gave a warning as well: betrayal would result in a long and painful death. When the head of the Dai Li acquiesced, the Earth King gave him orders to silently observe the World Meeting and kill anyone who got in his way.

Ba Sing Se

Yuan Chong continued his drive toward the Impenetrable City, replacing the guards of the Outer Wall with his own men and moving troops in. He also elected to go and watch the World Meeting while disguised as an excuse to see Kuei. He attempted to make Kuei see his point of view, but his son refused and ordered him to stand down, at which point Yuan Chong tells him to stay out of his way. When Aang, Katara, and Sokka attempted to protect Kuei, the 51st Earth King revealed himself and attacked Aang. After a short battle, he was forced to resort to treachery when Aang nearly defeated him in the Avatar State, threatening Katara and crushing Aang against the wall. As he attempted to finish them, General How stopped his attack and engaged him, allowing Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Kuei to escape.

In Control

Now in control of Ba Sing Se and the Council of Five, Yuan Chong prepared to move against the Fire Nation. He interrogated General How but could get no information out of him. The Earth King later mocks Long Feng for his embarrassing defeat, disregarding all warning from the former Grand Secretariat, and he gives a memorable speech to his men before they set out for the Fire Nation, while at the same time revealing the presence of an outside influence in his plans.

Pohuai Stronghold

On their way to the Fire Nation through the Pohuai Strait, scouts revealed to the Earth King the presence of an ambush at Pohuai Stronghold, and Yuan Chong eagerly met the challenge. However, he didn't actually fight until he noticed that the Fire Navy was winning. He forced his way onto the flagship, killing several men with his bare hands and severely wounding Admiral Liang before Aang finally halted his rampage. Their second fight was a bit more even, with Aang striking more blows against his opponent, who had little earth to bend on a metal ship. The battle itself was halted, though, when Appa knocked Yuan Chong into the strait. He quickly made his way back to his flagship and initially pressed his attack toward the stronghold, but abandoned that when his army got ripped apart by the Yu Yan Archers.

Best Laid Plans

After the battle, Yuan Chong was furious at the loss he suffered and began planning his strike against the Fire Nation with Ri Wu. The plan involved attacking all of the major islands within the Fire Nation culminating in an attack on the Fire Nation Capitol, and he split his forces accordingly.

Attacking the Capitol

Despite the fact that each of the attacks on the islands failed, Yuan Chong still pressed forward to the Capitol, destroying the Great Gates of Azulon. Upon arriving at the plaza, he is stopped by Zuko, who challenges him to a Shien Kai ('Burning Earth Duel') in order to save lives. The Earth King agrees, and they begin. The two combatants fought evenly until Yuan Chong went on the offensive, eventually trapping the Fire Lord. His advantage was nullified, however, when Zuko realized the meaning of Firebending and augmented his power. They once again fought on even terms, but the duel was ended when he miscalculated and opened himself up to a lethal attack. He survived the attack itself, but Koh, the one who had promised him victory and who was present at the battle, betrayed Yuan Chong and stole his face, killing him.


The 51st Earth King is proud and arrogant, unwilling to accept the end to the War that Avatar Aang brought. He believed that the Earth Kingdom was the strongest and should prove it by crushing the Fire Nation. He was an incredibly powerful Earthbender, and as a result was incredibly cocky in battle, the very weakness that proved to be his undoing. He was also quick to anger and refused to accept failure. He held admiration and some measure of love for his son, Kuei, as evidenced when he did not kill him for openly defying him.


Yuan Chong is one of the most powerful Earthbenders on the planet aside from Bumi, Toph, and Ri Wu, and as such displays his Earthbending prowess in a variety of ways.

Earth Control

As evidenced by his first confrontation with Aang, Yuan Chong is able to effortlessly lift and throw massive rocks in rapid succession. It also seems that it does not cause him any physical strain to do so. His level of strength and power in Earthbending correspond to Ozai's Firebending ability. He was even able to defeat General How, a powerful Earthbender in his own right, right after his fight with Aang.

Earth Gauntlet

His control of the Earth Gauntlet is extraordinary. He is able to manipulate it perfectly even when it is separate from him completely, as evidenced when he was able to strangle Long Feng by just narrowing his eyes. He also uses it for defense, blocking blows and Firebending of varying degrees. If that is not enough he can also form a shield addition that allows him to bat aside practically any strike or attack.

Physical Prowess

Yuan Chong's Earthbending is matched by his physical abilities. He is strong enough to kill several well trained Firebenders and defeat Admiral Liang without Earthbending, and he is fast enough to match Aang's swift attacks. In addition, he has an extremely high pain tolerance, able to take fire blasts to the face without stopping his attacks.

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