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Fanon PD- Tenzin

They named him Tenzin as a tribute to Aang's old friend, Monk Gyatso-

A few weeks after this discovery in the Police Force, Aang and Katara's third child was born calmly on Air Temple Island. They named him Tenzin as a tribute to Aang's old friend, Monk Gyatso who was also known to have been related with the name. Unlike Kya and Bumi, Tenzin was born very pale skinned and calm---he barely cried and actually just giggled a lot whenever he looked someone in the eyes.

"I wanted a sister," Kya huffed, "But he's cute too, I guess?"

"I'm going to teach him all of my special moves!" Bumi cheered, "We'll play tag, and build forts, and I'll show him all the good hiding spots to pull pranks on the acolytes!"

"What?" Katara snapped.

Bumi took back his statement and retaliated, "Nothing!"

"You're going to have to be gentle with him for now, kids," Aang smiled, "Tenzin is just a baby, he's going to need time before you can play rough with him."

"Do you think he'll be able to Waterbend like me Daddy!?" Kya gasped excitedly.

"I'll bet that when I'm a bender---" Bumi jumped eagerly up and down, "We can all play together then, right Mommy?"

"Sure honey," she smiled.

"Hopefully one of you picked up a little Airbending from your old dad," Aang teased, "I'm dying to teach you some of my moves!"

"No one wants to learn the Air-Marble, Aang!" Katara snapped.

"Yeah!" Kya agreed with her mother's tone and started to giggle.

"I do!" Bumi shouted, "Dad, when Tenzin gets bigger, will you teach it to us!?"

"You got it son," The Avatar shagged his son's hair and laughed loudly before hugging his entire family in one massive maneuver. "It's a promise! But first we need to make sure you don't turn out a Waterbender like your mom, or you could even be an Earth or Firebender because of me."

"Well I hope I'm something cool," he smiled, "I don't want to be a boring Waterbender like Kya!"


"What's wrong with being a Waterbender, Bumi?" Katara gave him a look.

Aang laughed in amusement, "You've done it now son, we better run before the girls catch us!"

"Can we do the Air Scooter!?" Bumi pleaded.

Aang thought it over and quickly snatched up the boy before laughing and forming an Air-Scooter that helped them flee the room while Kya growled and started chasing after them. Meanwhile, Katara just took in a deep sigh and held the new baby close to her while they watched Kya, Bumi, and Aang wrestling around outside.

"This is your new family little Tenzin," she said with an awkward grin, "I sure hope that you aren't nearly half as rambunctious as your older brother and sister are..."


Toph and Ohev were busy dealing with Yakone, who was becoming a major issue for the Police and the Avatar. It seems he has not only formed, but was in total control of every major crime spree in Republic City. He was creating gangs and trouble all throughout Republic City, labeling himself a master crime lord and a huge nuisance for the Metalbenders. It seems that no matter what Toph and the police attempted to do in order to stop Yakone, he always managed to weasel his way free and disappear like nothing happened. Surely, his luck would soon run out, but the stress and aggravation, coupled with the odd sensation of butterflies that Toph had been feeling for days on end were staring to drive her crazy. It all started one calm morning when Toph shot out of bed, gasping, and ready to attack an intruder.

Ohev heard her haste and woke groggily, asking, "Toph? What's the matter?"

"I thought I felt something?" Toph frowned.

Ohev sat up and listened but heard nothing except the calm chirps coming from the morning animals outside..."I think maybe you were just having a bad dream," he yawned, "Come back to sleep. You need to rest if you're going to spend all day cleaning up after Yakone's mess..."

Toph growled under her breath, and listened around, but the sensation she felt did not come again. Toph got back in bed and she fell back asleep before having to go to work a few hours later to do exactly the thing that Ohev had said.

