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Aang decided to grow a beard and Katara learned that she was once again pregnant with baby number two. The couple continued to live peacefully on their island overlooking Republic City, and things were calming down throughout most of the nations.

After another year of progress and accomplishments in the peaceful world of the Avatar, a messenger who traveled all the way from Ohmashu arrived on Air Temple Island with a letter for Aang. Katara was sitting at the dinner table, trying to feed Kya, who was being a fussy five-year-old, meanwhile she's huge with another baby on the way and very irritable with Aang just like she was when she was pregnant with Kya. Of course as soon as Aang set the note down with a sorry sigh and a clasped hand over his face, Katara forgets all of that for a moment to ask what was wrong.

"I just got a letter from Omashu..." He said in a sorry tone.

"Who is it from? What did it say?" she pressed on, concerned as ever.

Fanon PD- Bumi

The last friend from my childhood is gone forever-

"King Bumi passed away the other day...the last friend from my childhood is gone forever... "

"I'm so sorry Aang. But---think about it, Bumi was one-hundred and twenty-six years old---he lived a very long and very rich life and was a great friend to us all. Remember what Huu said... "

"I know... I'm fine Katara, really I am..." Aang sighed, adding in a soft tone, "Um, Katara...I'm going to take Appa out for a---uh, stretch. I'll---I'll be back soon..." He gave her and Kya a kiss then left the house and flew to Omashu to say farewell to his oldest friend.

"Mommy, why's Daddy sad?" Kya asked with a frown.

"He's lost his oldest and dearest friend Kya, it's just like last year when we lost Gran Gran."

"But they not really gone Mommy, you say they still with us here..." she pressed her tiny, little hand to Katara's heart and Katara smiled with tears in her eyes before tucking Kya into bed and proceeding downstairs to send a letter with Momo, alerting the others of King Bumi's passing. Upon reading their letters, everybody mourned...none more so than Aang.


A few weeks later, Katara explained that she and Toph were having their annual "Girl's Day Out" and told Aang that she would be back in a few hours.

"Do you really think you should be flying into the city alone?" Aang worried.

"Why not?" She shrugged with a defiant tone.

"Maybe because you're super pregnant!?" He pointed out.

"Are you calling me fat?"

", no, no, no...Honey, look, you're due any day now and I just don't think you should be flying Appa into town alone---is---all?"

"I can take care of myself!" Katara growled, "And I'll be with Toph, don't worry so much."

"But...I was going to meditate this evening and try to get in touch with some of my spiritual connections---what about Kya?"

Katara merely shrugged again, "She behaves well, plus she loves all of that spiritual mumbo-jumbo, just take her with you."

"But---Ka---you---" Aang huffed and surrendered, "Alright dear, go have fun on your spa day with Toph..."

With a kiss, Katara waved farewell, "Thanks Aang, don't wait up."

Fanon PD- Spa

The two women had a wonderful, relaxing day at the fancy spa-

She took Appa into the vast city and met Toph at her home near the Police Academy. Together, Toph and Katara walked down the road to the spa (which was conveniently built nearby) and the two women had a wonderful, relaxing day before heading back down the streets to Toph's house. By this time, the stars had started coming out and the city streets started growing dark and ominous.

"Gosh! This place is so big---aren't you ever afraid you'll get lost?" Katara asked in awe.

"Please..." Toph scoffed, "I practically built this entire block with my bare feet...I know my way around."

"Point taken...but, don't you ever get lonely out here all by yourself?"

"I'm not really by myself," Toph replied, "I have my Metalbenders, and I have a special set of eyes watching out for me."

"You mean Ohev?" Katara chuckled, "The boy from the Nomad love-potion thing?"

Toph blushed, "WHAT!? No----the things you come up w---where'd you get that idea!?"

"A girl has her ways....Look, it's okay to have a crush Toph, it makes you human, it makes you a girl."

"Yeah...well don't go spreading it around or I'll never hear the end of it."

"If you like him Toph, then you shouldn't keep your love a secret...think of how that makes Ohev fee----"

"Stop! Stop..." Toph halted swiftly, "There's something...BIG...and it's coming right at us...we need to move!"

