You Ate My Candied Fruit
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Time Frame: Day of Aang and Katara's Wedding

Sokka cast a shadow over a bloated Momo who now lay in an empty bowl of what was previously a bowl filled with candied fruits meant for Suki.

"Momo, we need to talk." The flying lemur caught the word "Momo" which usually meant they were referring to him personally, the rest was just the usual noise coming from the one friend who almost always had a supply of easily accessed food. Momo licked the sugar from his paw and closed his eyes. His friend would carry him to safety if there was any kind of problem.

Something touched his belly. Momo opened his eyes to find that the favored female who his friend now associated with was poking his belly.

"You ate my candied fruits..." She seemed annoyed at something. Momo couldn't comprehend what she was on about. This one rarely had food for him but when she did she seemed nice enough.

"Come away from him Suki... He just doesn't get it." Momo's friend with food was lying on the bed across the room surrounded by flowers.

Momo Sneezed.

"Sokka. We don't have that much time... Your sister is marrying the Avatar... TODAY." Sokka hissed at the suggestion.

"Please! I can be ready like that... we have plenty of time." Suki gave Sokka the 'you-ate-my-candied-fruits' look.

"Suki?" The fear in the voice of Sokka echoed through the door of their room and caught Zuko only momentarily as he passed by on the way to speak with Avatar Aang.

Zuko stopped at the open door. Aang was meditating on the floor, his marriage robes awaiting the end of his wayward life.

"Might I speak with you Aang?" At the acknowledgment of his presence by the Avatar, Zuko entered Aang's bedchamber un-distracted by Sokka's distant scream, closing the door behind him.

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