The next day, Toph had just come back from patrolling the streets with a team of Metalbenders, and was getting ready to go home after a long day of work, when the feeling came again...a gut feeling like someone was following her or about to attack; so, she shot her cable back, though only her husband was standing in the way of the crossfire. Ohev whipped the sharp cable across a leather strap on his wrist to keep him from being sawed in
Fanon PD- Jeeze!

"Jeez Toph!"

half; the metal wire made slits in his bracelet, nearly cutting through to the skin before Toph realized who she'd hit and stole back her weapon.

"Jeez Toph!" her husband exclaimed, "You almost split me in two...what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry," she urged, "Maybe it's just you....maybe I'm so used to hearing you around me that sometimes----well, you can sneak up on me? I can't explain it?"

Ohev walked up to her and sighed, placing a hand on her shoulder... "Toph, I think you are a little over-stressed. Maybe we should just go home and get some rest, relax our nerves a bit---and you'll feel better in the morning on our day off."

"Yeah..." she huffed, "M-maybe so?"

The next morning Toph was spending her day off relaxing until Katara and the kids had come by to show off little Tenzin. Toph had heard some of the things that Katara was saying about her experiences the last nine months while carrying Tenzin. The Chief thought it over and considered that maybe these odd feelings weren't what she originally believed. After Katara and the kids left and she saw them back to Appa safely, Toph turned to go inside, and called for Ohev; then, when he got there she explained herself the best she could---it wasn't going quite as she planned and ten minutes of awkward mumbling later, she managed to collect her story:

"---What I'm trying to say..." Toph continued, "Is that I think I know what I've been feeling all those times I was on edge the past couple of days..."

Ohev gave off a relieved sigh, and took her hand, "Good, I was starting to get a little worried...not just for you, but for my life as well---but alright, alright, what is it then?"

"I think I might---" Toph choked on the words and her face turned red.

"Might---?" he wondered concerned; the smile on his face shifted instantly into a frown.

"I think...I might be...pregnant, Ohev?" she half-grinned, though her eyes looked toward him in sheer terror.

"Are you serious?" He practically shut-down, "Y-You're sure?"

Fanon PD- Butterflies

"This is the best thing I've ever heard!"

She touched the metal of her uniform and took it and the cables off to feel her waist beneath her shirt...she focused and instead of sensing the world around her, she sensed every part of her own body and could instantly make out what seemed to be a small, tiny person hiding away inside her own stomach. Toph opened her eyes and with a worried look, she shook her head, making Ohev's breath choke as well as her own.

After a moment, Ohev then got excited and kissed his wife gently, saying, "This is the best thing I've ever heard!"

Toph's worried frown shifted into a small grin as she felt the way Ohev eagerly paced around the floor... "It is?"

"Gosh..." he gasped, "I mean I know some of this is going to be hard to adjust, but a baby---I don't think I've been happier since the day you agreed to marry me?"

"I gave you a black eye that day..." Toph argued with a chuckle.

"It was worth it," he added, before kissing her again and the two gradually got more and more excited about this unexpected new gift that they discovered---that is---before they started arguing about how this would affect Toph's position as the Chief of Police.

Months passed and of course, being pregnant did not stop Toph from being the Chief of Police... She was still catching crooks and creating newer, faster ways for the Metalbenders to round up criminals. It was in this year that metal cables were strung around the city that the Police Force used to skate above streets for high speed carriage chases, and this was also the year that the drop-cables were issued in the Airships, which allowed the police to propel down from the war balloons that Ohev controlled. He didn't care much for the dangerous position Toph was in, but he believed she could handle herself, and they made a deal that if she was ever the slightest bit overwhelmed, she would take a break until after the baby was born. Each and each day Toph could feel her daughter growing and changing---she noticed the things that made her react and the sounds she liked...such as Ohev's voice and the sound of Metalbending Cables taking out a swarm of bad guys. Ohev wondered why Toph insisted the baby was going to be a girl, he thought maybe it could be a boy---but Toph insisted that she was having a girl, and they made a bet to see who was right come delivery day. Only time would tell for sure...


