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Fanon PD- Koda

Koda was thirteen and he was the spitting image of Sokka as a kid-

Sokka and Suki were still living in Republic City (despite Sokka's ranks as Southern Leader) and here, he still acted as Head of the Republic City Council. Meanwhile, Suki was retired from the Kyoshi Warriors, as were most of her friends, who now watch as their own daughters protect the people of the world. She mostly runs her Self-Defense Dojo and struggles to raise her trouble-making teenage son, Koda. Now, Koda was thirteen and he was the spitting image of Sokka as a kid...abrasive, thick-headed, childish, and somewhat comical, but he was also very sneaky and stubborn like his mother. His favorite thing to do was paddle the hand-carved boat (that he made with his father) over to his Aunt and Uncles' island, and tease his cousins and Lin Beifong every chance he got---he especially enjoyed setting traps and pranks on all of the people living on Air Temple Island. Not to mention, Koda is also very skilled with the boomerang and the sword just like his father and like Sokka, he inherited his odd sense of humor and the manly wit of his forefathers.

Fanon PD-Yue

Yue moved to the Northern Water Tribe where she fell in love with a powerful bender and the two are betrothed-

Meanwhile Sokka's daughters have all scattered across the globe to pursue their own destinies---his oldest, Yue moved to the Northern Water Tribe where she fell in love with a powerful bender and the two are betrothed. He is a high-ranking warrior so Yue lives her dream life almost like that of a princess; here it is calm, elegant, and she can bring happiness to all of the people living in the beautiful city. She lives the rich life of luxury that she's always dreamed about and has never been happier than she has been being spoiled by her rich, future husband. Her family believes Yue to be very snobby and uptight, though even if she is a calm, petite little princess, her parents trained her to fight like a leader, and Yue is secretly one of the greatest warriors in the Northern Water Tribe.

Fanon PD- Koko

Koko moved back to Kyoshi Island and earned her place as leader of the Kyoshi Warriors-

Koko moved back to Kyoshi Island after becoming enlightened by her mother's past, there, the twenty-three year old earned her place as leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, just like her mother. She was strong, sneaky, and tough, proving just what the Island of Kyoshi needed. Her and the daughters of the retired, former Kyoshi Warriors continue their mothers' work in protecting the people of the world. Meanwhile, the Island of Kyoshi goes through many a renovation, in order to update with the rest of the thriving world. Koko made sure that the rich heritage of her mother's childhood would remain there for all time no matter how many skyscrapers they build throughout the large island.

Fanon PD- Sukka

Sukka became one of the youngest, female sword masters in history and also became one of the first female White Lotus members ever-

Sukka, who was also twenty-three, became one of the youngest, female sword masters in history and also became one of the first female White Lotus members ever! Sukka gained enlightenment and wisdom beyond her years after her training included travelling across the globe with Master Piandao. After she became a master, Sukka happily became a strong leader in the White Lotus Sentries, where she passes along her early-found wisdom to all of her fellow Lotus members, including some that were much older than she was. Sukka has both impressed and bewildered men of all ages by destroying them in combat and having such a tom-boy personality...she acted just like one of the guys, but she was beautiful too, making them constantly ask for her hand. Sukka made them a deal...whoever can beat her in a simple sword fight, could marry her---so far---no one has been able to beat her.

Fanon PD- Kanna

Kanna was part of the Southern Air Temple Restoration Architects and Knowledge Seekers-

Kanna left home at an early age in order to pursue her career and dreams. She lived near the South Pole, on Whale Tail Island, where she was part of the Southern Air Temple Restoration Architects and Knowledge Seekers. They were a large group of people who took the task in fixing up all of the natural landmarks of the world, while also following their goals of learning new---and old facts about the nomads (a subject that Kanna was always interested in thanks to her uncle Aang). With their help, Kanna and the Knowledge Seekers were slowly bringing Air Nomad History back into the world and it spread much farther than just Air Temple Island. To help in her restoration, was a boy who once lived at one of the Air Temples, he was the son of Teo and an inventor like his grandfather, the Mechanist. He was responsible for inventing the equipment that would safely dig up all of these artifacts and also he invented a machine to record all of these artifacts in small, flat notes...images, he later would call photographs. Together, he and Kanna led the architects from temple to temple in the name of knowledge and prepared to move towards the Fire Nation afterwards to dig up the forgotten city of Avatar Roku, buried for over a hundred years under thick layers of volcanic ash.

Fanon Trivia

  • It seems Suki just rejoined the Kyoshi Warriors...and now she is retiring?
  • Koda is EXACTLY like his father!
  • Yue will appear later on in the Fanon during an important series of events.
  • Koko was the most fascinated by her Kyoshi heritage, so I suppose that is why she became their new leader?
  • Note: Foaming mouth guy has grown a beard... and the rumor is that one of the new Kyoshi Girls is his daughter, but who?
  • Sukka is the first Female of the White Lotus sentries. She trained with Piandao in the way of the sword, excelling in it, more so than her brother and sisters. Soon, it is suggested that she will become the first Female Grand Lotus in history.
  • Kanna is only seventeen years old, but already she has found her calling in life.
  • The Southern Air Temple Restoration Architects are known mainly as the "Knowledge Seekers"...a name that Wan Shi Tong called his knowledge, seeking foxes.
  • It is suggested that Teo's son invented the camera, as well as many high tech devices to excavate with on archaeological digs.
  • Teo's son will appear later in the Fanon, as he and Kanna uncover one remarkable piece of history.

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