By Jall Part of the The Merry Adventures of Taketoki continuity.
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Yoshiaki is a Fire Lord during the lifetime of Yangchen's predecessor. He is a noble ruler who is much beloved by the people.


Yoshiaki was became Fire Lord following his grandfather's death. His mother had been the daughter of the Fire Lord while his father had been a nobleman.

Yoshiaki ruled for many years. His reign was a peaceful one. Unfortunately, Yoshiaki never married and thus had no children. Sometime in his old age he adopted the daughter of a nobleman he had known: Asaji. Yoshiaki was murdered by his younger brother Yoshiteru. Yoshiteru became Fire Lord after him.


Yoshiaki's portrayal on the stage is rather minor. He only appears in the first scene of the plays based on Taketoki's endeavors and only has one line.

Personal Life

Yoshiaki had an interest in tea making and enjoyed playing Pai Sho. He was known to spend time among his people and would even teach young Firebenders.

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