Months pass by as everything in the universe continued calmly and happily. The bliss, however, was short lived and the peace in the world had suddenly ended in a blink. It took only one day for everything to come crashing to a halt and it was in this one day that the worse thoughts imaginable came to life and equally effected the city in travesty. It was a very tragic day indeed, a Police Airship was struck down from the sky; the main ship was sabotaged causing the engines to explode and the vessel crashed into the harbor off the coast of Yue Bay. Ohev and many other Metalbending Police Officers were still inside the ship when it crashed, and of the thousands killed upon impact, only four people survived---Toph's husband was not one of them.

Days pass by but the wreckage was nearly unsalvageable. The surviving officers were all in the hospital, no change in their health. The one officer that remained fit enough to talk, well, he couldn't tell the police much of anything helpful in tracking down the responsible for the crash.

Toph never left the harbor. Four days had gone by since the accident, but she wouldn't stop trying to come up with a way to save those officers, most of which were already gone. Hope was fading fast.

"Chief, you need sleep!" one officer tried to suggest.

"Shut it!" Toph roared back, her eyes baggy and hair disheveled. "Aang, surely we can get that tub out of the water by now?"

"The oil spill is still at an unstable level. Explosions from the wiring inside the Airships set off another random explosion every few hours," Aang explained. "To make matters worse, all of this pollution is causing some extremely high levels of spirit energy to form in angst over the environment. Right now it is taking all of our attention to keep the Rescue Units alive out there and keep the hazard dormant."

The Chief slammed her fists into the table of their tent and roared, "That's not good enough!" Suddenly with that final outburst, she groaned faintly and Toph toppled over, completely out of energy, not even enough strength left in her to hear one more syllable of bad news.

The officers and the Avatar yelled out as Toph fell over, but as soon as Aang had caught her swiftly in his arms, he moved her to a nearby seat and tried to tend to her exhaustion as the beach still roam in confusion and chaos. Every schematic, every scrap of paper on the little table---all ideas were useless now. There was no more hope to be had here, and everyone else knew it.

"Avatar Aang," another officer wondered as they peeked back out at the bay. "Do you really believe---I mean, even if we were able to reach the ship---would there even be any survivors by this point?"

Aang frowned and looked from the ocean back to the unconscious and agonized face of his old friend. With a heavy sigh, Aang stared back at the officer and simply said, "No."

After a week, the officers that were missing in action had to be labeled as deceased by that point in time. One week and a hundred families, thousands of friends' lives all changed forever. Suddenly, Toph found herself at a loss---there literally was absolutely no hope that Ohev would come back. She didn't want to believe it at first, but now---there was just nothing.

A rainy evening, the police held a ceremony for the great loss as they usually did for fallen officers. Toph was not herself for this ceremony, and though she dressed as the respected Chief of Police, she was toneless---her voice even stopped as soon as she had to call off her own husband's name on the list of deceased or otherwise Missing In Action. After the long funeral ceremony, one of the survivors came up to give a speech---he was the only one out of the other three who remained standing, as they all underwent operations in the hospital labeled in critical conditions. He had told his story many times, but this one---talking to the families---it was harder for him to speak than ever before.

Fanon PD- Saikhan

"The tragic experience was one I never thought I would live through..."

"The tragic experience was one I never thought I would live through..." the young officer said solemnly to the large crowd. He had a cast on his right arm, and his left leg; also a very large gauze patch covering most of his face---he would never be able to see out of his right eye again, but he was alive and he expressed his gratefulness for that. Then he continued on by saying, "By the time the Avatar showed up...the ship was already submerged in the pouring out every nook that still allowed air. I can still hear the screaming as my fellow officers and I tried to fight our way through the blazing current to the top of the ship. Hundreds of my closest friends and allies were simply gone...dozens still fighting to survive, and when it was just the four of us and Captain Ohev, he bravely sacrificed himself so the rest of us wouldn't all drown in the boiling waters. Soon after, we escaped and Avatar Aang came to our rescue...but it was too late to do anything for the other officers."

