Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Yesterday in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Legend of Korra


After my brother and I barely escaped Republic City, we sat and talked, learning about our own pasts as we rode on Mo Ce Sea.

"How did you survive the blizzard when we were boys...?" Tarrlok asks.

"Where should I start?" I reply.

"Well, the last time we were together... That could be a start."

"I hate to remember that day, it was just yesterday..."


This fanon is the story about the past of four antagonists solo, and groups from The Legend of Korra.

Book One: Amon

After Noatak runs away from home, he goes through the experience of a lifetime, visiting the Northern Water Tribe, and learning the art of chi blocking. It is also about how he met the Lieutenant, how he created the Equalists, and why he wanted to be a hero.


Chapter Chapter Name Release
1 "Tough Get Going" 6 November 2014
2 "The Water Warriors" 11 November 2014
3 "Grasp" 21 November 2014
4 "Past, Present, Future" 27 November 2014
5 "Uprisings" 4 December 2014
6 "The Global Summit" 22 December 2014
7 "Chi Blockers" 31 December 2014
8 "The Standoff" 17 January 2015

Book Two: Unalaq

After Unalaq's death, an old diary was found, written in it, his biggest secrets. Set during his lifetime, after meeting Noatak. This is the story of how he became the man he was yesterday, how he journeyed across the world, learning about the four nations, and their spiritual ways, before getting defeated by Avatar Korra.


Chapter Chapter Name Release
1 "Unravel" 24 January 2015
2 "The Logbook" 9 February 2015
3 "Pathways" 19 February 2015
4 "Ancient Times" 1 March 2015
5 "Onward Bound" 14 March 2015
6 "Karma in Chaos" 25 April 2015


  • Aang was the Avatar during Yakone's lifetime.
  • Noatak is a water- and bloodbending master and the son of Yakone. He ran away from home as he realized his father's intentions.
  • Chief of the Water Tribes is Tonraq's and Unalaq's father.
  • Fong is a Waterbending Master, who joins the Water Warriors, whom eventually becomes the Chief's personal bodyguard, along with Noatak, a great friend of his.
  • Desna and Eska are the new chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Hiroshi Sato is the current head of Future Industries. He invents and manufactures weapons for the Equalists
  • Hou-Ting is the Earth Queen. She is ruthless and demanding, which could destroy a nation.
  • Lieutenant, formerly known as Talon, is a non-bender expert in the art of Eskirma.
  • Koko is the current head of Kyoshi Island.
  • Korra is the current Avatar, who defeated Amon and Unalaq.
  • Malina is the mother of Chiefs Desna and Eska, and formerly Unalaq's wife.
  • Mei is a girl Unalaq met during the last year of middle school. She had eyes for Unalaq, now changed to Tofa.
  • P'Li is a firebending master who was saved by Zaheer, who saved Unalaq in the Serpent's Pass.
  • Sokka was the chairman of the United Republic Council, and is the new Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Suki is a Kyoshi Warrior and Koko's personal bodyguard.
  • Tenzin is a councilman, representing the Air Nomads in the United Republic Council.
  • Tarrlok is a councilman, representing the Northern Water Tribe in the United Republic Council, and the new Chairman.
  • Tofa is a rebellious, prideful classmate of Unalaq during his last year of middle school.
  • Tonraq is the general of the Water Warriors and the son of the Chief. He trains Noatak in the ways of the Water Warriors. Decades later, he becomes the new Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Toph Beifong is the former Chief of Police in Republic City.
  • Ty Lee is the head of the Kyoshi Warriors during Noatak's lifetime.
  • Unalaq is a healer and the son of the chief of the Northern Water Tribe. He helped Noatak regain his memory. Afterwards, he became the Dark Avatar, who was destroyed by the Avatar.
  • Xai Bau was a former Grand Lotus, and the creator of the Order of the Red Lotus.
  • Yakone is Noatak's vicious father and was a criminal lord in Republic City.
  • Zaheer is a non-bender, a capable fighter, who is also a member of the Red Lotus.
  • Zuko was the current Fire Lord during Noatak's lifetime. Now, he is an ambassador of global peace.

Fans and Writers

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