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"No one tells us what to do! We are as free as the wind."
— Kai, in The Yu Yan Archers
Yuyan Archer
Yu Yan Archers
General information


Notable members

Kai, Iandao, Vachir




Pohuai Stronghold (formerly)


Fire Nation (formerly)

The Yuyan Archers are a group of elite, extremely proficient archers formerly employed by the Fire Nation. Their skills excel those of any others in the Fire Nation, possibly the whole Avatar world. They are rumored to be so good, they can pin a fly to a tree from one hundred yards away without killing it. However, even though they are advanced archers, they still have hearts and enjoy some merry music around a campfire.


Originally, the organization known as the Yuyan Archers were a small group consisting of a few people who enjoyed archery and were good at it. These people included Vachir and Kaizuh. However, the Fire Nation discovered the group and began to track them. After one of the members of the group leaked information to the Fire Nation, the archers were taken captive and forced to work for them.

The Yuyan Archers served under Colonel Shinu as guards of the Fire Nation's Pohuai Stronghold. After Commander Zhao took control of them and sent them to capture the Avatar, the Yuyan Archers decided they were tired of being bossed around.

Then, their chance came. They were chosen to terminate Shoji and On Ji. However, after seeing that they were attacking young children, they decided not to kill them and go directly against Fire Nation law. (Part of the reason for this is that half of them were just mere children themselves.)


Although it is unclear whether all the Yuyan Archers are actually archers, it is known that most of them are. There are two known exceptions: Kaizuh and Iandao. They can both make very good arrows, though.

The archers have also shown their ability to produce music. Known instruments include drums and pipas, although it is suspected they can play other instruments as well.

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