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"I killed the Earth and Water Nation savages off, so I think I can kill a little girl!"
— Yi before attacking Mina in General Disaster

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General Disaster

Yi is a Fire Nation General, a hired bounty hunter, and a former Fire Nation prisoner. Yi is cruel and malicious, and is well known for his unique skill in Firebending. Yi is best known for his near genocide of the Waterbenders and his leadership in a successful invasion of the Kein Forest Rebel City.

Yi rose through the ranks at a young age, and became one of Ozai's best generals. He acts as an antagonist toward Team Rebel, and pursued them throughout the Fire Nation as they travel to the Rebel City per Supreme Fire Lord Azula's orders. Yi ultimately fails, however, when the members of Team Rebel enter the Rebel City and have all of his men captured. As consequence, Azula arrests Yi. She later has him freed, though he is stripped of his high ranking status. Yi eventually gains his title back when he assists Mitsuki in her conspiracy against the Rebel City.

Yi has the rare ability to superheat particles in the air, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to defeat him without knowing the weakness to his bending.



Yi was born to a tough military family, born to a Fire Nation colonel and an elite female warrior, Yi's childhood was nothing but training and learning different military tactics. He had four other brothers and sisters, all of whom were older than him and served in The War. They, along with his mother and father, died in an attempted occupation of Ba Sing Se under the command of General Iroh. Swearing vengeance on the Earth Kingdom, Yi joined the military five years later. He was a normal soldier with normal Firebending ability, though one day, in a battle against a battalion of Earthbenders, Yi discovered he had a unique ability; being able to superheat the air around his opponents, burning them to death. Because of this ability, Yi became a very successful military man.

Becoming a General

Zuko blocking a fire attack

Yi attacking Earth Kingdom soldiers

Fire Lord Ozai was extremely impressed by Yi's abilities, and promoted him from Private all the way to General, something people thought was unthinkable and amazingly irrational. Yi continued to serve on the front line's in the Earth Kingdom, though one day he was called to assist Admiral Zhao in the occupation of the Northern Water Tribe after Zhao defeated it. Though Zhao lost the battle, Yi did not reach the news in time, and he found himself sailing in one helpless ship into a heavily guarded icy fortress. Of all his men, he was the only to escape the wrath of the Waterbenders due to his technique. After this battle, he craved revenge on the "Water Tribe Savages" as he called them.

Ending the Water Tribe Rebellion

Eventually, Yi got the chance to do as he said. After Ozai destroyed the Water Tribes, a large and fierce rebellion ensued, in which the Water Tribe men and women reconquered many Southern Water Tribe lands. Ozai decided of all the generals he had, Yi would be the best one to end the rebellion. Yi did just that, directly killing hundreds of innocent women and children until the Southern Water Tribe was nearly empty. After his accomplishment, Yi returned to the Fire Nation Capital in luxury.

Hunting Team Rebel


Yi was appointed by Azula to capture Team Rebel on a Royal Jet, with Mai, Ty Lee, and Z.Z. as witnesses. Yi was very cocky about the appointment, knowing his ability would easily allow him to kill the kids. He found them in Mango City, and the fought them viciously. He easily gained the upper hand, nearly blasting Kaila and Chen to death. Mina, however, observed the way he heated the air, and realized that if she ran around in circles, he couldn't get her. Because of Mina's discovery, Yi was forced to use only regular fire. Since the team outnumbered him, he was forced to flee in shame.

Attacking the Team

When Azula heard of this, she got so angry that she refused to let Yi return home. She allowed him to have five other men accompany him on his mission, but that was it. Yi spent the next few months scouring the Fire Nation. He had many long mood swings, and was constantly haunted by Azula's words. He finally found Team Rebel when they left the safety of their cruise ship (heading to Kein Forest), at a cargo port. Yi (now only able to bend regular fire) personally dueled Chen, while Mina and Kaila fought and defeated Yi's men. Chen and Yi battled evenly, but eventually Chen was able to defeat the General. Kaila pinned Yi to the ground, and all Yi could do was curse and scream as the kids fled the scene.

