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One day, Yakone was captured by Toph's police force and brought to court where Councilman Sokka sentenced him to life in prison due to the fact that Yakone was not only a major crime lord, but also a bloodbender, and a powerful one that could bend blood in broad daylight. Aang stopped Yakone and took away his bending, but at a cost to his health. Aang was growing weaker and the tolls of the Avatar State seemed to be catching up with him even faster after taking away yet another person's bending abilities.

Fanon PD- Yakone's Trial

No one was seriously injured, but the emotional scar of both fear and pride were heavy on every victims' mind-

Meanwhile, people in the courtroom started waking up from their terrifying ordeals. Sokka groaned and found himself on the table of the council, looking up towards the ceiling; he shot up and winced at a sharp pain in his ribs before quickly looking over the courtroom to see all of the fallen civilians who were starting to wake---all except for the Chief, who lay right where Yakone dropped her, and Sokka shot over to her aid.

"Toph!" he called, "Wake up!"

She groaned and coughed weakly, before gasping awake, jumping up so that she could lean on her elbow... "Sokka...what happened! Where's Yakone!?"

Sokka helped her sit up and replied, "Gone...but so is Aang, don't worry, he'll get that guy."

"Sokka, how is everyone?"

"They're sore, but they all seem to be fine. You got the worst of Yakone's attack Toph, how do you feel?"

"I feel like I need you to get me out of here!" she ordered.

Sokka picked her up and carried her outside where the healers and medics started rushing in. Sokka and Toph went a ways out of the chaos and sat on the steps of a nearby building before Sokka finally said, "Alright Chief, you're out---now Toph...are you okay?"

The look on her face was pure anger, but that soon shifted away into tears and she fell right into the councilman's chest, crying..."I don't think I've been that terrified---in years!"

Sokka hugged her tightly, and patted her hair in a consoling manner as he tried to comfort his oldest friend...

"I couldn't see, Sokka---I couldn't do anything!" Toph cried, "I didn't know if we were going to live or die---I can't die now Sokka, I can't leave Lin alone in this world with no one!"

Fanon PD- Fears

"It's okay to be scared, even the Chief can feel fear..."

"It's okay Toph..." he calmed, "I don't know one person that was thinking anything different than you were back there...It's okay to be scared every once and a while, even the Chief can feel fear."

Toph continued sobbing lightly, as Sokka added, "Toph, I've never wanted to help someone so badly in all of my life---after I saw what Yakone was doing to you, I wanted to scream out and beg him to take me instead; I'd never seen such horrifying bending before and used on my best friend---I didn't know what was going to happen---Toph I'm so sorry, I couldn't help you."

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you too..." she replied in a slight smile, clearing away the last of her restrained tears, before adding... "You know, you're my best friend too. Katara and I, we can talk about most things, but you---I can tell you anything, Councilman."

He kissed the top of her head, and she punched him in the shoulder, threatening him in the usual "sworn to secrecy" way, meaning none of this ever happened. Then the two sat there in silence until Aang returned and explained to them what had just happened with Yakone. The remainder of the police were said to have apprehended him, and according to the head of the medical department, no one was critically injured inside the courtroom. It seems the events of Yakone's final trial were finally at an end. Although....the aftermath of these events, were soon to begin.


It was just three days ago that Yakone stood trial and three days since Aang was forced to remove his bending. Yakone somehow escaped from the police and remains at large, many believed that he simply vanished from Republic City all together. While the city tried to recover from this horrifying ordeal, Team Avatar met up at Toph's home to discuss the recent events.

"So you're saying we shouldn't pursue him, Aang?" Sokka wondered hastily.

"He knows that there is no life for him here anymore," Aang told, "And, since I took away his bending, he isn't a large enough threat to track down all over the planet? As long as Yakone is out of Republic City I think---"


Fanon PD- Not Helping

Toph shot one of her flower pots near Sokka's head and it shattered against the wall behind the couch-

"Toph," Katara eased, "Keep your voice down, I don't want the children to overhear."

"The fact that Yakone almost took out the entire council, and the Avatar----" Suki added, "Well, it would frighten them beyond belief!"

"And Toph, you couldn't even see," Sokka pointed out, "Yakone had you well-over three feet above the ground?"

Without moving an inch, Toph shot one of her flower pots near Sokka's head and it shattered against the wall behind the couch. With that, Toph continued her ranting and the others merely listened and tried to calm her down without getting earthbended into the basement.

Meanwhile, the children were playing in the backyard, partaking in their favorite make-believe game, "Redemption". The oldest, fifteen year-old, Bumi did not find Redemption as just some silly child's game, but the perfect opportunity for an all-out test of his killer warfare skills. He had crafted an impenetrable fortress of rocks and branches just on the other side of the yard, and if anybody came near his fort, he would chunk large stones at their faces! Koda armed himself with his lucky boomerang, and readied for an attack, while Lin and Tenzin prepared to charge.

