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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Shady Ying Xiao
"Shady" Ying Xiao
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Earth Kingdom




720 BG


640 BG (Age: 80)

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Haoke, Hei Shichang gang, Dufan the Fencer, Qian Zei, Dixia gang, Baotu


41st Earth King Ta Po, Mousha Quan gang, Shan-Yu, 42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen

Chronological and political information

Drug Dealer


Fanzui de laoban


Hei Shichang gang

First appearance

Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

"Shady" Ying Xiao is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is a crime boss of the Hei Shichang gang, who happens to be allied with the Dixia gang.


Being the man who established the gang at the age of 17, he needed to support his family. He had no father as his father had died of some disease, only a widowed mother and a disabled brother.

To help the family, he created the Hei Shichang gang. Or what he liked to call it the Black Market. He hired other men to create drugs for him, and sell them to people who wanted the drugs, whether it was people who were addicted to such things, or who really needed it.

After being called the "fanzui de laoban" of his gang, he began selling more drugs to anyone in the city.

Meeting Dufan

While meeting a man at a restaurant, that he was happening to eat at. This man's secret job was creating drugs, and selling them. He happened to also fence stolen property for money.

Ying Xiao, decided he needed someone to help him sell his canteens. With the skills Dufan had as a salesman. He was the one for the job. Making Dufan his left right muzhi.

Ying Xiao, agreed to help Dufan with his current problem. He would give 10% of the drug money profits, so Dufan can pay the rent for his restaurant.

Allying with the Dixia

When the Dixia gang, had planned the first raid to kill Shan-Yu, the Hei Shichang had planned the same thing on the same day. As the Dixia gang had already killed some men off in the compound. Ying Xiao, had run into the compound with his men, and helped the Dixia fight off the Mousha Quan.

Ying Xiao, had run into Baotu, he was about to kill Baotu when he noticed he had an armadillo lion tattoo, Ying Xiao and Baotu killed Shan-Yu's double together, the Dixia taking money from the Mousha Quan and some weapons. The Hei Shichang took the Mousha Quan's drug recipe records from them. They had killed off all their alchemists and their whole ranks. The only ones to survive were Shan-Yu, and his left muzhi. That day is when the Dixia and Hei Shichang had began to ally with each other.

Assassination of Shan-Yu

The Hei Shichang had marched along the Dixia towards the Northern Lower Ring to raid the Mousha Quan compound. On the way they're ambushed by a Mousha Quan squadron. Defeating the squadron with only losing three or four men.

They had reached the compound and began raiding it. With Shan-Yu nowhere to be found they heard an explosion outside. As they ran outside Baotu and Ying Xiao had seen Shan-Yu. Ying Xiao had gone to search for the thumbs of Shan-Yu.

Assassinating both of them, he returns to aid Baotu, with no avail of defeating Shan-Yu they still weakened him a bit. That is where Qian Zei comes in and blinds Shan-Yu and Baotu delivers the final blow.


Ying Xiao, was born an earthbender, and discovered his earthbending abilities at the age five. His father trained him in earthbending, up to the point where he knows enough. Ying Xiao's father was killed by the Mousha Quan, but he does not know it. After his father was killed he trained himself, until one day a veteran of the war showed him a few moves.

Ying Xiao is not a master at earthbending but is somewhat close to one. Ying Xiao's signature move is form a rockicle and throw it at his opponent, usually for a fatal shot.


  • Widowed Mother (Mother; Deceased)
  • Disabled Brother (Brother)
  • Unknown Father (Father; Deceased)


Preceded by
None; Position Established
Hei Shichang Gang's Fanzui de laoban
703 BG - 640 BG (63 Years)
Succeeded by


  • I was never going to give him a name, or even have him shown as a character. He always meant to remain a mystery, but I decided not to.
  • Ying Xiao is Chinese for "Black Marketer".
  • I was listening to Eminem music while first writing about him, so I gave him the nickname "Shady".
  • Black Marketer in Chinese actually is "Heise Ying Xiao" but I got rid of the "Heise" and just left the "Ying Xiao".
  • I wanted to make him a metalbender, but then I felt like he didn't really need to know metalbending.

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