Oma Metalbending and Earthbending Trick
You Will Be My Hero
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May 30, 2013

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The Necklace

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Journey to the North

Shu is attacking Oma's family. Will they survive? Or will they die and revived by the Spirit Water?

"Hmmphh..." Shu said.

"Nice work, Shu..." His father said proudly.

"But I don't feel fine with this..." Shu said.

"Never mind..." His father said.

"But, look at that blood!!" Shu said.

"They're our enemies!" His mother said.

"Yeah mom..." Shu said.

Meanwhile in the underground. Oma managed to save her life and her parents' life. She was really scared when Shu was planning to kill her and her family. Blood are coming out. Oma tasted the blood. It was bitter. She hated it.

"With the necklace, we can do anything..." Oma's father said.

"Yes..." Oma replied while tasting the blood.

"Honey, stop tasting the blood. Now you have to beat Shu's family..." Her parents said.

"I will... With my necklace back, I can do anything... Drink some water..." Oma said.

"How about you?" Oma's mother asked.

"I will not drink...." Oma replied.

"You sure? The blood is bitter! okay, then..." Oma's mother said.

"Hey, Oma!" A shopkeeper said.

"Yeah... I need metal.." Oma said, "This place sure change! With the new furniture, windows..."

"Yep...There's no metal in the North Pole! And can you bend metal?" The shopkeeper asked.

"I know there is! 45 degree from your north. Look right and then there's a hole and open it... I'll buy it! I will trick my enemy!" Oma said.

"Okay..." The shopkeeper said and do what Oma said. "Pretty cool, huh? The furniture?"

"Yes. Get ready, Shu..." Oma said. Oma looks very angry. The shopkeeper looked at her. The shopkeeper talked to Oma. Oma said that she is angry to Shu. The shopkeeper asked again about the smell. "I LIKED THE SMELL!! SO FAGINATING!! Alright?"

"Honey, what are you doing?" Oma's mother asked.

"Metalbending using earthbending," Oma replied.

"I see..." Oma's father said.

"I will defeat Shu..." Oma said.

"Go!!!" Oma's parents ordered. They smiled at Oma and looked at her proudly.

"I will win!" Oma said. She made an underground secret place where she will make the suit and put the earth inside the big cable of metal and the suit.

"So, Oma?" Shu asked, "So you survive? What will you do? Does that suit bother you to move?"

"Quite..." Oma replied. She lied because actually it's flexible for her because she put the perfect rock inside.

"Hmpph... Mom, Dad, leave and see me win this match..." Shu said to his parents.

"Mother, Father, see me win this fight..." Oma said to her parents who watched her.

"Defeat her!" Shu's parents said.

"Put him in a sad ending," Oma's parents said calmly.

"Heaahh!!" Oma yelled. She is confidence that she will win the fight. With all the strengths she had, they fight.

"You metalbend? But that's useless for me!" Shu yelled.

"I'll put you into a sad ending... What you do to me and my parents is a very bad thing. You almost killed my family!" Oma said, "Now it's your turn!"

"Go!!" Shu said, "I practiced my earthbending and can defeat metalbending!"

Oma Almost Killed Shu's Family Using Her Metal-Earthbending

Oma almost end the battle by killing Shu's family.

"Think about it... I think I had no choice..." Oma said, "I'll put you to a horrible ending!!"

"Oma!!" Shu's parents yelled, "Don't try to kill my son!"

"I won't forgive you..." Oma said while crying. She took Shu's parents either. She was trying to kill them 3. But she stopped. "Killing wasn't a good thing..."

"You're weak! Now... Prepare to be defeated!" Shu shouted, "Prepare to die!!!"

"I wonder what is Oma doing..." The shopkeeper said.

"Hey! Give me some metal!" A buyer said.

"Sorry, all are sold!" The shopkeeper said.

"What!? By whom?" The buyer asked.

"A 12 years old girl..." The shopkeeper said.

"She must be so stupid... Is she Oma?" They buyer asked, "The earthbender?"

"Yes..." The shopkeeper answered.

Meanwhile in the underground...

"Mom, Dad, now we got to attack..." Oma said.

"How!? We can't bend!" Oma's parents said.

"If I say 3... We go... Shu will be killed," Oma said.

Oma Seismic Sense

Oma using her seismic sense which was taught by the badgermoles to find Shu whether he's underground or escaping.

"Oma?" Oma's parents asked.

Oma didn't reply. She is concentrating. She sense the earth from the grass and the bottom of the pond. Her parents saw her concentrating... Really. The wind blew Oma's hairs. But she didn't care because she spots Shu.

"Hmpph... There you are..." Oma said ; "2..." Shu said.

"Heaah!!!" Oma yelled ; "3!!" Shu yelled.

"Caught you!!" They both said.

"What!?" Shu yelled.

"I used my seismic sense... I sensed you even the vibrations..." Oma said.

"How could!?" Shu shouted.

"When we were training with the badgermoles, I understand what they mean... Even I am not blind, I can still understand even if it's hard. Well you were sleeping!!" Oma explained.

"Never!!" Shu yelled.

"This time you lost buddy..." Oma said. She cried again.

"What a crybaby! I won't lose..." Shu said.

"You will be my hero, Oma... We believe in you," Oma's parents said.

"Yes. I will protect you..." Oma said.

"I am the best earthbender in the world!!" Shu shouted.

"I am the greatest earthbender in the world! Don't you three dunderheads ever forget it!!" Oma shouted back and pointed at Shu and his parents.

"Erghh!!" Shu yelled.

"I got a present for you!" Oma exclaimed.

"What!?" Shu asked roughly.

"HEAAH!!!" Oma shouted. She used her metal-earthbending to Shu and his parents.

"Oops... Sorry..." Oma said while teasing.

"Gahh!!" Shu yelled.

"You are my hero, sweetie," Oma's parents said.

Oma smiled at them seeing Shu and his parents defeated. Oma felt pity for them. But they do bad things that she won't forgive. She always wear the necklace whenever she go.

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