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By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
"Chen, son, remember, no matter what happens to me, I want you always to remember me, and be who you were meant to be."
— Yin Lee to Chen as he dies
Ding telling his story
Yin Lee
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The Fire Lord's Son(flashback)

Yin Lee was the husband of Fire Lord Azula, and the father of Chen and Mitsuki. He cared deeply for Chen, and would not let Azula mold him into her own desires.



Yin Lee was raised in a family of nobles. Very little is known of his early life, though when he was younger, he was nearly killed by the Haizi, the spirits of turmoil.

Late Years

When Yin Lee was seventy-eight, he married Fire Lord Azula on the sole purpose that she needed heirs. He was very distant from his wife, and the two of them rarely spoke or got along. When Azula gave birth to Chen, she wanted him to begin his training very early. Yin Lee refuses this, and says that the boy deserves to have fun and a good life. Azula could not argue, as it was custom the father also has a say in the children. Yin Lee and Chen became very close, and Yin Lee would tell him stories about when dragons roamed the world, and how there once was a race of Air Nomads and a city of Water People.


While Azula became pregnant with Mitsuki, Yin Lee fell seriously ill. He could not spend as much time with Chen, much to his dismay. He lived for another year after his daughter was born, but he died two days after Mitsuki's first birthday.


Yin Lee was well remembered by few people, with the exception of Chen, whose peaceful nature was influenced by Yin Lee. Yin Lee also appeared to Chen as a spirit in a vision, in which he took a small amount of time to briefly reunite with his son.

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