Katara looked around her quiet, nighttime surroundings as Toph started dragging her behind...the lone sound of a Cat Owl echoed through the alley, but that was it. Katara chuckled and replied, "I don't see anything Toph, are you sure it wasn't just Appa following us? He's probably anxious to get back to Aang."

"No was something huge...and must have had over a dozen feet!"

"Okay.......what did they put in your seaweed wrap?" she scoffed.

Toph pulled her down and hushed Katara's face with her hand, whispering, "'s coming closer."

Fanon PD-Koh

"I am Koh, and as punishment for the Avatar's earlier defiance, I am here to steal his bride's face."

"Very clever human...but not clever enough to escape me. I am Koh, and as punishment for the Avatar's earlier defiance, I am here to steal his bride's face."

Katara gasped, then she leaned over and whispered to Toph, "Aang told me about Koh---and as long as we don't show any emotion, he can't hurt us."

"Oh, easier said than done my dear..." Koh replied eerily.

Soon the alley started to fill with a thick, eerie fog, and Toph readied her police cables for a fight..."Katara, use this to cover your face..." Toph whispered, handing her the apron from her uniform, "I'll handle this creep."

Katara wrapped the cloth over her entire head and waited with Toph as Koh's shady voice disappeared.

"BOO!" Koh roared, crawling in from out of nowhere. A horrid face was merely inches from Toph's but she didn't budge---she didn't even blink.

Calmly, Toph stated, "You can't sneak up on us Koh...I know where you are and I'm not afraid to look you in the eyes."

"Which eyes would you rather look into----these!" He turned into a baboon, a snake, a monster---all to no avail...Toph didn't move. Amused, Koh circled around the girls eerily and Katara tugged on Toph's sleeve, whispering to get her attention, "T---Toph..."

"Quiet Katara! I'm trying to save your face---" Toph hushed, "Literally."

Katara swallowed harshly and painfully, then whispered back, "Toph...I think---I think the baby's coming..."

Toph's eyes got wide for only a split second before Koh turned around to face the girls again. His misty voice echoed through the evening streets, "Try to hide your emotions now, little girl."

"Actually Bub, I think it's time we go..." she grabbed Katara and the two fell back into the earth and vanished only to reappear a ways down the block. Koh caught them running away at a glance and started rushing for the girls as quickly as his sharp legs could crawl. Katara had one arm wrapped around Toph and the other around her stomach, hustling to keep up before the pain became too much to bear and she had to stop.

"I can't...I can't..." Katara gasped heavily.

"Katara, get out of here, try to get help, I'll distract Koh...and whatever you do, DO NOT take off your mask!"

Katara stumbled away and inched along the walls trying to feel her way back to Appa or Toph's house, but the land was so big and so---similar? She's never been in Republic City long enough to remember locations blindly like Toph. Like Toph?

"I need to feel the world around Toph does!" Katara thought to herself. She took off her shoes and started inching her way hastily down the street, trying to sense the world under her feet.

Meanwhile Toph readied herself for battle with Koh. The spirit tried to go after Katara, but a huge wall of rock blocked his path and he turned to see Toph waiting tonelessly for him in the middle of the street.

"This does not concern you is between the Avatar and myself."

"It concerns me plenty buster! This is my town, and no one gets their face stolen in my town. Now give up before I crush you like the bug you are."

"Very well...I do not yet have a blind person's face in my collection. Please do not hold back any of your wrath."

Toph shot rock after rock at Koh to no avail at all. She even tried bending the metal around her into a cage, but Koh was untouchable and uncontainable. As they battled, Koh led Toph down the road, closer and closer to a small pond of water about a mile away resting in the Republic City Park. Little did Toph know, it was here Koh would suck her into the Spirit World---where he could then steal her face.

Fanon PD- See like Toph

"Wait...I---I actually remember this?"

As Toph's battle with Koh intensified, Katara was aimlessly crashing through the streets for help. She started running a little faster now, but suddenly tripped in a large pothole and roughly fell to her knee.