You see, in this "modified" version of Redemption, the rules are a bit different. In order to score, one must get the ball from one location to the other in order to capture the enemy area; then, the opponent with the entire playing field under their control would win the game and scream "REDEMPTION!". In the game, all forms of fighting are acceptable whether it be weaponry or a form of bending---and if struck down, the sacred ball was taken and run towards an opposing player's home goal---if penetrated for more than three seconds, the land was theirs and the opposing player would be out of the game permanently.

Koda had the ball at his feet, kicking it lightly with his toe as he glared daggers towards the two young benders defending their territory. Koda chucked the metal boomerang as hard as he could, a secret rope attached to it that tangled up his target and nearly took off Tenzin's head in the process--- Koda used the moment to rush into Airbender Territory. Koda was inside Tenzin's zone, meanwhile the young bender was trying to recover from Koda's attack, and blew the rope away from his body. Three more seconds and Tenzin's land would be under the mercy of his cousin.

"Sorry Tenzie," Koda snickered, "Boomerang beats Airbender! Three---Two---and On----"

Fanon PD- Redemption

A huge cliff appeared and sent Koda soaring into the air, screaming along with the ball-

A huge cliff appeared and sent Koda soaring into the air, screaming along with the ball. Tenzin sprung back to his feet only to see that Lin had saved his goal and his spot in the game. The ball flew down from the sky and Lin bounced it on the top of her head before kneeing it to her hands and she ran right into Koda's territory, sealing the hunk of the backyard in a wall of rocks.

"One, two, three, and who's the ruler Koda, oh right, that's me!" Lin sassed, the ball spinning defiantly on the tip of her finger.

"Thanks for the save Lin!" Tenzin called out.

"Oh please, don't flatter yourself, Tenzin!" she scoffed in a small chuckle, "You were merely a distraction. I'm coming for you next!"

Tenzin gulped and readied himself as Lin took off towards him.

"INCOMING!" Bumi howled distantly, followed by crazed laughter as a downpour of stones came soaring from the sky.

Lin dropped the ball by accident and shielded herself within a rock-tent as the stones flooded the yard like rain. Tenzin took this opportunity to seize the ball and Bumi's fort while they were both distracted. He ran faster than the wind and snatched the ball, leaving nothing but a string of dust trailing behind him. Bumi noticed and looked all around for his brother with haste before a small "Ahem!" made Bumi shoot around behind, only to see his little brother Airbending the ball with one hand, and aiming the other at his fortress.

"Sorry Bumi?" Tenzin apologized with a grin before shooting his brother sky high into the clouds and breaking apart most of his fort along with the gust.

"Just you and me now air-head!" Lin called enthusiastically.

"As usual----Lin, you know you can't beat me with earth, I'm untouchable in the air!" Tenzin mocked playfully.

Little Lin ran back to her fort and grabbed a small device, placing it on the belt at her waist. Then she called out,
Fanon PD- The Supreme Ruler!

"I've got a surprise for you this time Tenzin---this time, I'll be the one who wins Redemption!"

"I've got a surprise for you this time Tenzin---this time, I'll be the one who wins Redemption and becomes...THE SUPREME RULER OF-------"

"Your mom's backyard," Koda gruffed as he sat defeated, spitting up grass along with Bumi from the "Losers Section" near the door.

Tenzin watched Lin picking up the large rocks to start off her attacks; every time she would bend, the device at her side would whip and follow the paths of the rocks, though Lin was too concentrated to realize it.

"Lin, are those your mother's Police Cables?" Tenzin asked.

"Be afraid Air-boy...I'm a Metalbender now, and I can win this time!"

Tenzin dodged all of Lin's oncoming boulders and shot near her, dropping the ball at his feet. "Lin," Tenzin worried, "Uh, I don't think we should be playing with your mom's stuff---she'll be furious!"

"Yeah right Tenzin, you just want me to let down my defenses, so you can win again like you always do," she rolled her eyes... "Take this!" she called afterwards, bending a large hunk of rock right out from under her. It was a strain to lift, but in one swift motion she shot her arms up, over her head and Tenzin didn't even have time to warn her as he watched the dual metal cables shoot up alongside the rock. The sharp cords slit two gashes across Lin's face, making her drop the boulder and nearly crush Tenzin in the process. Lin slid off the boulder and stumbled onto the grass, landing roughly on her knees. Her body hurt from falling, but her jaw throbbed with a much worse pain---curiously, Lin touched a tiny finger to her cheek where the wound stung even worse...and she pulled back her hand only to notice how it was completely covered in blood.

