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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Amon in the shadows
Your Savior
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November 25, 2012-


The Snowbold


The Snowbold


The Legend of Korra

Your Savior explores the events of the first book of the Legend of Korra from the eyes of the Equalist Leader, Amon. But while he enacts his plan for Equality, Amon begins to see a new light, can it change his goals for the world? This fanon has since been placed on inactive.
Korra facing Amon

Korra is the antagonist, from Amon's point of view.


"Your Savior" is an Alternative background story of the Equalist Revolution from the eyes of its leader, Amon. We see some things from his perspective and some things unexplored. As the Revolution unfolds, Amon thinks on the events that made this event come to life and changes he foresaw and those he didn't.

Amon executes his plan to first take Republic City and then the world. But he must act out his plan carefully. If he acts too soon or too late, he will unify his enemy against him. Further, as Amon leads the revolution, he encounters the Avatar. He begins to realize things about himself as he encounters the girl who is his nemesis.

As a fanon, this will explore non-canon shipping. Particularly Amorra.


Amon with his Equalists

The enigmatic leader of the Equalist and bloodbending prodigy.

: The prodigy child of Yakone and master bloodbender. His Revolution takes Republic City by storm as he means to cleanse the city of bending. As time passes, Amon realizes he is emulating the very enemy of his cause, and more so his feelings are changing. Amon begins to rememberwhat he hid in the past, particularly his childhood.
Korra looking smug

The Avatar, Korra, is the natural enemy to the Anti-Bending Revolution.

Korra: The target of Amon's revolution and the natural enemy to his anti-bending cause. But his views of the Avatar change as he realizes his own motivations. Korra's view of Amon grows as she realizes she fears him, perhaps the only person she fears. Amon begins to think of the Avatar differently, even sparing her when he had the perfect moment to strike.

Tarrlok: Amon's younger brother and Chairman of the Republic Council. His aggressive and domineering tactics are pushing the non-benders into Amon's arms. Little does he know that they are creating a sibling rivalry. Amon knows that he must eventually take his brother down, but seems not to be fazed by it.

Lieutenant: Amon's right-hand man and loyal warrior. He is the chief enforcer of the Eqaulists. His staunch follower is rigid but can be manipulated by the skilled.
Hiroshi and the Lieutenant

Hiroshi Sato and the Lieutenant working together. Amon's powerful followers.

Hiroshi Sato: The founder of Future Industries and secret Equalist, helping arm the Revolution. Amon will need his genius and input as well as his extensive resources to keep the Revolution going but also to curb his bloodlust for revenge.

Mako: A good friend of Korra's and a talented firebender. This boy has shown industriousness that impresses even Amon.


This short story will contain only a couple of chapters that cover the Equalist revolution. The current chapters will be reworked to also contain Korra's point-of-view. Your Savior will shortly resume upon completion of the last two chapters of Journey of Tala.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Enter Republic City: Amon hears of the Avatar's arrival and prepares. He now needs to accelerate the Revolution.

Chapter 2: Turf Wars: Amon strikes at the Triads as the Revelation looms. The Avatar bears witness to Amon's power.

Chapter 3: The Challenge: Avatar Korra sends a challenge to Amon. But when Amon comes to face the helpless Avatar, something changes, and he can't bring himself to strip her of her bending.

Chapter 4: The Tournament: The Pro-Bending Tournament comes and the threat from Amon is not heeded, exactly what he wanted.

Chapter 5: Repurcussions: Amon continues the Revolution in the aftermath of the Tournament and receives a prize in Chief Beifong's best metalbenders.

Chapter 6: Blood for Blood: Sources have given them the location of Councilman Tarrlok and Avatar Korra. Their capture will be a huge blow to the city. Amon will now face his brother. 

Chapter 7: Taking the Tides: The Equalists take Republic City and forces the Avatar on the run.

Chapter 8: Cleansing the City: Amon spends his time removing bending from the city, including the Council. He also places a special prisoner on Air Temple Island as good news heralds a Victory Rally.

Chapter 9: Endgame: The Rally has come and victory in taking Republic City is imminent. But the Avatar comes for the final showdown with a revelation of her own.



  • This story was inspired by the idea that Amon's point of view might yield some interesting results.
  • This story will also have Amorra shipping as a nod to that block.
  • The story will be from both Amon's point of view and Korra's.
  • This is a short story, so will not continue past the episode Endgame.


I do not have the inspiration to continue this story and give it the attention it deserves, hence I will be putting it on inactive.

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