"Seeing like Toph stinks!" She exclaimed, feeling around the large pothole for the rest of the road, "Wait...I---I actually remember this?"

  • Flashback: While walking to the Spa a few hours ago, Toph pulled Katara out of the road and laughed, "Watch out for that pothole jabber-mouth, I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet...and they say I'm blind!?"

"I don't believe it," Katara gasped, "I can see where I'm at...Toph's house is just one block ahead---I can call for help! HELP!! OHEV!!! HELP!"

He rushed onto the moonlit streets to see Katara with a rag wrapped over her face, blood pouring down her leg and crawling desperately to Toph's front porch from down the street. "Katara!" he exclaimed, running towards her, "What in the world are you doing!? Where's Toph?"

He helped her stand and reached for the rag, before Katara screamed, "No!" her breaths were heavy and she clutched her stomach in pain... "Please...Appa? Appa, get Aang...tell him Koh---is---attacking!"

The Bison roared and soared away as Ohev picked Katara off the ground, frowning, "You're having the baby now aren't you?"

"Ding!" Katara groaned sarcastically.

"I'll get you inside...but please...who's Koh and where's Toph?"

Katara's breathing paced and she let out a groan while Ohev rested her on the couch and bandaged up her scraped knee. "Koh is a nasty spirit---one of the oldest in the Spirit World...he steals people's faces just for fun. For some---some reason, he likes to pick on the Avatar---the most?"

"And Toph's fighting that thing!? Won't it steal her face!?" He started to panic.

"That's why...I'm wearing the rag...only people who show no emotion...can keep their face. Ohev, Toph will be alright...but the sooner Aang----gets here...the better!" Katara said choppily as her pains grew worse and worse. Worried as no other, Ohev looked outside at the moonless night and hoped that Toph was alright as he readied to deliver Katara's baby himself.

Back on the island, it seems Aang, Kya, and Momo were in the forest, sitting by the waterfall meditating---or in Kya and Momo's case, sleeping. Aang's tattoos began to glow and in an instant Kuruk's spirit sat before him.

Fanon PD- Kurruk

Kuruk, long time, no see-

"Hello Kuruk, long time, no see?" Aang greeted.

"Avatar Aang you must listen to me! Koh the Face Stealer has escaped from the Spirit World on a mission," Kuruk warned.

"A mission?" Aang wondered seriously.

"He wants to steal away your bride's face as he did mine."

"Katara!" Aang exclaimed, "But, why?"

"For not letting him have your face, he will steal the face of the one you love. Avatar Aang, Koh must be destroyed!"

"But---won't that kill your wife and the spirits inside of him?" he wondered back.

"I realize now that nothing will bring my Ummi back to me, but there is still time for you Avatar... Koh is weak and vulnerable outside of the Spiritual Realm, he has no powers except that of deception---it is how he tricked my wife into his clutches. You can defeat him, but be warned, Koh is cunning and deceitful, do not allow him to trick you Aang, less he add your face to his collection. Go now!"

Aang shot back to reality and picked Kya up at haste; he tucked her sleeping body quickly into bed, and whispered to his flying lemur, "Momo, watch Kya with your life!" then Aang actually ordered an Air Acolyte to check up on his daughter as he hastily passed them in the hallway and ran outside. He was just about to head across the bay, when Appa landed before him and a speck of relief shot through Aang, quickly followed by fear---"Thank goodness your ba----Wait...Appa where's Katara!?"

Appa growled but in vain because as fast as the Avatar could Waterbend across the gulf, Aang was already in Republic City. He shot over to Toph's house at the speed of wind, but the commotion up the street caught his attention and he rushed over to the crumpled road near the park. Koh hit Toph with his centipede-like body and she crashed roughly into a wall nearby---the metal on her uniform made a creasing noise as though it had just been crushed and dented---if this fight were to continue much longer, Toph's armor would literally suffocate her. Still, she bravely fought off Koh without making a single expression, but it was only delaying the inevitable...Toph was losing this fight.

Koh grabbed Toph by the leg and picked her limp, beaten body up to look at her face closely, examining... "She will do fine for my collection I suppose?"