Ozai in prison

Yi in prison

Yi, seeing Team Rebel in Kein Forest, realized he had one more chance to catch them. However, to ensure he would be victorious, he had a massive and powerful tank deployed against them. At first, he had a swift upper hand against the team, fighting Mina himself, while Kaila and Chen fight the others. Just before total victory, however, him and his men were ambushed by about twenty Kein Forest rebels. They destroyed his tank and captured all his men. Yi was the only one to escape, though he, without transportation, was forced to surrender his dignity and swim back to the Fire Nation Capital.

When he arrived there, he found Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee waiting for him. When he tried to explain himself, Azula merely told him he had "No. More. Chances." Yi tried to argue back, though Azula quickly ordered his arrest, and Yi was then handcuffed by her personal bodyguards and carried away.

Resuming Attack

After being in jail for a week, Yi began to detest Azula to the point of defiance and even rebellion. However, a week from his arrest, Yi was visited by Azula herself. After being advised by Mitsuki, Azula told Yi that if he killed the members of Team Rebel, she'd acquit him of all charges and reinstate him. At first, Yi tries to bluff, and says he won't agree unless she reinstates him before he captures the kids. Azula is not tricked by him, and pretends to walk away, but Yi stops her, and tells her he'll accept her offer.

Following his fall from grace, Yi is treated as a mere soldier, and is transported to Colonel Xan's division outside the Rebel City. He displays his hatred for Azula toward Xan, who quickly silences him out of fear. Yi storms out of the base into the forest, quietly wishing death upon Azula. As Yi walks through the woods, he is hit by a carriage carrying important rebel officials. These officials are revealed to be none other than Rebellion Ruler Kambi and his associates Ray and Giu. Yi easily recognizes them as the leaders of the Rebel City. He uses his special technique to his advantage, and is able to knock an unknowing Kambi and Giu into a river with ease.

With only Ray left, Yi chases her through the embankment, super-heating about every he can find, albeit Ray herself. Finally, Yi is able to leave Ray cornered, and prepares to finish her off with a single fire blast. His attempted murder is interrupted, however, when Kambi's grandmother Kama throws a grenade straight at Yi. It detonates, and throws Yi up into the air, in which he lands in a tree. Just before Yi is arrested, Colonel Xan shows up, and frees Yi from the tree. The two flee the scene just before Kambi's bodyguards show up.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Things finally start to go well for Yi when he receives a letter from Mitsuki saying that she has infiltrated the Rebel City and toppled their defense system. By her decree, Yi is to lead invasion and not Colonel Xan. Now with power in his hands once more, Yi has his men deployed, and prepares to lead an invasion on the Rebel City. As Mitsuki predicts, Yi is able to get his men through the outskirts of the city without many problems due to the arrest of the city's main battalion leaders. Once Yi enters the city, he is met by Mitsuki herself. With victory on her mind, she threatens Yi with death if he causes them to lose in the battle. Yi is clearly frightened.

As the conspiracy concludes, Yi leads his men through the city's east wing in a ruthless campaign. He ends up coming across a scared child, who tearfully says that he can't find his mother. Yi laughs sinisterly, and grabs the child. In a horrifying and gruesome display, he burns the screaming child to death, an action that horrifies Yi's soldiers and even causes some to flee the scene. Yi plays his final part in the conspiracy by assisting Mitsuki in her battle against Mina. He instead turns on a group of surviving rebels, and Team Rebel escapes. Following the conquest of the city, Yi informs Mitsuki that all of the rebels have been arrested. To his satisfaction, Mitsuki reinstates him, and he leaves the palace as a General once more.

Battle at the Avatar Temple



Yi is a cruel, heartless man. He has no qualms about killing women or children, and is very socially inept. He is not a "ladies man", and only has wealth to his name. Unlike other incredibly unethical people, such as Azula or Mitsuki, Yi cares for nobody, and for that matter doesn't even like anybody, only showing his "respect" to the few females in the world that are above him. He would risk an entire army of men just to kill the other army completely, so long as he lives. He has also shown surprising disloyalty to Mai, Ty Lee, and even Azula behind their backs. He does somewhat respect Mitsuki following her reinstatement of him.


Yi has an amazing ability to heat oxygen molecules in the air, causing the air to burn up completely, killing his opponents instantly. The defect to his ability, however, is his element of surprise, as anybody can dodge his special attack if they ever escaped it, and Yi would be forced to bend regular fire. This has only happened once between Yi and Mina. Even without his terrifying skill, he is a highly capable Firebender.

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