"LIN!" Tenzin hollered, rushing over to her side just as she began to cry. Bumi and Koda didn't realize what had happened until they saw Tenzin rush up to Lin and they ran to help only to see Lin huddled over with blood dripping down her cheek. "Koda, go get Ms. Beifong! Bumi, go find Mom! " Tenzin panicked, as he tried to comfort his friend. The two boys sprinted away as ordered and dove into the house for help.

All the while, the parents were still discussing the Bloodbending ordeal with much angst. Katara was mid-sentence, her voice quivering in disgust as she pictured the tragic event, "That monster knocked an entire courtroom of people unconscious Aang---He abused Toph, Sokka, the council, and he almost KILLED you---we can't just let Yakone go free after what that monster d-----"

"MS. BEIFONG, MS. BEIFONG!!!" the boys shouted.

"Bumi, Koda...what's wrong!?" Katara asked in a motherly tone, hiding away all previous feelings from her spiel.

"It's Lin," Koda huffed tiredly.

"We were playing in the backyard----and she got hurt!" Bumi added breathlessly.

"LIN!" Toph bellowed, shooting through the two boys as the adults rose and quickly poured out the backdoor.

Fanon PD- Healing

"I can heal it and stop the bleeding---but there's going to be a scar."

At the sight of Toph's horrified urgency, as well as his parent's rushing over, Tenzin stumbled back a few steps, shaking with terror before he ran out of the way. The adults noticed the backyard in ruins----usually the kids would have had the entire wreckage cleaned up so that nobody noticed just how intense their game of Redemption actually was, but in this case, they didn't have the time. Sokka and Suki gasped at the destruction, while Toph fell to her knees, skidding along the grass by Lin's side. She lifted her daughter's sobbing face upward and felt over her legs, her arms and stomach, until Toph placed both of her hands on Lin's face and instantly felt the warm liquid stain her hands. Toph's eyes got huge and worried as she ripped the cable device away from her daughter's waist; as she did so, Lin's tears grew silent at the fear of getting into trouble for stealing her mother's weapon.

"Katara!" Toph yelled frantically.

Katara was already beside the Beifong girls, and started healing the wound on Lin's face, but she frowned and stated, "The wound is too deep---I can heal it and stop the bleeding---but there's going to be a scar."

Meanwhile, Tenzin was practically hiding behind a tree when Aang walked over and startled him. In one look, Tenzin broke down and hugged his father, telling him what happened and how he wished he could have stopped Lin. Then, Aang picked his son up off the ground and carried him over to the group where Katara had just finished healing Lin's cheek. Toph touched her daughter's face again and slid her fingers back through Lin's hair, all the while Toph had tears of her own falling from her eyes as she barked, "DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN LIN BEIFONG! DO YOU HEAR ME!?"

Without a word, seven year-old Lin broke down and fell into her mother's tight hug, before the two shared a comforting moment of relief and terrified sobs.

Aang looked over at them and exchanged a glance with Katara before taking their young children inside. Suki had Koda and Bumi following behind in an angrier fashion for the older boys' childish antics, and when everybody was nearly gone, Sokka bent over and picked up a small, purple ball lying alone in the grass near the discarded police weapon. He stared at it in wonder, thinking to himself, "How can two such innocent events turn so deadly in the blink of an eye?"

Sokka then dropped the ball and went inside to help the others with their children.


Fanon PD- Toph's Parenting

"So, You know what you did was stupid, right?"

Not long after that, Toph confronted her daughter about what she had done...mostly by leaning in the doorway and stating, "You know what you did was stupid, right?"

Lin huffed and replied, "Yes mom...and I'm sorry I stole your cables...I just thought that I could use them to win our game."

"Lin," Toph said sternly, "Those cables are not a toy, they can hurt people, and are to be treated with respect like any weapon, you know that." Lin hid her face in the pillow and Toph walked over and took a seat next to her with a loud sigh, "I guess this is my fault though kid..."

"What?" Lin asked.

"If I had taught you that even though we are the most powerfull, kick-butt, awesome women in the world....we also need to be calm and rational and civil...maybe this wouldn't have happened."

"I don't understand..." Lin buried her face again.

Toph fell back and pinned her daughter to the bed...Lin groaned and complained, "Moth---Mom, I can't breathe....You're crushing me....Mom, get off!"

Toph rolled over and her and Lin sat side by side, Lin blowing the loose hairs out of her face with a deliberant pout. He mother smirked and replied, "See, I just used my advantage of size over you Lin. I could have done so much more, but if I had done less, then you wouldn't have been so uncomfortable." Her smile turned serious and she added, "Lin, just because you can do something to get ahead in life, doesn't mean that you should. People with great power like you and me, and even like Tenzin and Aang---they can never let it get out of control or else it could hurt people."