Hours pass during this memorial service. Katara and Sokka comforted Toph as best they could, but she didn't pay them any attention, she wasn't even crying...she merely sat there with a blank look on her face as person after person came up to express their sincerest apologies. In the meantime, Aang was out in Republic City searching for clues the responsible. The one-eyed officer told Aang about how the ship was simply going about its daily course when it felt as though they struck a mountain...the entire vessel rumbled and soon it filled to the brim in smoke. He realized that something in the engine room either was struck or exploded and it completely obvious to him and everyone else on board that this was an act of sabotage. Aang was going to try and find the responsible, but his search was coming up dry. After more and more people came to console Toph, she scoffed and stepped out of the building to escape all of the sorrow inside. Rain came and started splashing across her face, making her close her eyes in despair; though, instead of tears, came only anger, and with a swift growl, Toph shot out one metal coil, taking off into the night to catch her husband's murderer herself. Katara noticed and she tried to run after her, nearly everyone tried to stop her, but no one was a match for their Chief and Toph escaped into the night. She hunted for clues tirelessly as the calm, rainy night quickly turned into a raging storm; it made tracking the scent around the fallen airship all the harder, but this delay did not stop Toph in the slightest.

Fanon PD- Where's Toph

"Where's Toph!?"

"Where's Toph?" Aang asked breathlessly as he flew onto the steps and shoved his way into the building soaking wet in winter rain.

The Police Academy was in chaos, until the Avatar landed, in which case, they all immediately started bombarding him and asking him a mobbed series of questions. Katara and Sokka were sitting nearby, trying to come up with a plan, when they saw Aang and hastily made their way over to him.

"BACK OFF, GIVE HIM SOME SPACE!" Sokka bellowed at the vicious crowd, shoving people out of his way left and right.

"Aang! Toph ran away to hunt down the people who did this! She shot down everyone here who tried to stop her and dissapeared about a half hour ago."

"We sent out a search party, but they haven't returned with any news," Sokka added. He looked down at his feet and then up again at Aang with a heavy frown, "And Teo called us back. It seems like we were right after all. Someone needs to tell her."

"Aang, she's nine months pregnant and very emotionally distraught, you have to find her, now!" Katara pleaded.

"I will..." he stated strongly, "You two, go and check her home---I'll try and track her using my method of connection. The rest of you, please remain calm....we are trying to learn more about what happened earlier to your friends and family...those responsible will be found and apprehended!" then Aang turned back to Sokka and Katara, whispering hastily, "We need to hurry before this whole city goes vigilante like their Chief---Hurry, go!"

On the bay, Toph found the remainder of the Airship wreckage scattered across the sandy shore. The ship itself was still smoking and cracking into the ocean while a Waterbending Fire-Fighting Team (the River Rescue Unit) tried to assist the rain in killing the great fire that after five days was still burning strong thanks to the Airship oil that spilled into the ocean. Toph sensed around for clues---not even the loose sand stood in her way of seeing.

Fanon PD- Evidence

Toph sensed around for clues---not even the loose sand stood in her way of seeing-

Suddenly, she kicked a small piece of metal that was pointy and cold to the touch. She picked it up and felt the odd design, realizing that this was Ohev's symbol of the War Balloons....the same symbol painted on every ship and every uniform in the Metalbending Academy---The symbol of the United Republic. Toph clutched the small badge and let out a single tear before she continued her search for clues. It was then, she found a piece of evidence, a scorch mark on one of the charred hunks of wreckage. Unlike the fire caused by the ships explosion, this burn mark came from a different source, a familiar source---it was a rare explosive device used by a very common, primary gang in Toph's hit list---The Phoenix Riders. They were the meanest, nastiest bunch of Firebending thugs Republic City had to offer. The Police had been tracking their crimes in order to apprehend them at the source...but they must have discovered they were being tracked by the cops and planned out this sabotage. Toph shot the hunk of metal across the beach and snarled along the thunder that erupted above. Those Phoenix Riders did this...and even at the risk of blowing her own round-up plan, Toph knew just where to find at least half of them, and that was good enough for her.

