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Fanon PD- The Northern Air Temple

The team was halfway to the North Pole, so they stopped for a short visit with Teo and his father at the Northern Air Temple-

Two years after the end of the Hundred Year War, Aang, Sokka, and Katara were personally traveling on Appa to spread the word of peace to all corners of the world. The entire trip there, Sokka felt like a third wheel because of Aang and Katara's relationship and the "oogies" that came with it were totally creeping him out! They had planned on talking to the people of the North Pole a lot sooner, but the team had been held back down in the Earth Kingdom by a frenzy of excited fans that just wouldn't stop asking Aang to tell everyone the story about how they had saved the world. Finally, they all broke free and now the team was halfway to the North Pole, so they stopped for a short visit through the night with Teo and his father at the Northern Air Temple before continuing their journey at dawn.

"Aang, Katara, Sokka, it's good to see you again!" Teo exclaimed as he flew beside them in the sky.

"It's good to see you too!" Katara hollered over the wind, "We were hoping that we could rest here for the night before heading up to the North Pole!"

"Of course!" Teo laughed, "Aang! I'll race you to the temple!"

The Avatar hoped off of his bison without a second thought, screaming, "You're on!"

Sokka shouted and grabbed Appa's reigns as the group of friends soon landed and everyone living at the temple eagerly greeted the newly returned bunch back to their little village in the sky.

"I totally beat you!" Teo laughed.

"Did not!" Aang pouted.

"Welcome back Avatar! Katara! Sokka!" The Mechanist's voice was heard calling through the frantic crowd.

"How's it going guys?" Sokka waved, all the while searching for the Mechanist in the wall to wall horde of people.

Teo's father burst with excitement, pouncing through the crowd, saying, "Great! Now that we've finished all of our construction projects! Don't worry Aang, we made them completely environmental; in fact, I doubt you can even notice them yourself! Try if you want! In the meantime, Sokka, how about you and I go to my workshop and you can help me with a few new inventions I had thought up a few years back in that nasty Fire Nation prison?"

"It would be my pleasure, sir!" Sokka replied with an exciting gleam of eagerness.

"And the rest of you---yes, they saved the world!" Teo's father sighed hopelessly, "If I can remember right, a few of your faces were there too so leave them alone, these are our friends and our guests!"

The crowd grumbled and disbanded, as Sokka and the Mechanist wandered away to his workshop.

"Hey Aang, do you and Katara want to test out this new flying zone I found outside of the city?" Teo wondered, "There was a major gas leak and now the air over there is just like the air is here and we can glide around the outer parts of the temple, it's pretty neat!"

"Would I!?" Aang laughed, asking, "How about you Katara?"

"Well..." she sounded hesitant at first, then caved in, "Alright, sounds fun!"

Fanon PD- Sky Race

The team spent the afternoon enjoying themselves flying through the clouds-

The team spent the afternoon enjoying themselves either flying through the clouds or building strange new inventions, all before camping at the temple in order to rest before the long journey to the North Pole in the morning. It was a peaceful, silent night as the team slept soundly in the temple, but this was interrupted all of the sudden when Aang awoke from his sleep in an abrupt shock. He jolted upward and looked all over the room like he'd heard something, but the entire mountain was slumbering in silence.

Aang crept outside to check on Appa, who was awake, lounging under the stars, so thinking that he had made the whole thing up, the drowsy Avatar turned to head back to bed when all too suddenly the noise caught his ears' attention yet again, and this time it crossed Appa's too.

"You hear that too, buddy?" Aang asked in a hushed tone and Appa grumbled in agreement... "Come on, let's go check it out!"

The two set off below the mountain and into the foggy woods below the Northern Air Temple, but after searching the woods for hours, Aang and Appa were beginning to think they were imagining the whole thing after all. They were about to turn around and head back to the temple, when the noise came one last time and Aang wasn't going to miss his chance again! Aang and Appa pounced right towards the sound, through a long fence of thick trees only to stumble upon a secret grove with flowing waterfalls and caves carved into the side of the tall mountain. Soaring around the area, flying very low to the ground, were dozens of Sky Bison just like Appa---all hiding in this oasis below because they were afraid of being hunted above like their ancestors.

Aang gasped and rubbed his eyes to make sure this wasn't all a dream, then he exclaimed, "Look at them all! Appa you're not the last Flying Bison---Just look!"

Fanon PD- The Bison

Aang and Appa had discovered the last secret pack of Sky Bison in the entire world!

Appa roared, making the other Bison take notice of the young Airbender in their midst. Most fled away in fear; only a small few stayed when they saw Appa and then when they noticed that Aang was an Airbender, more and more bison started peeking out to curiously explore the two friendly strangers. Aang and Appa had discovered the last secret pack of Sky Bison in the entire world! They had been using the steam and thick fog from the mountain and the waterfall in order to remain hidden for over one-hundred years! In the trees, a few lemur-like creatures started peeping out of the leaves at the visitors---they weren't winged lemurs like Momo was, but they were descendants of his kind and they too had been hiding away for over a hundred years beneath the temple in fear of the Fire Nation soldiers and money grubbing poachers.

The next morning, Aang alerted everyone about his find and using some of the Avatar's "master animal magnetism," Aang coaxed some of the Bison and as many of the Lemurs as possible back to Air Temple Island where he started building a new home for them while Katara and Sokka continued to the North Pole to alert the Northern Water Tribe that Republic City was being formed if they had workers who wanted part in helping.

