By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.
Yee Lu
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Yee Lu is a female human-like spirit whom Avatar Ronin befriends while adventuring in the Spirit World. She is best known for her love for nature, and even respecting humans in contrast to those like the aye-aye spirit and Wan Shi Tong. She often gives Ronin advice about his role as the Avatar and how to respect nature.



Yee Lu is regarded as a "kind and amazing soul". While she's beautiful on the outside, she is one of the kindest and selfless spirits in the Spirit World. She respects all of nature and tends to care for any animal in the mortal world that's in trouble. She likes humans in contrast to other spirits, as she is willing to help them out with anything like she does with any animals. This is shown when she guides Ronin around the Spirit World.


As a spirit, Lu is able to teleport over short distances. She is also able to overpower someone in combat. She is also able to possess a human body and control it like it was her own. She has the notable ability to turn into a five-tailed fox.

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