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Air Nomad


18 BG

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5 ft. 6 in.

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Dark Grey

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Western Air Temple


Sister Rin



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Downhill Trudge to Pohan Village

Yin is an eighteen-year-old Airbending master from the Western Air Temple. She is currently traveling with Mako and Lee through the Earth Kingdom.

Before The Road that Never Ends

Yin was born in 18 BG to unknown parents. She was apparently trained by Sister Rin at the Western Air Temple for most of her youth and became an Airbending master along the way. Recently, Yin left the Western Air Temple to begin her journey.

Book 1

Meeting Lee and Mako

A few hours after she had landed in Pohan Village, Yin stepped into a cafe where Lee was kind enough to let her sit with him. During the conversation between the two, Yin mentioned how she traveled by Flying Bison, something Lee thought to be a fairytale. Yin became upset, and Lee noticed. Right after Lee had insulted Yin, an explosion was heard from outside, soon found to be caused by Fire Nation soldiers who had invaded the town. Yin, seeing a way to get payback at Lee, left him there to search for his brother.

Minutes later, Yin made it to the barn that she had left her Bison, Lin, in. It was then that Yin heard a sound from the corner of the barn. Sweeping the hay away, Yin discovered Mako, whom she quickly realized was the brother Lee had spoken of. Thinking fast, Yin took Mako's hand and flew as fast as she could on Lin back to Pohan Village.

Saving Lee

Yin arrived back at Pohan in the nick of time, as a fireball was swiftly flying toward Lee's face, shot by a top-notch Fire Nation soldier. Yin showed her Airbending prowess when she dispersed the flame with her bending, blew all three of the Firebenders present there to the wall, and hit them all over the head with her staff to knock them out cold. Lee, after seeing that his brother was okay and his body not in ashes, fainted. Yin picked him up and brought him with her and Mako into the sky.

Sorrowful confessions

Yin was flying through the night, Mako having fallen asleep, when Lee awoke. After some unimportant events, Lee asked what had happened to Pohan Village, to which Yin responded, "It was either taken as a Fire Nation 'colony' or its inhabitants were burned alive," confirming Lee's fears that Yin hadn't saved them. Lee was infuriated and began to scream at her, asking for her excuse for why she hadn't saved their lives when she could have. Finally, Yin conceded that, she believed, the people of Pohan would be together in death, an answer Lee seemed to accept. Even so, Yin wondered if she really accepted it, too.

The wanted poster

One day after Yin had stolen a weapon for Lee, she went away on Lin to look for food to eat the next day. Sometime while she was out, Yin came upon one of the many wanted posters of Lee and Mako, which were slowly beginning to circulate throughout the Earth Kingdom. Because of the little information provided, Yin did not learn of Lee's and Mako's lineage, however she did discover that Mako had been kidnapped. Yin soon grows suspicious of Lee and starts to keep an eye on him.


Seeking guidance from the sisters of her home, Yin flew herself, Mako, and Lee on Lin to the Western Air Temple. She decided to leave Lee and Mako on the cliff above the temple, wishing to speak to her elder alone.

Yin quickly became reacquainted with Min, an Airbending master in-training. Min is Yin's apprentice and closest friend.

After some minor events, Yin was finally alone with Sister Rin, the person who taught Yin everything she knew. Yin began to talk about what had happened in Pohan Village, starting with how she thought that the Fire Nation was doing more than making colonies. Sister Rin answered with, "The only thing that can possibly work in this situation is to wait for the Peacemaker to do what he has to do." Yin was ready to leave when Rin stopped her and asked if she so much as tried to save the people of Pohan Village. When she remembered the reason she had told Lee for why she didn't help them, Yin told the truth and said no. From then on, Yin was banished from the Air Temples. She flew Lin to a barn far away, wanting to rest for a few days.