Some of the members of the Northern Air Temple, Teo and his father included, offered to help construction on Aang's island and agreed to watch over the Sky Bison and Ring-Tailed Lemurs while Aang was away on Avatar duty. It was this group of Northern Air Temple members that became the very first Air Acolytes on Air Temple Island. Months later, when all of their construction was finished, some of Teo's people decided to remain on the island permanently and all of them dedicated their lives to helping the Airbending Avatar. Later on, the members of Aang's Fan Club across the Earth Kingdom added on to this group of acolytes and in time Aang would teach them the ways of his nomadic ancestors in the hopes that his nation would be brought back to life in the hearts of these eager Air Acolytes.


The first reunion was boring, but peaceful; just a simple celebration at Uncle Iroh's tea shop where everybody relaxed and enjoyed the bliss. It was so peaceful in fact, that this was exactly how the team spent their Second Year Reunion. Seems everything was going fine as far as the world was concerned; the Fire Nation was under control and the four nations were starting to accept the fact that there was no longer any war.

Meanwhile, the Order of the White Lotus members were said to have been traveling the world just as Team Avatar was; they were also spreading the word that the war was over, and convincing all hasty citizens that if they didn't give up their hateful old ways there would be severe consequences.

Toph continued overlooking the empty, yet progressing Republic City, while her Metalbending Academy thrived in Ba Sing Se. Her three students were attracting many eager new faces that also wanted to take part in this new Metalbending craze.

Then on an even greater note, Fire Lord Zuko no longer got hunted by assassins now that the Kyoshi Warriors remained at his disposal, and after an intense break-up in Zuko and Mai's relationship the previous year, it seems that they are trying to make things right between them. Mai, however, did not show up at the Second Year Reunion and neither did Suki, much to Sokka's dismay.


Fanon PD- Rebuilding the South Pole

Sokka and Katara traveled to the South Pole to aid Pakku in the refurbishing of the Southern Water Tribe-

By the winter of the second year, Sokka and Katara traveled to the South Pole to aid Pakku in the refurbishing of the Southern Water Tribe alongside all of the new Waterbenders that moved down from the North Pole. The tribe had already accomplished much in the two years that they have been building, but just to see their Gran Gran, their dad, Bato, and the tribe again made Sokka and Katara the happiest they've been in months! It seems their father's old friend, Bato, has recently become quite taken with one of the new Northern tribe women that came to help her sister tribe, and his crush is easily mockable for Hakoda.


Fanon PD- Toph's Metalbending Academy

Toph became the first person to open a business in Republic City-

Toph became the first person to open a business in Republic City. With all of the Earthbenders who aided in the towns vast construction, she took the opportunity to teach some of them the art of Metalbending like she was planning the year before. Her first three students: The Dark One, Penga, and Ho Tun, they run the Metalbending Academy in Ba Sing Se for Toph, ensuring that all life in the Earth Kingdom Capitol goes smoothly as they fix their fair city. But, in the United Republic, this new Beifong Academy was one she built all on her own, right out of the earth itself. Of course, a few of her new students offered to add some support beams and wallpaper just to make things a little easier to look at, but Toph didn't really seem to care and allowed them to renovate. Meanwhile, the greatest Earthbender in the world started to construct the rest of the empty block surrounding her new school, and at the end of the block, Toph ordered the construction of a nice day spa (much to the workers' shock). If Toph ever wanted a nice day to feel girly for a change, then she could walk right down the street and enjoy herself, and oh how she planned on enjoying herself in this new city. The opportunities seemed endless.


Fanon PD- Building Air Temple Island

Aang and the helpful Air Acolytes focused on the construction of Air Temple Island-

By Spring, Aang and Zuko were issuing laws for Republic City while continuing their strenuous task of keeping peace within the nations. Less trouble occurs now than when the Harmony Restoration Movements were first initiated and far less than when the H.R.M. was terminated. For once, things in the world really did seem to be getting better for everyone. In the meantime, while everyone was away on business, Aang and the helpful Air Acolytes focused on the construction of Air Temple Island and started building housing areas, caves for the new Bison, and they even started planting trees so there would be a large forest area and flowers all over the island one day.


Fanon PD- The Kyoshi Warriors

Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors were finally travelling home to Kyoshi Island-

By the end of the year, Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors were finally traveling home, spreading the word of peace and also providing their services to any needy person along the way of their journey. It had been a couple of months since the warriors were guarding Zuko at his palace, but he was perfectly safe now that things have calmed down and Zuko had regained a steady head--- meaning the ladies were no longer required. Of course, Ty Lee was sad to leave the Fire Nation, and her friends, but she was more excited to see this cool island where her newest best friends came from---that and she was ready to meet all of the new, cute boys living on Kyoshi Island.

Fanon Trivia

  • NOTE: In future years, a couple of Sky Bison are given names, and most of these Bison are named after deceased Air Temple Monks from Aang's childhood.
  • Mai did not attend the Reunion because she was still mad at Zuko for keeping secrets from her the previous year, but they are indeed working to fix their relationship again. Suki did not attend because she was more homesick than "friend-sick" and needed to visit Kyoshi Island with her group.
  • Toph's new Metalbending Academy is the second school she built to teach Earthbenders the art of Metalbending. She has a small portrait of her family's Flying Boar hanging on the wall of this new academy.
  • This is not the only time Ho Tun, Penga, or The Dark One are mentioned in this Fanon, though... they never actually make an appearance.
  • Let it be known that most of the new workers that helped Aang construct the buildings on Air Temple Island were former citizens of the Northern Air Temple, but not all of them became Air Acolytes. Just as not all of the Bison or lemurs went to live on the new island.
  • Note: To Ty Lee's dismay, there are not many cute boys living on Kyoshi Island.
  • This also marks the first Fanon Chapter that contains dialogue.

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