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Ying Su
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se, Lower Ring


Ban Clan Compound


26 (in Chapter 1), 41


881 BG



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Kukri, knives, unarmed combat


Excellent strategic/tactical understanding, champion-level Pai Sho player




Ban Ti Xi, Ban Zhengyi, Xin Fung, Heung Chu


Du clan, Er Shi Wu ("One-Eyed" Wu), Aguta, Lucky Cho, Shuurai, Bi Junren, Dr. Teng

Chronological and political information

Counselor of the Ban Clan, later caregiver to Avatar Zhengyi, housekeeper


The Ban clan, later the Ban Family, Avatar Zhengyi's "Team Avatar"




Ban Zhengyi

First appearance

Chapter 1: The Mountain Master's Son

Ying Su was a companion and caregiver to Avatar Zhengyi. She served as an adviser and strategist to the Avatar's father, Ban Ti Xi. After One-Eyed Wu's usurpation of the clan, he coerced Su into serving him in the same capacity, as well as performing menial work for him and taking care of Zhengyi. When Zhengyi learned Wu had killed his father, Su helped him escape. Su accompanied him on his journey to retrain, continuing to serve as a strategist of sorts by handling the logistics and planning the overall course of Zhengyi's journey.


Early Life

Ying Su was the daughter of a poor craftsman, a potter, in Ba Sing Se's Lower Ring in 881 BG. She grew up in an environment controlled by the Hei Chaoliu clans, although Su would not become directly involved with them until later in her life. Specifically, her parents lived in the territory of the Du clan. The Du were a constant presence in the background of Su's childhood. Members came to her father's shop regularly to collect protection money. However, Su showed great intelligence at an early age. She taught herself to read despite both her parents being illiterate. Her father saw that she might escape the status she was born into, and so he sent her to a school administrated by a temple in the Middle Ring. However, she only attended sporadically, as her parents were not always able to pay her school fees consistently. Still, compared to other people in Su's neighborhood, she received a very good education.

Joining the Ban Clan

Sometime in her early 20s, Ying Su became associated with and eventually joined the Ban clan. It is rumored that Ban Ti Xi and other Ban officers "rescued" Su from the Du clan in some way, although the details of this are as yet unclear. Ti Xi recognized Su's skill as a strategist and employed her in this capacity, appointed her to the post of Counselor of the clan. For about a year, Su used her position to help the Ban clan expand under Ti Xi.

Su's time as an officer of the can was cut short when Er Shi "One-Eyed" Wu staged his usurpation of the Ban clan in order to gain control of the then-infant Avatar Zhengyi. Along with Ti Xi himself, Wu killed Xin Kao and a few other clan lieutenants loyal to Ti Xi. However, he specifically made sure Ying Su was spared so that he could coerce her into advising him. Shortly after Wu took over, Ying Su took Kao's daughter Fung to the nearby Bixia Abbey, where Kao's sister was a nun. Although Wu forced Su to live at the Ban compound using the young Avatar as leverage, he had no problem allowing her to leave temporarily, knowing his possession of the Avatar would prevent her from disobeying him. Wu even regularly sent her into the city on errands.

For fifteen years, Su served not only as a tactical adviser but also as a housekeeper and nursemaid to Zhengyi. Su took care of Zhengyi while Wu worked. When Wu had time with Zhengyi he trained him in bending or the methods for running a criminal gang, whereas Su had more mundane parenting duties, such as making sure Zhengyi was fed, his room was kept clean, and that he did his chores and lessons. This effected the young Avatar's relationships with his two caregivers; he saw Wu as the parent who understood him better and Su as the more repressive one.


Ying Su was calculating, and good at concealing her emotions. She could easily display whatever outward personality her current situation called for. Around Zhengyi she acted wise, caring, and motherly. Around Wu, she acted subservient and weak--until it came time for her to oppose him. Perhaps because of her ability to manipulate others, Su was constantly concerned that she herself culled be manipulated, and therefore she was fiercely loyal to those few people she came to genuinely trust.


Ying Su was considered very attractive as a young woman. She had black hair and brown eyes. However, years of hard work under Wu took its toll on her appearance. By the time she was 40 her hair had begun to gray, and she had developed minor wrinkles and periorbital darkening. She also had gained a fair amount of weight.

She often wore a ruqun, a garment consisting of a yi with a long skirt and a shorter waist-skirt on top of it. The yi and long skirt were light green, and the waist skirt was light yellow. The yi has a print of red poppies on the left lapel. Her hair is done up in a bun held with a hairpin.

Ying Su received a tattoo of a pygmy puma on her right shoulder blade when she joined the Ban clan.


Ying Su was an excellent strategist. She had an ability to anticipate the moves and mindset of her opponents. Su trained herself by playing Pai Sho, a hobby she enjoyed since she was a girl.

Su was a non-bender. She was trained in hand-to-hand combat and knife-fighting techniques by Ti Xi and other ban officers, and was quite a capable fighter. However, her preferred method of defending herself was to simply avoid unnecessary combat through manipulation and strategy.


Ying Su was named after Karen Morley's character "Poppy" in the 1932 version of "Scarface."

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