Revealing night

Once Mako had left the barn for reasons unbeknown to her, Yin decided it was time to interrogate her kidnapping-companion. After easing Lee into a state of tranquility, she believes he will have a hard time lying to her much more. She starts questioning little things until she asks where Lee came from, and Lee realized that Yin had seen the wanted posters and said so. Yin blew him off of Lin with her Airbending and readied herself to attack Lee, but he quickly told her that he wasn't going to hurt her. Lee reasoned with her, saying that he couldn't give her an explanation for why he'd kidnapped Mako, but promised there was a good reason. Yin decided he was telling the truth and let him go. Before she did, though, she warned Lee that if he betrayed her trust she would kill him.

When Yin and Lee had left the barn to go search for Mako, who hadn't yet returned from wherever he was, Lee asked what happened at the Western Air Temple. Yin told him everything, including the reason she was banished. Lee finally saw why she was being so secretive about it, reason being the conversation they had on the night of Pohan Village's burning.

Second thoughts

When Yin and Lee saved Mako from Ping, the farmer, and his wife, Lenorna, the only way they were able to do so was to leave the couple to die in the fire, which Mako had accidentally created. This brings up bad memories of another time she left people to die, and causes Yin to question her former judgment.


Being a master Airbender, Yin can be a formidable foe when she has to be. Like her friend Lee, Yin doesn't support violence, but is unquestionably more open to using it than him. This another quality unheard of from a monk. Yin will not hesitate to knock you cold with her staff if you look at her the wrong way.

Yin's fighting style can only be described as a head-on attack. She's the kind of person who would say "I'm warning you", and when they wouldn't listen, she'd go all out. Never would she take it easy on someone, even if they begged. She is the kind of person to strike fear into her opponent's eyes, to make them think she would break them in half. It is possible that she does this purposely; Yin may make her opponent fear her so that he will be too afraid to fight at his fullest, However, this strategy is still unconfirmed.


One of Yin's earliest seen traits was her almost always cheery attitude toward any situation. To those who have only recently met her, Yin would seem to have a wide smile on her face all the time. While Mako has not yet seen the other side of her, Lee bore witness to Yin's serious nature when she revealed her reasons for why she didn't save Pohan Village. It would also seem that Yin puts herself in a state of reverence when around her elders, like when Yin found Sister Rin during a meditation session. At that time, Yin did not interrupt Sister Rin. Instead, she sat down and joined the younger Air Nomads until Sister Rin ended the session.

Yin can flawlessly keep her cool under dire circumstances. When she was rescuing Mako from Ping's house and it was suddenly revealed the place was on fire, Yin did not even get up from her seat. She tried to reason with the man and his wife when Ping took Mako hostage, but when they didn't listen to her she swiftly knocked him over with her Airbending, catching him off guard. Making herself look like just a girl and not a master Airbender was a tactic that became quite useful during this fight. It would seem that Yin not only knows how to handle a dangerous situation, but uses premeditated strategies to do so.

Although Yin was born and raised a monk, she doesn't display most of the qualities a monk normally has. For example, Yin stole a weapon from a shop owned by an elderly man. For one, a monk wouldn't steal anything from anybody unless it were absolutely necessary. Second, a monk would not take advantage of an older person, which is exactly what Yin did when she stole the weapon. She knew that a weak, frail man like the shop owner wouldn't be able to stop her from fulfilling her mission. Third, a monk wouldn't steal a weapon like swords, which can only be used for violence. What's more, Yin ran from the authorities of Saimyo Village with stolen items in her possession. As Yin did seem to have a strained relationship with Sister Rin, something may have happened during her monk's training that changed her ideals.


Yin's hair is cut to expose her forehead, as is custom in Air Nomad culture. She wears a long-sleeve shirt, so light an orange it is almost yellow. Her pants are very puffed out, allowing the air to flow through them freely and allow easier and more comfortable gliding.


Book 1


  • After deciding Yin's name, I vowed to make all Air Nomads, their pets, and some other things affiliated with the Air Nomads rhyme with her name.

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