"KOH!" Aang's voice bellowed as his body crashed onto the sidewalk. At once an impact of wind and a drill of rock was shot down, both narrowly missing Koh.

The spirit only laughed, and teased, "Aang, I told you we would meet please excuse me as I drag your wife and your blind, young friend back into the Spirit World."

"Let her go, Koh!" Aang bellowed in rage.
Fanon PD- Old Faces

"Let her go, Koh!"

He tossed Toph's body away like a piece of paper and then snickered..."Try and stop an all-powerful spirit being, Avatar Aang---I do say that would be quite a sight to see."

Aang shot back at Koh, roaring, "You and I both know that you have no power here, which means that I DON'T HAVE TO HOLD BACK!"

Aang unleashed a full force of Avatar powers, kicking Koh's spiritual butt until his face shifted into Ummi and the gasping spirit spoke, "Avatar, you cannot touch me... if I die then I take all of these spirits with me... the burden of a dozen deaths will be on your shoulders!"

"An old friend told me about your little collection Koh. There is no way to bring them back, and this friend of mine, he wants you gone...and so do I! Nobody lays a hand on my friends or my wife and gets away with it!"

Thunder erupted from the clouds above as the wind rushed throughout the streets, forcibly sucking a massive shower of rain right out of the sky until the moon was able to peak through the dark storm clouds. Aang's spirit suddenly drowned in water, before he turned into the form of Kuruk, where the Waterbending Avatar unleashed all of his power on the monstrous, old spirit. As the impact drew near, Koh's masked face returned in shock as the awesome Avatar power of Aang/ Kuruk slit him into pieces, killing the spirit Koh in one mighty swoop!

Tiredly, Aang shot down to the road where the pieces of Koh melted into small spirit-like bodies...there was a baboon, an owl, a mask, an old man, a Firebender, a general, and a beautiful young woman who stood out among the rest. The woman was starring gracefully at Aang as he looked to them all in astonishment.

Fanon PD- Ummi

"Thank you Avatar..."

"Thank you Avatar... "
Ummi said in a soft voice like the breeze itself, before her spirit flew into the sky and vanished beneath the light of the moon; the other faces doing the same. Afterwards the moon vanished beneath the black clouds and everything grew quiet again as the city sounds came back to greet the night.

"Toph!?" Aang yelled suddenly, rushing over to her aid. She groaned and was slowly standing up before he got to her; Aang helped her stand and teased, "Easy Twinkle Toes...don't pass out on me yet."

"I don't take too well to sarcasm..." Toph gritted painfully, before punching Aang loosely in the arm, "And don't call me Twinkle Toes, Twinkle Toes."

"Toph, are you alright!?"

She grumbled, "Y-yeah, I think so? Is it over?"

"For now," Aang sighed and smiled, "I'm sure I have another battle coming when I tell the Mother of Faces what I've done here tonight." Aang blinked, "Speaking of mothers, Toph, where's Katara!?"

"KATARA!" Toph gasped, "Step on it Twinkle Toes you're about to be a father---you know, again?"

"What!?" he yelled in a frenzy, and like a bolt of lightning---he and Toph appeared at her house a few blocks away. Toph felt a little travel sick for a moment, but she recovered her self and they ran up the stairs, bursting through the front door of the house---only to hear the sound of a loud baby's cry.

The ordeal with Koh took most of the night, and by the time Aang finally got to Toph's home, the sun started peaking over the large city buildings, lighting her whole house in a very calming, relaxed way (all things considered). Looming in the doorway with a large, blunt object, was Ohev who dropped it in a sudden relief as soon as he laid eyes on his two friends.

"Toph, Aang!" Ohev sighed with relief, "Thank goodness you guys are alright..."

"Were there ever any doubts?" Toph scoffed ironically, but still hissing in pain from the battle as she winced and grabbed her side.

Ohev frowned at Toph's injuries, but she gave him a tiny smile and Ohev turned to Aang with a bittersweet sigh, "Aang, come over here and meet your new son."

"My son?" Aang asked happily, rushing into the other part of the room to find his wife. Ohev immediately rushed over to assist the bruised Toph, and she touched his face gently with her hand as he did the same to her.

