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You Lose
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I Am the Solution


Part three- The End



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September 1, 2015

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Something I Should Have Done A Long Time Ago


The man was thrown trough the window, the glass shattering as it broke under his weight.

All the heads of the people gathered on that small square humorously turned in the direction of the window, even though there was nothing humorous in the moment.

Iesen was amongst those people, her eyes widening as she followed the man's fall with her eyes.

He was falling slowly, head first and back facing the crowd, the mask separating from his face, and she managed to catch just a glimpse of black before he hit the water with a sickening splash and didn't appear again.

And she stood up there on the window frame, she who overpowered him, she who defeated him, with a smile that was deprived of all joy.

And Iesen still stood there rooted as the mask floated on the surface of the water.

And then for a scary long amount of time nothing happened.

Iesen's breathing was fast and shallow, trying to process what she just saw. Her eyes saw Amon falling down from the arena window, but the information didn't seem to reach her brain.

And after two or three seconds that seemed like hours, it did.

He lost.

They lost.

And she?

She lost everything.

And as Amon broke trough the surface on a water vortex he bent around himself, there was only one more thing she could do. Turn around and run, so she didn't have to watch his downfall and wait for them to find her. Because they would.

And if only she knew it was just the beginning.

Out of everything, waiting was the worst.

What do I have left? Iesen asked herself. The answer was, of course, nothing. It had always been. Ever since she lost her family - What do I have left? She still had Equality (and Amon). After he let her down too? She still had something to fight for. And now, all she had was her freedom - but not for long.

Let's return to where we last saw Iesen, running away from the Arena, as far as she could, with only one thought in her head - hide.

But what was the point in hiding, when you couldn't hide. Even if she wouldn't be arrested, if some wonderful miracle happened, where would she go? Back to the streets (where she was a wanted criminal), back to the South Pole (to the aunt whom she hadn't seen in seven years), wherever she went, she would never be free.

At that moment, few hundreds of Equalists scattered around Republic City in attempt to hide, but one returned to her headquarters, to her home to sink down with pride.

And to wait.

She removed her electrified glove - she wouldn't need it where they were taking her. The weapon was laying on the table within the grasp of her hand, but she wouldn't defend when they came. She would wait for them.

Five years of her life, five years of fanatic efforts, and what did she achieve? Nothing.

Were her parents avenged with the murder of an innocent firebender? No, they weren't. Was the world changed for better? No, it wasn't.

Iesen felt something warm on her cheek - a tear. She couldn't help but smirk bitterly for herself. So let it be, she would be arrested crying like a frightened child.

Why didn't they come yet?

An entire hour had passed since she arrived home, and they didn't come for her yet.

And she was sitting there, curled up on a chair, flinching at the every sound and waiting for them.

The door burst open without any warning, and Iesen closed her eyes expecting a metal cable to wrap around her and a police officer, who in her vision had a big moustache, to yell that she was arrested.

But that didn't happen.

Instead, all she heard was a quiet snort. "How did I know I would find you here?"

Amon was standing on the doorway, wet hair slicked on his head, and an amused expression that was inappropriate for the situation in blue eyes.

Iesen was so stunned with the sight that she forgot that she hated him with every fiber of her being.

"What- what are you doing here?" she asked, trying to determine if he was really standing before her or it was a very convincing hallucination (because Amon should be either in prison or on the run by now).

"Questions later, now up on your feet and get the hell out of here, cause this is the worst place to be right now." The smirk disappeared from his face.

"Amon, face the truth, neither you or me have anywhere to go," she replied.

"Really? Tarrlok is waiting for me in the Satomobile in front of the building, and then we have a speedboat that will take us right to the North Pole." He raised his eyebrows.

"There is no point, Amon, we can't hide forever - all three of us." Iesen fought the urge to cry again at the hopelessness of the situation.

"Spirits, I've never thought that I'd see you sob like this over a handful of cops. Now, do the smart thing and run away while you still can." Amon picked up the electrified glove from the table and attached it to his own hand.

"You really think that we could get a-away?" Iesen whispered, rising on her feet.

"Oh, Iesen, did you really think I wasn't prepared for this? I could get away to the North Pole every day last five years in any time of the day in five minutes." He allowed himself to smirk again.

"Fine. Let's go." She gave a small smile, not knowing that it would be the last one in a long time.

That was the first time she ever saw Tarrlok without the bars separating them, the tall, drained man seemed worse than ever.

He sat on the back seat, alone, seeming strangely absent, his sleep deprived blue eyes gazing in the space or something only he could see.

The streets were crowded at the moment, but Iesen found herself startled by every car that passed by, because every one of them could be police, couldn't it? Half of the town was probably searching for this man who was sitting next to her.

Amon parked the car behind the warehouse at the port, jumping out of it, followed by Tarrlok and Iesen, and pointed his head to a couple of small boats tied at the docks in the distance.

"See that one? We used to use it for weaponry shipments, but it's been out of use for some time now - and a perfect way to leave Republic City," he said.

Now it all depended on those last five hundred meters - five hundred meters to run and they were free.

Iesen slipped her coat on and threw one last glance at the Satomobile.

Just four hundred and fifty more meters. Just four hundred - they were going to make it.

Just three hundred meters. Two hundred - she could already see every detail on the boat.

And than Amon stopped, raising his hand and closing his eyes like he was listening to something very carefully.

"They've found us! Tarrlok, I sense them, they're after us, run!" he said, a sound of panic in his voice.

"I told you, I told you there is no point!" Iesen screamed, speeding up the pace.

"There is point, they're far behind us!" Amon hissed, cursing quietly as he spotted a large number of figures approaching them from behind, more of them coming from all directions.

"!" Tarrlok added, running unusually fast for his physical state.

Iesen felt adrenaline taking over her actions. Just a hundred more meters.

And then the cable wrapped around her wrist. Thin, strong, and impossible to untie. She grabbed it with her glove, expecting to electrocute whoever threw it at her, but nothing happened. The stupid cable had insulation.

Barely a second later, another one wrapped around her other wrist. Amon stopped, throwing a panicked glance at Iesen.

And it happened just like that.

"Just go!" Iesen shouted, allowing a single tear to roll down her cheek.

And he hesitated, but she gave him a resolute nod and stopped fighting the cable, and watched Amon, her teacher, her best friend, the traitor and the man she, damn it, the man she loved, continue to run, whispering a soundless goodbye as the two silhouettes reached the escape boat.

And this was how she would sink down, with her hands tied behind her back, in the Republic City port.

She felt two people grab her arms from the behind, a man and a woman, and cold metal handcuffs close around her wrists, the shouting and the boat engine.

"Don't bother trying to break free," the policeman who was holding her shouted to outvote the surroundings. "You lose, Equalist."

The boat was drifting farther and farther away, becoming only a dot on the horizon.

Iesen waited for it to disappear, but it never did.

The policemen shouted. Iesen struggled in the man's grip. The man only held her tighter. Amon looked at the distance. Tarrlok raised an arm.

And the boat exploded. It exploded, just like that.

And left Iesen with her eyes widened in disbelief, trying to reach a handcuffed arm for him.

But that wouldn't bring him back, anyway.

Author's Note

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh, no. Did I just do that? :O

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