"Tenzin wouldn't ever hurt anybody Mom," Lin argued, "He's a complete lily liver."

"Air is more powerfull than you can imagine Lin, and that's why the Air Nomads got to bend with it...because they were calm, and knew perfect restraint. If one of us were airbenders, we would blow people from here to North Pole and nothing would be left of them but their shoes!" Toph explained, "And Aang is the Avatar---he's all of the power in the universe, but when I do something to make him mad, he never gets so upset with me that he totally annialates me---he doesn't even get mad."

"I pick on Tenzin all the time," Lin huffed, "But he never gets mad at me...not even a little."

Fanon PD- Losing means Winning

"Sometimes when you lose one battle, you end up winning more friends, more adventures, and more wars than you ever would have if you had won."

"Because he's strong enough not to," Toph grinned... "Lin, you and I are never ever, ever, ever going to be Air Nomads....But as the most powerfull Earthbenders in the world, we need to be as forgiving as they are, or we could get hurt and hurt everyone we love. Remember that winning isn't everything Lin, and sometimes when you lose one battle, you end up winning more friends, more adventures, and more wars than you ever would have if you had won."

"Okay Mom," Lin smiled. Toph placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her on the forehead, before getting up to leave the room. Toph turned around and said, "Come on short stuff, I'm going to show you how to use the cables the right's about time you learned anyhow."

"Really!?" Lin shot up excited.

"Yeah, come on..." Toph hummed, coaxing her daughter out.

She jumped out of bed and ran into the backyard with her mother, where Lin timidly tried to bend the cables again. When she did, both they and a rock shot into the target and Toph shouted, "Wait, wait, wait, wait....Hold up Lin. I see what the problem is. You need to seperate your Earthbending from your Metalbending. I know the cables are a bit more advanced than moving a coin, but just concentrate and focus on the earth at your hip, rather the rocks all around you."

Lin took a deep breath and concentrated her hardest, then she shot the cable at her target and slashed it right in two before it retracted back into the belt. "I did it!" Lin exclaimed.

Fanon PD- Lin's Punishment


"I'm proud of you Lin," Toph clapped, "Now do it blindfolded!"

"No problem," she smirked, blinding herself in an instant.

"And, I'm going to throw these boulders at your face...better be ready to move short stack."

"Great...." she pouted sarcastically, but she readied herself, and the training was underway.

Later that day, Lin came up with the idea of attaching the metal cables to the backs of the Metalbending Police uniforms---so people could never actually steal the cables in the first place---Toph agreed it was a pretty good idea. The other children were punished for playing so rough and for stealing Toph's Police Cables, but Lin's punishment was turned into a lesson by her crafty mother. In fact, Toph started showing Lin demonstrations on how to use metal cables properly, she taught her some new moves over time, and she practically started training her daughter to become a Metalbending Police Officer, just like her. Lin took all of this new training with confidant smile and a spit into the dirt, passing with flying colors---and she learned how much fun becoming an officer like her mom would really be...if she trained hard enough for it.

Fanon Trivia

  • Toph has a way of seeing using her Earthbending, but if she is not touching a surface of some sort (not including ice), then she is truly blind.
  • Let it be known that Sokka is always trying to protect Toph, and age has not changed that about him.
  • The original game "Redemption" was a make-belief story created by Aang to stop the feuding between the Gan Jin and the Zhang tribes, in the ATLA episode: "The Great Divide".
  • Note: Both games of Redemption, are played with purple balls.
  • In this year, we see more personalities growing within the children of Team Avatar.
  • No parent ever wants to hear "we were playing and your kid got hurt..."
  • Tenzin confessing everything to his father will be linked to one of his future nicknames, "Tattletale Tenzin".
  • The "Redemption" Accident has left two scars on the right side of Lin Beifong's face.
  • This is the first time we have seen "Rocky" (Toph's Messenger Hawk) since he was in the background of Aang and Katara's wedding ceremony, back in Year Five.
  • Toph's house has many pictures, even though she cannot see them. The most notable is a picture of Ohev in his Captain Uniform...below it is his badge, the symbol of the United Republic of Nations.
  • Lin has been in Metalbending training, but she is not at an advanced enough level to control her Mother's Police whips. She also has a hard time separating her Earthbending and her Metalbending.
  • Note: a small headstone lays in the backyard of the Beifong's home to remember Toph's husband, Ohev. Also, the Metalbending Police have dedicated an entire wing to promoting pictures of fallen officers. Ohev's photo appears here as well.
  • Note: Toph disciplines her daughter in an unusual way that normally contains a lesson and training of some sort.
  • Fun fact: This is the first time we have seen Newsprint in the Fanon, and the first time we see Lin Metalbending successfully.

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