Bopi-teenyimg By Harpalyce Part of the The Book of Primal Illusion continuity.
Yinmi the Iron Peacock
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Kyoshi Island


Villa in countryside surrounding Omashu


Mid 30s

Physical description




Hair color

Brown, bleached to blonde

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Poison-Tipped Fan-blades


Poison-maker, highly adept warrior, espionage

Chronological and political information

Bounty Hunter, Assassin


Earth Kingdom (nominally)

Born on Kyoshi Island, Yinmi was well on her way to becoming the commander of the Kyoshi Warriors. She was something of an inspiration to young Suki with how ambitious she managed to be, though popular opinion of her was that she was a bit too ruthless and unconcerned with the fate of her fellow warriors. She also had a keen interest in poison-making, something that was 'distinctly unKyoshilike'. The final straw was when, at age 17, an outsider came to Kyoshi Island and offered Yinmi an extravagant sum to work as an assassin by killing a bitter political rival and his family to end a decades-long dispute. Yinmi did not need to think long before saying yes. Unfortunately her best weapons and armor at the time were, of course, her Kyoshi Warrior uniform.

When it hit the news that a Kyoshi Warrior had been seen not only slaughtering an Earth Kingdom politician, but his entire family, the island exploded in fury. They expected Yinmi to be contrite - but the opposite happened. She admitted what she had done and outright dared anyone to oppose her... after she had casually spiked the group supplies of wine served at the large communal dinner-meeting that evening. It was rather hard for anyone to stop her when they were all busy throwing up.

She wormed her way onto the scene as a bounty hunter and assassin. June, the other leading bounty hunter, was happy to let Yinmi step in to do more of the 'wet work'. With her flashy silk outfits, iridescent blue makeup, colorful back tattoo and bleached pale hair, she was quite a striking figure, becoming half legend in her own right. She hung on the edges of polite society, a bogeyman nobles used to spook one another, elegant yet in a nouveau riche sort of way that was incredibly flashy and extravagant. It's hard to tell if some of what she did was actually what she had done, or if she was just so incredibly successful at building a 'brand' out of herself.

Her typical fighting style is very similar to the Kyoshi Warriors, but she tends to be far more light on her feet. She uses steel fans, each blade sharpened to a tip and engraved with the pattern of a peacock feather, usually poisoned. Her fighting style relies very much on misdirection, and she favors showy outfits with streaming silk ribbons and beaded golden strings.

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