"Avatar, your work is done here. If you cannot be the bridge to peace, then I will build my own, across the smoking remains of those who brought this war upon us."
— Yinda to Wuzu
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Yinda (引導, Yǐndǎo; lit. "Guide") was once the solitary leader of the Air Nomads, appointed as the first dictator by the Council of Elders after the original Air Nomad Genocide. This was the trigger for a great war within the World, and when the Avatar failed to bring peace, Yinda decided to take fate within his own hands and guide the remains of devastated people across the world, building themselves residences that later became known as the Air Temples. The Fire Nation would thousands of years later destroy these, in a strange similar event which would also spring a new world-wide war.

In the Air Nomads legends, Yinda is famed as the "Saviour", and revered for his invention of revolutionary meditation poses as well as his set of "aggressive" air bending techniques. The latter did eventually became classified as forbidden through the centuries, when there was no longer a call for arms needed within the Air people. This proved fatal in later conflicts.






Master Acrobat: Yinda has portrayed an astonishing agility within his movements, a trait not uncommon amongst the Air Nomads. He has shown to successfully outmaneuver hordes of Fire Nation soldiers, always managing to position himself in an advantageous situation and precisely taking them down one by one. Combined with his airbending, he can scale vertical structures without problem and perform various acrobatic spins and tricks in mid-air, to misguide an opponent when he grounds.

Master Strategist: One of the main reasons he was appointed as Dictator, Yinda's keen sense of accurately estimating a complex situation and reaction accordingly is matched by few others. He can direct the motions of a whole army when given nothing but a few details about the battle situation, and has shown a great understanding of the workings of the human mind.

Enlightened Mind: Despite his young age, Yinda was able to achieve "spiritual enlightenment" after the reestablishment of his people, putting aside his preceding destructive beliefs and accepting that all and every life is sacred. Detaching his spirit from his body, his soul was able to traverse into the Spirit World and now continues to exist eternally there.


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