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YuLinMrsLing Yu Lin, on the left and Mrs. Ling
Yu Lin
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Gaoling in the Earth Kingdom





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Brown with streaks of gray

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Yu Lin is a motherly older woman who lives in Gaoling. She owns a fruit stand in the local market and has a habit of making bets with her friends. She and Toph first met when the girl took over Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. Now, every month, the two make wagers over how quickly Toph will chase away the suitors that her parents sent to her door.

Yu Lin is a jovial sort, and tends to call everyone "dear." She is also a hopeless romantic, despite living her life as an unmarried woman. She and her dearest friend, Mrs. Ling, both hold Toph dear to the hearts. Yu Lin even considers the girl the daughter that she never had.

She is known for telling her young friend "The past is the past. It can't be changed. Stop living for what you've already done and live for what you've yet to do." This is something Toph eventually says to Aang when the reunite in Gaoling.

When Toph left Gaoling to travel with Aang yet again (despite the fact that Aang didn't want her too), Yu Lin promised to take care of Toph's student, Miyu. She also believes that something good is going to come from Aang and Toph reuniting. She says that it's a "...gut feeling that tells me this is her path."


Yu Lin's name is written as 雨林 and means rain forest in Chinese.

Yu Lin is a minor character from chapter 2 of the story Unexpected Plans. This story can be found here on or here on

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