Meanwhile, Aang soared into the crash zone and noticed that Toph had been there; he tried to meditate on those invisible strings connecting him to his friend, and soon Aang picked up on Toph's trail, then he hurried much faster to find her. However, the lightning picked up and Aang was forced to continue his search on foot---all the while he was hoping that the metal-infused-mother-to-be wasn't getting electrocuted by this harsh storm.

Toph beat her way through the Firebenders' hideout. They were surprised to see the lone Chief pounding through their sanctuary---and after they regained their senses, they fired everything they had at her. Toph dodged the gangs' every attack and sent them flying by the dozens with her Earthbending; and, when she finally chased the leader of the pack out into the alley, she cornered him against a brick wall, immobilized him, and readied her cables for impact. No one said a word because there was nothing to be said. The crime lord knew Toph could tell if he lied and he had no lies to give. He was a guilty accomplice to dozens of crimes...and Toph was going out of the law's way to ensure he got the punishment he deserved.

Fanon PD- Vengeance

"Give me one good reason..."

Toph trapped the man in an Earthbending wedge then pulled back her arm, her cable whipped across the skies as thunder erupted from above. She was about to unleash her full fury when something caught the edge of her whip. It was a hand, followed by a large blast of lighting----Aang had gotten to Toph just in time and redirected the Earth's lighting into the bricks above her prisoner's head.

"Toph stop!" he shouted.

"Give me one good reason!" Toph screamed back, "He broke into the Academy, he killed thousands of people, he took my husband away from me! Why should I stop Aang!? YOU WOULD DO THE SAME!"

"No Toph, he didn't...and you need to redirect your anger. If you take this man out, not only will you lose all of your hard-earned respect and the title as chief, but you could lose your child too! Look at you, you're a walking lighting rod! Please, let the man live to see trial---let him get the punishment of justice, not revenge! Toph, stop this bloodlust or you're no better than they are!"

"Aang----I----I don't think I can!" she yelled at him, half in sorrow and half in fury.

Aang jumped down to stand behind her and released his grip on the coil as it wrapped back at Toph's hip. He set a hand on her shoulder and said calmly, "You're stronger than this Toph...don't choose revenge."

"Why should I?" She almost whispered. A tear trickled down her face, and she clenched her eyes. "Why?"

"Toph..." Aang grimaced, "They're saying that the Phoenix Riders were nowhere near the crash site. I believe the reports and I know for a fact that they aren't responsible for the Airships crashing."

"That isn't true!" She argued, "I found evidence of their unique burn patterns and these guys' specific blend of blasting jelly. They had the means and a motif to do this, Aang. It HAD to be them!"

"No... Sokka had a theory...and Teo and his father have been testing the gases that the police have been using to make the Airships fly. They're saying that it is highly flammable." Aang swallowed. There was blood in his hand where the metal cables slit across his palm; he shoved the sting to the back of his mind and added on to the facts which Sokka told him. "Similar situations have been happening in the Fire Nation for decades; ever since Sozin's Comet. But, their ships malfunctioned before taking off and the incidents were never reported, the rest was only luck up until now that there have not been more casualties."

"It's true!" The thug pleaded, "We weren't nowhere near that ship going down! We sometimes do practice over on the beaches when no one's around. Nothing crooked, just tests! We bury all of the evidence right after, I swear!"

Toph slapped her cable gently yet tightly around the man's mouth and she let it all sink in. Her whole body shook as the realization took its toll.

