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Yoshiteru was the younger brother and successor of Yoshiaki. Yoshiteru had taken the throne by force for multiple reasons, one being that his brother was a dead end with no children, the other being that Yoshiteru was nearly seventy when he took the throne, he wasn't going to wait much longer.


When Yoshiteru took the throne by force, there was an outcry from many of the citizens. Being a man of cruelty, Yoshiteru appointed a friend of his: Washizu, to enforce his rule.

Washizu enforced Yoshiteru's rule and there was always trouble as the warmongering Yoshiteru planned for world domination. This Fire Lord was very weak however, slothful and incompetent, and no war ever came during his reign which only lasted a mere six years.

Yoshiteru's portrayal on the stage is not different to how he was in real life. He is portrayed as weak, slothful and incompetent just as he was in real life. He has since served as warning for all future Fire Lords, so as to not end up like him.

Personal Life

Not much of Yoshiteru's personal life is known or if he even had one. He reign was so brief that even as a prince not much was known about his personal life. The most he ever did was sit around.

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