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"I never need much to fight an opponent."
— Yino after injuring an employee in Settling Scores
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  • Head of Wind Killers

Wind Killers

Yino was a master Firebender and figurehead of the Wind Killers organization. Yino has a bitterly scarred past, and a constant fear of death due to failure at the hands of former Fire Lord Ozai. Yino, however, covers this fear with a calm and serious, somewhat cocky personality, which he uses to taunt over enemies and his workers.


Early life

When Yino was young, he was abused by his father. His father forced him to take part in a horrible trench war that was engulfing their small island off the coast of the Fire Nation southern tip.[1] These hardships left him scarred and bitter.[2]


When Yino grew older, he got into trivial acts of criminal behavior that sent him into prison several times a year. He always got let out no matter how large the act due to Fire Lord Ozai seeing potential in him and favored him over most of the country's prisoners.[1]

It was because of Ozai that he would eventually enlist in the military. His time as a soldier left him scarred even further, as Ozai ensuing such fear into him that he was constantly afraid of being hurt further by the ruler. Due to his ensuing fear and of a trust he gained from his amazing skills, Ozai passed onto him the position of leader of his organization the "Wind Killers" when he was imprisoned.[2]

Assassination of Avatar Aang

Zuko at Iroh's cell

Yino is given the task of planning out Aang's assassination.

"I'll have to take stronger precautions if I ever hope to bring back the war and kill...the Last Airbender."
— Yino in Hunted

As the leader of the Wind Killers, Yino was informed by Ozai to organize the killing of Avatar Aang after the loss of the war. Yino needed an assassin to do this, so he gave the task of finding one to a hypochondriac named Myoshi, who owed the Wind Killers money for protection years back before Ozai's imprisonment. Myoshi choose a Firebender named Hain, though he failed.[3][4] Enraged, Yino gave Myoshi one last chance or he would kill him, though the next assassin, Lee Koisho, failed as well. Yino sentenced both to death.[3]

Yino was hastily running out of opportunities, so, resorting drastic measures, he decided to take matters into his own hands, taking it upon himself to kill Aang. Regrouping with his Wind Killer lackeys on the Ba Sing Se great wall, Yino, given the location of the Avatar's home, assaulted into his room and began to engage him. Aang, still heavily injured from the previous assassins, was weaker fighting then usual, though still put up a strong front on his part. Aang's companions, Sokka and Toph, rushed in to assist him, as Yino forced Aang out the room and out to the side-court. He then challenged him to engage him, heading off to the above rooftops.[5]

Aang took on the challenge, practically obsessed with finding out information on his assassins and fearing of citizen's lives. He tore off his bandages and confronted Yino on the rooftops.[5] There, Yino and him viciously faced off, Aang fiercely using his master abilities to lash out at Yino, who still matched him with his own. Still, Aang ferociously was able to burn Yino's shins and knock him off of the roof. Aang demanded answers from Yino, though he refused, and Aang angrily bended him and the earth under him, slamming it on the ground. Once again, Aang asked, and Yino explained, though Aang was still angry by his choice of words and ignited his Avatar State, attacking him.[6]

"I came here to kill you, not play leap frog."
— Yino, becoming frustrated at the length of his duel with Aang in Eruption

Yino attempted to charge at Aang, though the Avatar flipped around him and formed a sphere to attack him viciously, slamming into a building. Aang told him to give up, but Yino told him of his confidence and then roared fire at him, sending him flying backwards and out of the State. They then engaged in a struggle for dominance, colliding their vicious fire blasts at one another. The gush rebounded, sending Aang flying miles to the side and Yino catching himself on a building. Yino and Aang eventually met up with each other, acting more physical, punching and kicking one another. Yino, tired and frustrated at the current state of the duel, decided to distract the Avatar by blasting a huge wave of fire at a building full of citizens.[6]


Yino is stabbed through the stomach, killing him.

Aang rushed over to stop it, doing so but sending himself backwards, smashing into the building, semi-unconscious. Yino rushed over to him, picking him up by his shirt. Aang's friend, Sokka, a Water Tribe peasant, attempted to stop him from hurting Aang, though Yino burned him, sending him off the building seemingly dead. He then was attacked by Toph, an Earthbender, who slashed at him with sand, leaving a gash across his face. Aang then charged at him, sending him into the next building across, bending sand at him and viciously attacking him. In another move, Yino caught onto him, violently bashing him into the walls. Holding onto his head, he was ready to kill him, gloating, though in mid-sentence was stabbed through the stomach by Sokka, who had survived the attack, killing him.[6]

Personality and traits

"That's what you think, Avatar. You're just like everyone else who has some kind of power. You think that no one can beat you, that just because you have these abilities no one can stop you, that you're invincible. But that there's the difference between you and me; I know no one can beat me, I know no one can stop me, I know I'm invincible!"
— Yino informs Aang of his beliefs in Eruption

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