"I'm so sorry, Toph," Aang concluded, "But what happened last week wasn't an attack. It was only a terrible---horrible accident."

The words struck her like a knife. "No," she started to sob, her throat choking back tears... "No, Aang! I need---I need somebody to blame. Someone to punish!" Toph shook her head, "It couldn't have been just an accident...not this...not something this important..."

"Toph! These criminals are anything but innocent...but still, they are not to blame for what happened. Now, you need to let him go. What you're doing here is wrong. Please Toph...let him free."

The Chief bowed her head and released her grip on the fugitive. He collapsed to the ground and lay there as the ice cold rain soaked his entire beaten body. Toph fell to her knees in tears (all of those tears she had been holding back before) and they froze to her cheeks as the thunder called louder. Aang let out a sigh of relief just before he bandaged his hand and then kneeled down to pick Toph off the ground. With the brutality ended, Aang carried her back to her home on foot just as the police arrived to apprehend the gang leader and the rest of the fallen Phoenix Riders.

By the time Aang had Toph tucked away, warmly into bed and in her home, the man and all of his followers were locked away in prison to await trial---the missing remainder of the Phoenix Gang disappeared from the streets altogether and with their leader behind bars, they gradually disbanded and never resurfaced again.

Katara and Sokka were comforting Toph once again before she told them all to simply just leave her alone to rest. They left the room, but stayed at the house just in case she needed them later----and it turns out, she did. In light of everything, and after all of that harsh hunting she had done, Toph ended up having her child on the night of her husband's funeral. Toph had lost part of her heart---she knew that the gap could never be mended, but this daughter---her beautiful little girl, brought a large piece of it back.

"How does she look?" Toph asked tiredly.

"She's beautiful Toph," Katara smiled, "A beautiful baby girl with a thick mess of black hair, rosy cheeks, and ten perfect little fingers and toes."

"And her eyes?" Toph's tone was worried in the slightest.

"Big, beautiful emerald-green colored eyes just like his," Katara teared up," and, she really wants to see you now, Mom." She handed over the baby; Sokka and Aang admired from afar, both crying like little girls, and Katara coaxed them out of the hall, whispering, "We'll be right in the other room if you need us---we'll give you two a minute to bond by yourselves..."

They walked away, and in an instant, it was just the two Beifong girls alone in the quiet.

Toph couldn't see her child physically, but the love was instant and in a single moment. She could no longer feel the little heartbeat inside of her, nor the butterfly movements of a baby that was always with her for these last nine months. Toph now felt empty, but she suddenly heard the soft breaths, the whimpering cries of life that came from the tiny person that she held close in her arms. She realized then in one miraculous moment that she was a mother. Toph had become the mother that she was always afraid to be---only, now she somehow felt ready.

Fanon PD- Lin

You are my whole world now...Lin Beifong-

For once, Toph was prepared to be a mother, and she was also ready to accept that she and this baby were on their own without Ohev to help raise her. As Toph touched the cooing infant's face, a single tear escaped from the tough Chief Beifong's eye, and Toph told her daughter, "I won't promise you I'll be the most compassionate mother in the world. I won't always be sympathetic, or give you any slack, but I will promise you with all of my heart, that no matter what you matter what happens to us in the future---I will always be the proudest mother just knowing that I had a great daughter like you. You are my whole world now...Lin Beifong."

The baby cried and Toph stroked her head as she hushed the infant and shed another few tears.

"I wish your father could have heard that beautiful crying." She sniffed and kissed Lin on top of the head. "I hope wherever he is, Ohev can see you grow up. I want him to know that I will be taking care of you just fine and, he shouldn't worry about us." She smiled...her tough tone slightly returned, but it was still full of old sadness and a new mixed happiness as she hollered, "Aang, why don't you tell him what I just said---you three have been sneaking around the corner for the last ten minutes!"

"Will do!" He sniffed and sobbed.

