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Yuyan Archer
Yu Yan Archers (Waterkai)
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The Yuyan Archers (玉眼射手, Yù Yǎn Shèshǒu; lit. Jade Eye Archers), commonly referred to as just Yuyan are a group of elite, extremely proficient Fire Nation archers. Founded by General Lie Zi following the rebellious events during a total solar eclipse, the Yuyan are regarded as the most proficient group of non-bending warriors within the Fire Nation, if not the whole world.

Although the group remains quite enigmatic and secretive about their exact motives and history, there have been numerous historical appearances of theirs which have aroused much public mayhem, giving the Yuyan a macabre reputation among the plebs.



"One sun douses... Another one rises"
General Lie Zi

The Yuyan Archers were founded following the events of the first total solar eclipse, a day which became known as "the darkest day in Fire Nation history". During this era the Fire Nation lived in the delusion of being the "perfect empire", where all civilians were perfectly happy and no one felt disconsolate. However, during the eclipse the nation and it's ruler where abruptly awakened from this unrealistic dream due several revolts spanning the entire country rising up and trying to take over the throne. The military of the nation was still weak and underdeveloped at that time, and it was only because of the rather short duration of the eclipse the nation was rescued from a coupe d'état.

Furious, the Fire Lord called for an immediate gathering of his most trusted generals, after having executed the rebellion leaders, and commanded them to form a new military power which would ensure the keeping of peace and the safety of the Fire Lord with unconditional loyalty. Lie Zi, a general at that time, proposed the idea of a special task force that would execute all aforementioned tasks with the addition of not relying on firebending or any other bending art for that matter, also covering the problem of a possible second solar eclipse. Lie Zi's wisdom and persuasion were sufficient for the Fire Lord to give him his blessing, and thus Lie Zi set out to form his group.

Lie Zi decided to select archery as the group's main weapon, not only because of his own predilection for the art, but also because it would allow them to take out their victims and enemies long before they could reach them or their wards. Members would be collected from their cradle, experiencing a childhood of nothing but exercise and a relentless system of trial and punishment. The quality of the organization grew into such mythical properties, they were given the name "Yuyan", meaning "jade eye", after jade's mythical properties.

Under Hou Yi

Transference to Pohuai


It is rumored Yuyan make use of hallucinatory, psychoactive plants which would allow them to annul any trace of humane emotion or doubt left, though because it is reported by Earth Kingdom soldiers this fact could just be slander.



The Yuyan follow a strict philosophy composed by founder Lie Zi and added upon by Hou Yi. It entails various traditions and customs they should honor, how they should think and live and how they respect their targets even when causing their demise. This was bundled in a great unnamed text, later named Jíluò Tàiyáng (擊落太陽, Shoot Down the Sun), referencing Hou Yi's reputation.

Despite regarding persons who don't follow their code as "ignorant", the Yuyan have a good sense of authority and respect, and will always follow the commands of a higher positioned official even if it means contracting the general who commonly supervises them.[1].

"If you pay no regard to life and death, and let them be as they are, how can you be anxious lest our life should end too soon?"
General Lie Zi

Members of the Yuyan possess no sense of individuality, acting like only the group itself is a worthy entity and they are merely limbs. As such, victory can only be obtained when each body part functions flawlessly in cooperation with the others. Should a limb be "infected" or not capable of executing its tasks to the fullest, it will be cut off and replaced. Hence, a Yuyan's life holds no value, even not to themselves or the rest of the group, and it is only their task that they should focus on. Members have no problem carrying out life-threatening stunts whilst chasing down a target, like jumping off high cliffs and all the while still firing at their victim [1].

Not only does this theory apply to their peers, but they regard the rest of the world in the same light. Destruction of property or bystanders is trivial to them, and they will exploit any advantage that happens to cross their path, even if it causes harm to a third party.

"I am not the owner of my own body, for I, when I am born, must complete it, nor do I possess things, for having got them, I must part with them again."
General Lie Zi

Mao Dun

"The spear can never caress the shield..."
General Lie Zi

Wu Chang

"Even the sun must once succumb to its flames."
Hou Yi

Powers & Abilities


"The Yuyan's precision is legendary; they can pin a fly to a tree from one hundred yards away, without killing it."
Zhao praising the Yuyan[1].
Pierced arrow

The Yuyan are trademarked by their extreme aiming skills.

Yuyan Archers are undoubtedly the apex of archery mastery beheld within the World of Avatar, their skills being approximated by few other warriors. The exact proficiency of each generation varied throughout the ages, its pinnacle lying under the reign of Hou Yi. Nevertheless, the skills of the Yuyan have always been awe-inspiring, demonstrated during a training session, where one of the archers fired an arrow into the bulls-eye of a target, then fired another arrow directly into the first arrow, splitting it down the middle, followed by a repetition of the feat with a third arrow.

The Yuyan are characterized by their ceaseless training schedule; even the greatest masters among the group will continue to hone their skills endlessly, constantly striving to reach a state of perfection, and then attempting to transcend even that level.

On multiple occasions, the Yuyan displayed skills that would be considered impossible by others. They can fire up to four arrows simultaneously and let them hit a horizontal line of targets with pin-point accuracy. By adding specific post-release follows where the bow spins in the bow hand and the draw arm extends straight back they can have their arrows travel in inconsistent paths, to the point that they are able to make nearly 90° turns in mid-air. The rate at which their arrows are launched can reach a point where the Yuyan's motions appear as nothing but a continuous blur to bystanders, even then not reducing the arrows' accuracy.


The Yuyan traditionally make use of Chinese short-siyah bows (小稍弓, Xiǎo Shāo Gōng), although their weapons also lean to the design of the Korean horn bow (궁술, Gungdo). These bows focus not-so-much on long-distance targeting, but more on explosive power and precision, rendering them perfect for the rapid assassination missions that are usually assigned to the group.

Initially, the Yuyan made use of a thumb draw, but this changed over time, evident by them portrayed using the more common three-finger draw during their most recent appearance.


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