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Fire Nation


Fire Nation


4501 AG

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White (black in youth)

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Zina, Ogguk, Onzon (formerly), Onzon's father



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Firebending instructor


Firebending master

Yozo was a Fire Nation noble and firebending master. He was the firebending teacher of Avatar Ogguk. Hailed as one of the best firebenders of his time, he was hand picked by the Fire Lord to instruct the Avatar. Fearing that the new Fire Lord would take his home and family from him, he fled to Sun Warriors, where he helped their population and secrecy be maintained.


Yozo was born into a wealthy family in the Fire Nation, and had two sisters. He, along with his sisters, were described as firebending prodigies, something the Fire Lord took notice of. He payed close attention to Yozo, having him trained under some of the best firebending masters he could find. Yozo eventually mastered firebending, serving as a bodyguard to the Fire Lord's children. Yozo even attended the wedding of his eldest sister Zina to the Fire Lord's brother. Yozo even took the responsibility of training the Fire Lord's children in firebending.

Training Ogguk

Yozo was informed straight away that the new Avatar, Ogguk, was on his way to the Fire Nation Capital, and a decision would be made to choose a master, knowing that Ogguk was on his path to restoring the Avatar Cycle. Yozo was still training the Fire Lord's children, but with the trust the latter had for Yozo, he was chosen and would train the Avatar alongside the Fire Nation princes. Yozo however was unable to keep enough time focused on training the princes, and most of his time was spent on Ogguk instead. While understandable for the Fire Lord, his eldest son felt neglected, beginning a rift between the former master and student. Yozo's teaching was spent on Ogguk.

By the time Ogguk had mastered firebending and left to master airbending at the Northern Air Temple, the Fire Lord had been sickly for many months. Yozo was close by, watching over the city's defenses everyday until the Fire Lord passed away. He was succeeded on the throne by his now adult son and heir Onzon. Unlike his father, Onzon was not respectful of Yozo or his family, and had even threatened and insulted Yozo several times during his reign. Yozo remembered the mild mannered boy Onzon once was, and understood Onzon's anger was towards him for his failure to train him alongside the Avatar.

Fearing that Onzon's threats would become real at any moment, Yozo and his family fled from the Capital, and made their way to the ancient city of the Sun Warriors. The Sun Warriors took them in, however they had to dispose of their earthly possessions.

Yozo would spend most of his life with the Sun Warriors, leaving only once to travel to the city of Taku and re-connect with Fire Nation citizens, hoping that he had been forgotten about. However, ever since Avatar Ogguk's involvement into Yozo's disappearance, the Fire Lord took this opportunity to call Yozo and his family traitors. Yozo had no choice but to remain with the Sun Warriors until the day he died. It was only during their later years that his daughter and grandsons decided to return to the Fire Nation capital, with enough influence to live just outside the city, but as common citizens.


Many of Yozo's Sun Warrior descendants would remain skeptical of the Fire Nation Royal Family up until their encounter with Avatar Aang.

His great-great grandson Igong would later become the next Avatar born in the Fire Nation after the death of Avatar Rung.


Yozo was a firebending master.


The original ideas for Yozo's character made him either an Avatar or a Pro-bender.

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