Toph snarled and barked her Chiefly orders as the life began to return to her vocal cords... "Sooner than you think if you three don't get out of here and let me have my moment with my daughter!"


About three months later came the twentieth reunion of winning the Hundred Year War---but this was not a happy occasion... Zuko was devastated to hear of Ohev's tragic death, but also enlightened to see Toph's wonderful, new daughter. All of the young children enjoyed seeing each other again and joined Honora outside for some play-time, while the parents continued on with their annual talk. This year there was many a goal on Team Avatar's mind: stopping the gangs before they hurt any more families in Republic City was one---this task Toph swore to above all else. Secondly, Teo, Sokka, and the Mechanist were trying to replace the dangerous gases used in the Police Airships and Fire Nation War Balloons to make them less flammable and safe for transport. Of course that conversation stopped all too soon, leading the team to sit in awkward silence for what seemed like the longest time.

With a loud clearing of his throat, Zuko stood from his seat, a glass of Lychee Juice held high in a formal form of honor... "To Ohev," he stated, "The bravest Captain of the skies...and the bravest soldier we'll ever meet."

Katara rose too and joined her glass with Zuko's, her other arm held tighter onto baby Tenzin as she thought about the tragedy. She looked to the glass, praising... "He was a good, generous, kind-hearted man...I owe him my life for helping save me and Bumi from Koh."

"He was dedicated to protecting the people," Suki sniffed sadly, "He was a true warrior right down to the end!"

"Ohev was a courageous officer..." Sokka toasted, another arm going tightly around his wife for comfort, "Republic City couldn't have asked for a better Captain."

"He was a once in a lifetime friend," Aang added sincerely, "And he will always be connected to us in our hearts."

"He was a loving husband," Mai frowned as she took Zuko's hand, "A proud one will ever be able to replace him."

All eyes fell to Toph. She stood slowly with a sleeping baby Lin held softly in her arm. She picked up a glass and raised it to the center with the others, swallowing hard before toasting the memory of her late husband...

Then Toph strongly pledged,
Fanon PD- Captain

"That man was and will forever hero..."

"That man was and will forever hero..."

"Hear, hear..." They all stated solemnly, before clinking together their glasses. After that, the entire group dedicated all of their future conversations to epic stories and joyful memories about Ohev. He never really came to the reunions (in order to watch over Republic City,) but he will always be remembered as a heroic, selfless member of Team Avatar...and he would be desperately missed for many years to come.

Fanon Trivia

  • This is the first year where it is officially stated that Yakone is a wanted criminal.
  • Tenzin's name actually is a known reference to Monk Gyatso.
  • The "Butterflies" chapter is made up of mostly flashbacks from the previous year. The actual after-effects of this section do not actually take place until three months later.
  • This is the first time we see the outside of the Police headquarters or Toph's metal cables in use. This is also the first we see of Ohev in a casual uniform.
  • Fact: Ohev has always had a gap between his two front teeth... (Spoiler Alert: Toph has admitted that this was a cute little trait of his.)
  • The idea that the Airships exploded on accident because of the gases used to make them fly was a reference to the real-life tragedy of The Hindenburg in 1937.
  • The injured officer will eventually be linked personally to Saikhan from LOK.
  • This is the third funeral shown in the Fanon, and also the largest one illustrated thus far.
  • To track down the Phoenix Riders, Toph is using her Seismic sense. This was first seen in use when Toph was battling Koh in Year Twelve.
  • Toph's having Lin that night could be due to the severe amounts of stress and fighting done by the mother-to-be earlier that evening.
  • "O Captain'" was a reference to the poem written concerning the death of President Lincoln.
  • Most things referenced to Ohev's bravery and heroics are things related to similar talk about Lin Beifong later in her life as a heroic icon in LOK.
  • Fanon Funfact: Before the Fan Fiction was posted here on the wiki, Lin's father was originally going to be The Duke----Until I noticed that he was so young, and then I discovered Ohev's story...

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