In the next room, Aang found Katara and he picked up the small baby with a large smile spread across his face. Aang looked to the infant in his hands; dark haired and tan skinned...he reminded Aang of a Waterbender---like Kuruk?

"Aang?" Katara asked, her hand lifted up, searching for him blindly.

In a relieved sigh, Aang noticed his wife still had her face conceiled, but she seemed fine, and he kissed her hand gently, wondering in a warm whisper... "Katara, are you okay?"

"Yes...thanks to Toph and Ohev, I'm just fine...and so is our son."
Fanon PD- Baby Bumi

Upon sight, the baby cooed and opened up one eye to Aang, giving off a goofy smile to his parents and especially his freakish looking mother-

"Koh is gone sweetie, you can take off the mask now?" Aang instructed with a chuckle, "Not that you ever needed it in the first place---"

"WHAT!?" she asked quickly.

"N-nothing.." Aang changed subjects suddenly by saying, "Look at him Katara, our perfect, little son."

She lifted away the cloth to reveal a very scary, messed-up version of her once lady-like make-up from the spa... Upon sight, the baby cooed and opened up one eye to Aang, giving off a goofy smile to his parents and especially his freakish looking mother.

"Did you see that little face he just made!?" Katara awed.

"Well, he sure sounds like a cute Twinkle Toes Jr?" Toph smiled.

"The baby certainly knows how to make things crazier than they should be...he made us think in different ways than normal? I mean, Katara tried to see like Toph, Toph tried to take on a spirit without an expression----I had to deliver a baby?" Ohev went on with his theories...

"Since I named Kya after my mother Aang, why don't you try and come up with a name for our little mad-genius planner here..."

Aang didn't even have to think about it--- "Bumi."

Katara smiled, and Ohev and Toph admired from afar with grins of their own, their hands locked tightly as they listened in on the joyous conversation.

"Bumi is perfect..." Katara smiled. Then she realized something else, "Wait----hold on---Aang? Where's Kya?"

Nervously, Aang replied, "At home with Appa and Momo...heh, heh?"


Fanon Trivia

  • In this year, Aang is currently twenty-five years old, and Katara is twenty-six going on twenty-seven. This is the second time Aang and Katara's eyes have changed in their illustrations, to make them appear older.
  • The Messenger from Omashu arrived on the back of his trusty Ostrich horse.
  • King Bumi was Aang's oldest friend and one of the oldest Earthbenders in history! (Just under Avatar Kyoshi).
  • This is the first time we hear Kya speak in the Fanon.
  • This is not the first "Girl's Day Out" that Toph and Katara have been on. The first was seen in the ATLA episode titled: "The Tales of Ba Sing Se".
  • This is one of the few girly things Toph enjoys doing, and the Spa was built just a few blocks down from her home for such reasons.
  • Ohev and Toph have been together since they reunited at Aang and Katara's Wedding back in Year Five.
  • Koh is one of the oldest spirits in The Spirit World, and it is known that he does enjoy stealing faces.
  • Note: Katara cannot see blindly as well as Toph can.
  • Ohev lives next door to Toph and has bad timing for asking people questions.
  • This is the first time we have seen Aang connect with one of his Spiritual Past Selves in this Fanon. It is also the first time Avatar Kuruk is illustrated.
  • Another first is that no one has ever knocked Toph Beifong unconscious before.
  • This is not the first time that a past Avatar has manifested from Aang's body to save the day. The first time was in the two-part ATLA episode: "The Winter Solstice", and again in "Avatar Day"
  • This is the first time a spirit has been killed in Avatar history since the earthly form of the Moon Spirit was killed by Admiral Zhao. (Ironically, Koh appeared in this very episode.)
  • Being the son of the Mother or Faces, Aang has a rude awakening coming his way the next time they meet.
  • Katara has delivered many babies, but Ohev has definitely not.
  • If I were Bumi, I would have laughed at Katara's appearance too.
  • Note: You should never let animals babysit your young children---and if you do, you should never tell your wife about it.

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